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Fusing Wallpaper with Lights to Create Art

Designer Jonas Samson has gone and fused lighting, wallpaper, and animation to create light emitting wallpaper. In the day time it’s just like any wall. But when it gets dark – all sorts of graphics light up on the wall and animate across it. Jonas also designed the ECCO LUCE which is a personalized light […]


L&L Design Guide: Modern Lighting Ideas and Styles – From New Age Mood Lamps to Fiber Optics

Fusing lights with technology, reintroducing fiber optics, using motion sensors and color changing LEDs, are a few of the modern lighting ideas we can see around today. Here we have highlighted some of the best ideas and styles we have found. Sensing Your Motion Motion sensor lights help save on wasted energy. Before they were […]

The Magnetic Crystal Light

L&L Cool Lighting Fixtures Round Up: From Magnetic to Brazilian Hand Hammered Lamps

Here is a collection of the top cool lighting fixtures that we have featured here on Lights and Lights: The Solar Eclipse Light The Nissyoku lamp takes its inspiration from solar eclipses. The magic behind the lamp comes from the side panels which are held to the middle part by magnets. These side panels can […]

DIY recycled felt light

DIY Flexible Light Ribbon Using Reused Materials and LEDs

Sara Bergano, in collaboration with Giusy Arciresi, made a flexible strip of lighting out of scrap felt, an old phone battery charger and an array of 50 LED lights. Because it is flexible it can be formed into any shape to create different organic forming lights fixtures. The light was made for an exhibition to […]

Upcycled Florescent Lamps

Upcycled Florescent Strip Lamps: Looks like Something from Pixar

Studio mischer‘traxler have gone and completely redesigned standard lamps to use florescent light strips. There is something so playful about these lights, like they could be a part of a Pixar movie. The concept around the Relumine lights is based around the idea that normal incandescent light bulbs, the ones you would normally fit into […]

Tetra Pak Light

Designer Recycled Lighting: DIY Building Blocks Made From Tetra Pak Boxes

These are some beautiful lights that are made out of recycled Tetra Brik boxes – which are mostly discarded drink cartons. The cartons are cut into strips and two shapes are made that can fit together to create a light shade. No glue is needed. The two shapes (a polygon and a hexagon) are just […]


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