Wedding Chandeliers: Where to Hang Them & Creative Ideas & Styles

Wedding Chandeliers

Where to Hang Wedding Chandeliers

Because of how grand they are, wedding chandeliers can be used to create focal points in a venue. Some ideal locations to hang one would be over the dance floor, over the head table or just in the middle of the room. If you are having a tent wedding, you will need to check with the company supplying your tent if and how lights and a chandelier can be hung.

Wedding Table Chandeliers

If your wedding layout is based around long tables, you can have a number of chandeliers hanging in a row over the table. Have a look at this picture for a reference.

An alternative to hanging lights is to use table chandeliers. These are grand centerpieces that look like a chandelier and have a base to stand on.

Table Chandeliers


Types of Chandeliers to Use

Wedding Chandelier

There are the traditional crystal chandeliers (and mini chandeliers), but a unique idea is to create a paper lantern chandelier. Since paper lanterns are so lightweight, they are easy to install in most wedding venues (they are great as wedding tent chandeliers).

There are two ways to create a paper lantern chandelier:  the first way is have a number of light bulbs hang down from the ceiling that go into a number of paper lanterns. The second option is to have one bright light that hangs down into the center of a number of paper lanterns, creating a soft glow in all of the lanterns.

Paper Lantern Chandelier

Wedding Venue

A chandelier creating a focal point at a wedding venue

Most wedding venues will have a chandelier on hand. It is also relatively easy to rent chandeliers for a wedding from local lighting companies.

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