Creating Whimsical Purple Wedding Lighting

A purple themed wedding, a color that represents royalty, is a popular choice. A reception decorated in purple and white creates an elegant backdrop. When it comes to decorating purple wedding receptions, lighting can play a major role. Here you will have two options in creating purple wedding lighting, both of which are simple and inexpensive. You can either use purple gels with ordinary lighting or use purple décor with clear, non-colored lights.

purple wedding lighting

Purple Lighting Gels

A purple gel fixed over a light

Lighting gels are thin sheets of plastic that can be fitted over light fixtures. Ordinary wedding lights that are usually provided at a hotel banquet hall or other venues can easily be transformed into purple lights. If this is the option you go with, then you will want to plan the decorations accordingly. White will be a good base color for tablecloths, drapes, backdrops, etc. This way the purple lights can easily transform the decorations. You can simply create purple centerpieces for weddings by having gel lighting shining onto a white table and centerpiece. If you choose green, yellow or other colored decorations, the purple lights will clash.

Some purple wedding lighting ideas using gels:

Have purple uplights shine onto a white wall, or even used on the outside of the building:

Purple uplights shining onto a buildings facade

Hanging drapes on the ceiling washed with purple lights:

White drapes hanging from the ceiling washed with purple lighting

Use purple light bulbs inside white paper lanterns:

White lanterns with purple and blue lights

A purple gel can also be applied to wedding monogram lighting. This is where the names of the bride and groom are cut into a stencil and put over a light fixture. Their names are projected onto walls, the dance floor or a ceiling. A purple gel, or any other color, can be applied over the stencil – turning the names into purple monogram lighting.

In addition to monogram lighting, you can also use general gobo lighting. Alongside having the names cut into the stencil, you can have designs made of anything: hearts, stars projected onto the ceiling, or floral stencils can be created to make wedding lighting decorations. All of which when used with a purple gel, will add to the overall theme.

Going Outdoors

Here we have purple gels and lights lighting up a fountain:

A fountain turned into a purple oasis

Trees can be lit to create a grand outdoor ambiance or visit here for more outdoor wedding lighting ideas.

Purple Décor and Neutral Lighting

Another way of adding lighting is to use plain neutral lights, without gels, and have them shine onto purple wedding decorations. For example, have non-colored uplights pointed onto purple drapes:

purple drapes with normal colored lights

You can create a soft and intimate purple glow by using purple candles:

Purple candles

Or how about normal light bulbs used within purple paper lanterns – much easier than finding purple light bulbs for white lanterns.

Colored lanterns

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