Ideas for Romantic LED and Candle Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

With the blue sky, waves and the sandy beach as the backdrop, what could be more romantic than having a wedding on a beach? Table centerpieces play an important role in the overall decor and setting the right ambiance for the guests. When it comes to beach wedding centerpieces, there are a lot of ideas to choose from. They range from ready made, to creating your own simple and personalized centerpieces with items found on the beach itself, or using LED lights to create a centerpiece.

Ready Made Centerpieces

For a beach wedding, flame based centerpieces are highly popular. These 3 ideas are ready made centerpieces that you can easily find from such places like Amazon. Wrought iron table lanterns are a great choice because of their black texture. The black highly contrasts the pastel colors at a beach wedding – making them focal points on a table. Candles you place inside will provide an elegant centerpiece and will also be shielded from winds.

A small tabletop fire bowl or urn will create a dynamic centerpiece. These can be fueled with a small tabletop propane tank or oils. Citronella oil will produce little smoke and will act as an organic insect repellent. Tabletop tiki torches can also be fueled by citronella oil.

Natural and Organic Beach Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

A beach wedding is all about being out in nature – with the sea, palm trees, winds, sunsets and starry skies. The best beach wedding centerpieces and decoration pieces in general, will be based on items found on a beach. Items on the beach itself can be crafted into elegant decorations. This makes DIY beach wedding centerpieces a good route to go down. One idea is to craft a unique candle holder out of wood and logs that have washed onto shore. These can even have messages engraved onto them. Or you can wrap the log in fairy lights.

Other beach decoration accessories can be arranged with candles to create creative beach wedding centerpieces on a budget:

  • Small shells scattered around
  • A large shell centerpiece
  • Sand
  • Unique beach rocks
  • Exotic fruits

Arrangement: The beach candles and decorations can be arranged informally – have pebbles and shells scattered around the table, or you can create a more tidy and formal centerpiece with the use of trays. A wooden tray (black or dark brown trays will contrast well with light colored table cloths) can hold together the decor accessories and wedding candle centerpieces in one place. Also avoid tall centerpieces as they can easily blow over in the wind.

Candles and Water

The great thing about candles is that you can get ones that float. So there are a lot of diy wedding lighting ideas that can be based around using a glass vase filled with water, candles ,and mixing them with flowers, or decorative rocks and pebbles. More creative additions include coloring the water with food dye, or having a message engraved on wood or metal placed inside the vase. If you want to go for a more tropical and earthy centerpiece then try a wooden bowl filled with water – used with the floating beach candles and flowers.

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Using LED Lights

There might be some instances where you would rather use LED wedding lights to create beach centerpieces. They can provide more lighting at tables, and if you are on a windy beach, they won’t blow out. Here are some unique beach wedding centerpieces that use LED lights.

You can find LED lights that are battery powered and waterproof, allowing them to be submerged in water. These waterproof LEDs can be used with a glass vase or wooden bowl filled with water and flowers to create a unique centerpiece. There are decorative alternatives such as using LED light up ice cubes.

An alternative to using real candles could be to use battery powered flameless candles. These use a small LED light to mimic the lighting of a candle. Some will even come in a wax base to recreate the candle look as closely as possible. Though not as enchanting as real candles, they can be easily set up, and are reusable.


So there you have it, a range of LED and candle beach wedding centerpiece ideas that adds a decorative touch and lighting to a table. Beach weddings are generally small, intimate affairs and lighting can help with setting the right backdrop. Have a look here for other outdoor wedding lighting ideas.

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