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Test Tube Chandelier

Amazing Customizable Water Chandelier Design

The Marie SC. Chandeliers are made up of numerous test tubes surrounding a light bulb. What makes this design truly amazing is that you can personalize it to however you like. In the winter months you could use the test tubes to hold flowers and sprigs, and in the spring time you could fill them […]

LED PC In A Desk

DIY Glowing PC-In-A-Desk

Here is a custom made PC-In-A-Desk. It sports some serious computing power – specs include Intel Core i7 980X @ 4.5 Ghz and 6x Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000 2TB raid5. What is amazing to watch is the UV acid Green cooling fluid being pumped through the whole system and being lit up – creating a neon […]

London Light Display Recycled Bottles

Recycled Bottles Light Display London

Here is a colorful display of lights that is made up of old recycled bottles. They were fitted to string lights which were wrapped around an outdoor pergola in Soho, London. Via – More designer lighting posts: Kevin Sutton: Recycling Wine Bottles to Create Beautiful Light Fixtures Designer Recycled Lighting: DIY Building Blocks Made […]

LED Light Sculpture

Band’s Logo Turned Into LED Sculpture

This is an LED light sculpture that was created for the band Rhyme and Reason. Made out of plywood, 380 RGB LEDS, and 28 feet of EL Light Wire the colors can be controlled backstage via a wireless remote. See the DIY instructions over at Instructables More music related lighting DIY projects: Cool Mood Lighting […]

DIY IKEA Frack Mirror Lamp Hack

IKEA FRACK Mirror Frame Lamp DIY

Minni from Nimi Design blog took a left over IKEA Frack mirror frame along with a tin can, candle stand and a lamp cord and turned it into an industrial, somewhat nautical style DIY lamp. An IKEA hack? You can find the step by step guide here. More DIY lighting projects: IKEA HACK: LED Digital […]

Woven Wooden Light

Bookhou Woven Wooden Pendant Light DIY

We have highlighted before the different ways to incorporate wood into DIY lighting ideas (Using Wood As a Base For Lighting: DIY Snapshots).Here is a beautiful, designer like pendant light made out of only wood veneer, glue and a HEMMA IKEA pendant light. The steps to making it are pretty simple too. You can follow […]


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