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Modern Alchemy Luxury Candles

Modern Alchemy Luxury Candle Designs: Packaging Showcase

These perfumed candles by Modern Alchemy have some of the best packaging design for any candles I’ve seen. The luxury packing, designed by Dustin Arnold, resembles the packaging you would get for perfume bottles – even better than most.. The collection I am featuring here includes 3 or 1 wick votive candles, which come in […]

Floating Candles

How To Make Floating Candles at Home

Candlelight is a typical go-to option for adding a little ambiance to a dinner party, romantic get-together or quiet evening at home, but they can present some safety concerns. Open flames are easy to accidentally knock into or over, especially if your guests are children or just plain prone to clumsiness. Then there is the […]

Air Dry Clay Lanterns

Simple and Easy DIY Air Dried Clay Lanterns

Feel like making a lovely and easy to make tea light lantern? ChrysN over at Instructables has created a tutorial on how to create these simple clay lanterns using air dried clay, a stencil design, a bottle, cling wrap, sandpaper, and a needle. There is such a soft and beautiful glow that comes from these […]


Unique Candle Gift Ideas: From Baskets, Accessories to Shadow Projectors

Whether it is for a birthday, wedding or a Christmas gift, these unique candle gift ideas will surely delight. Candle Gift Baskets The first gift idea is to find a gift set. 100Candles has a range of beautifully put together candle gift sets. The Hannah candle gift set comes with 6 aromatherapy candles: Ylang-Ylang, lemon, […]


Creative & Cool Candles: From Projectors to Votive Candle Holders

Here are a range of cool candles and unique votive candle holders. The Bravit Molecular Candle The Bravit is designed by Christoph van Bommel. The wax base is relatively thin and the one wick spreads out to form molecular structures allowing the candle to burn with 5 flames at a time. Is it chaos, beauty, […]


Flameless Candles: Easy And Hassle Free Lighting With Just As Much Elegance As The Real Thing

If you are looking for easy and cheap lighting that provides relaxing ambient lighting, one great option are flameless candles. Otherwise known as battery candles, these mimic real candles. Some will even flicker to create an authentic candle flame look. An LED light is incased within a candle shaped base (some are made out of […]

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