Awesome Light Painting Photography (Aka Light Graffiti)

image credits: Sean Rogers, Hector 2, Tom Paton, Mike Leary, Brent Pearson, Sebastien Barre, Duane  Schoon 2 3, Maarten Takens, digitalpimp, Nathan Harper, Sam Lehman

L&L Design Guide: Creative and Modern Desk Lighting Ideas [Pictures]

image credits: Porro, Ben Adamson, Schodts, Matthijs H, Jared Schmidt, DeclanTM

L&L Kitchen: Breakfast Bar Lighting Ideas [Picture Guide]

image credits: Nancy Hugo 2 3 4 5 6 7,  Urbane Apartments, sea turtle

L&L Guide on Romantic Lighting Ideas: From the Bedroom to the Outdoors

image credits: Viet Hoang, Brian, ohh_food, John, appletreecafe, Jehane, Flower Factor, Eric, cmurtaugh, Chapendra

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: A Design Guide With Pictures

image credits:  Nancy Hugo 2 3, Polygon Homes 2 3 4 5, favaro JR.  2, Urbane Apartments

L&L’s Photo Guide To Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

image credits: favaro JR., Landscape Design Advisor  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15, Maggie Osterberg, Ian Muttoo, M C Morgan, The Garden Buzz, Wonderlane 2, wka, Eric Rice, Wilheln, Kerjsi, Katy, K’vitsh, John, Taylor Dundee, Katherine Martinelli, girasoles19, Ralph Unden, kmaraj

L&L LOOK BOOK: Beautiful Uses Of Outdoor String Lights [Lighting Ideas Photo Gallery]

image credits: Wilheln, KBoneva, TMAB2003, DaveFleet, Grace Flora, KatyBird, Dashiell, Taylor Dundee, Giant Ginkgo, msmail, Sam Antonio Photography, shrutYgee, Joshua Rappeneker, Tuashar, Flare, Pokle, Chelseagirl, gadl, phoenixlily, greyloch,

Outdoor Pathway Lighting Ideas: From Post Lights To String and Tiki Torches

image credits: Landscape Design Advisor 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14, Tyler, Desy, ukgardenphotos, Caitee, Tom, Rui, Jonathan Wade, puuikibeach, jacsonquerubin,  Tim Ellis, mcmrbt, amy, Flare

A Picture Guide To Living Room Lighting Ideas and Designs  

image credits: ooh_food 2, favaro JR. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10, wallyg, Polygon Homes 2 3, CeeKay’s Pics, Gatsby’s List, Kersji, chrisdlugosz, sickmouthy, Wonderlane, AndyGoodwin, jon|k, playhockeyeh, Viet Hoang, kobiz7, mamamusings 


Photo Guide: Loft Lighting Ideas photos:

modern loft: ijzerman

luxury loft:

wooden cross beams: ooh_food

track lights and drum lighting: Dee Adams

track lights and kitchen island: jm3 2

wired lights: itsthomson

minimalist loft: ooh_food

loft conversion: someToast

attic lighting: radioflyer007


Kitchen Design: Under Cabinet Lighting Ideas photos:


hockey puck lights:


L&L Design Guide: Cove Lighting Ideas photos:

favaro JR.: top 1, 2 curved shape 1, 2, home theater

The 3 Different Types of Garden Pond Lighting Ideas photos:

top: Mastery of Maps and Kimmunism

underwater recessed lights: Sanctu

perimeter pond lights: Xelcise

pond mister: Jeroen Krah

floating solar lights: mayhem

fountain lights: lydanynom


Floor Lighting Ideas: Taking Your Interior Design to the Next Level photos:

top: DeclanTM

recessed lights: ChrisJFraser

recessed lights 02: jon|k

Design Guide: Ideas for Outdoor Pendant Lighting Fixtures photos:

top: kylesteed

paper lanterns: ciskosv

outdoor chandelier: j | Wiltshire

Home Design Guide: Hall Lighting Ideas photos:

top: kmeneses

recessed lighting: nooccar

recessed lights 02: MasonCooper

before and after picture: Wit and Whistle

hallway makeover: The Old White Cottage

track lighting: caljuggler

track lighting 02: scbchi

skylight: ooh_food

skylight 02: vp_foz

wide hallway: lincolnblues

tall hall: Ray_JRM

Hanging lanterns: RSL Images

Design Guide: A Range of Pergola Lighting Ideas photos:

top: BillRhodesPhoto

fairy light curtain:

string lights wrapped around the posts: thegardenbuzz

wall lights: funny strange or funny ha ha

post light: All Oregon Landscaping, Inc

Cross beam light: mcmorgan08

hanging lantern: ballesdavid

table lantern: stewickie

cafe pergola: Tenisca

fire place: Stirling StoneWorks International

modern pergola: WOWHYD

string lights: morpholux

banner: Beth

6 Wedding Lighting Decorations to Create a Poetic Setting photos:

fairy lights: katybird

gobo lighting 01: greyloch

gobo lighting 02: My Sideways World

candle lighting 01: Steve and Sara

candle lighting 02: Jacob & Kiki Hantla

balloon lighting: iko 02

ice cube lights: Josh Bancroft

paper lanterns: Tracy Hunter 02



Enchanting Wedding Candle Centerpieces – Ideas Collection photos:

top: smcgee

flowers and candles: amycgx

floating candles: clockworknate

flower arrangement: Cayusa

decorative candle holder 02: almoko


Unique Weekend DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas and Projects photos:

hanging glass lanterns: fensterbmw

candles: Prescott

Ideas for Romantic LED and Candle Beach Wedding Centerpieces photos:

top: mrjoro

red flowers: cephyn

floating candles 2: theogeo


4 Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Ideas photo:


Designs and Ideas: Styles and Finishes of Bathroom Wall Lights photos:

top: Aristocrat

Hollywood lighting: Lorenzo Herrera

Creating Whimsical Purple Wedding Lighting photos:

top photos: cafemama

Gel light: Mc-Q

Building lights: BinaryApe

Ceiling drapes: eugene

drapes: williamhartz

candles: Flying_Snow

lanterns: mediafury


Design Guide: Indian Wedding Lighting photo credits:

top: Shivaranjan

flowers: cleiph

wedding setting: ksbuehler

Indian wedding umbrella: ChrisGoldNY

Bride and Groom: Richard Sihamau

Hand henna: ckhatri1

The LED Cube: Creating Three Dimensional Displays photo credits:

Multicolored cube: rileyporter

LED display being made: rubberdreamfeet


Create A Dreamy Backdrop With These Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas photo credits:

top: B Tal

water lights: cobalt123


Grape Lights: A Decorative Restaurant Lighting Idea photo credits:

top: greyloch

red grapes: AndrewEick

table lights: silverfuture

7 Areas: Creating a Poetic Backdrop Using Wedding Lights photo credits:

top photo: atl10trader

head table 01: Jennerally

head table 02: cabbit

tent light effect: shrutYgee

What Is and How to Make Elegant Monogram Lighting For Weddings photo credits:

Monogram lighting photo 01: Impact Sounds

Monogram lighting photo 02: Impact Sounds

Monogram lighting photo 03: Kino-eye


Tron photo 01: aileenrobot


Home Office Lighting Ideas photo credits:

Home office lighting 01: Jan Charles Linus Ekenstam

Home Office track lighting: Paladin27

Pendant lighting: TypeFiend

Anglepoise lamp: skarpetka86

Accent Lighting: TypeFiend

Natural Lighting: geishaboy500

Home office design 01: nkeppol

Home office design 02: TypeFiend

Inside desk lighting: TypeFiend

Home office design 03: Paladin27

Home office layout 01: nkeppol

Home office design04: blupics

Home office layout 02: mark sebastian

Foyer Lighting Ideas and Design Planning photo credits:

Directional lighting: thales exoo

Textured wall: danielle_blue

Foyer lighting: *chiwai*

Foyer furniture: mbsam

Flushed mount light: mathowie

Foyer column lighting: favaro JR.

Natural foyer lighting: Heather Elias

Natural foyer lighting 02: mousiekm

Natural foyer lighting 03: Cristiano Betta

Foyer lighting picture 01: favaro JR.

Foyer lighting picture 02: mtnbikrrrr

Foyer lighting picture 03: Fredicvs Maximvs

Foyer lighting picture 04: favaro JR.



Recessed kitchen lighting:

Modern kitchen:

Kitchen track lighting: A&A Design Build Remodeling Inc

Kitchen pendant lights: Christopher Barrson

Kitchen island lighting:

Recessed light photo: Craig A Rodway

Stair lip lighting: ceridwenn

Wedding lighting 01: atmtx

Wedding lighting 02: atmtx

Wedding lighting 03: atmtx

Gobo lighting: blue haze entertainment

Tiki Torch: Katherine Martinelli

Moroccan Lantern: The Wedding Of My Dreams

Bird Cage Lantern: The Wedding Of My Dreams

Sun Jar:

Sun Jar 2: schmense

Tiki torch: katrina.elizabeth

Glowing Pot: kqom

Floating Light: super-structure


Bathroom Light Fixtures

Polygon Homes

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