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Luxury Ping Pong Table

Luxury Design: Ping Pong Tables

We have showcased a luxury foosball table before, and highlighted how lighting add a certain elegance to it. This time we have luxury Ping Pong tables. Eleven Ravens crafts handmade custom ping pong tables. A number of the elegant designs feature beautiful hardwoods, and one features built in display lighting. The price for these custom ordered […]

Snowboard LED Light Suit

Lights & Sports: LED Snowboarding Suit

We have featured lights incorporated into sports before (surfing, skateboards, foosball table). This time we have William Hughes wearing a full body LED snowboarding suit. The LED suit acts as a massive torchlight, for when William goes down the French slopes in pitch black night. There is an amazing, and surreal, video (below) capturing William’s […]

Biking Jacket Lights

A DIY Biking Jacket with Indicators: A Light Suit for Street Cyclists

Watching the video demonstration of the Turn Signal Biking Jacket brings up references of the TRON Light Suit. Leahbuechley of Insturctables has designed a jacket for bicyclists that display indicator lights on the back of the jacket that are controlled by switches in the wrists of the jacket. The Turn Signal cycling jacket is such […]

LED Boomerang

Lighting Up The Sky: The Tri Blade LED Boomerang

Here is an interesting idea: an LED boomerang. The SCIMITAR is designed by Eric Darnell, a six time World Boomerang champion. It is a tri blade boomerang that has 3 LED lights, comes in 3 different colors, and has two different light settings: flashing or steady. This light up boomerang is ambidextrous so it is […]


Lighting The Night With LED Skateboard Lights

There are a number of ways to light up a skateboard. As seen below there are LED risers, stick on pucks, light tape, the DIY route and buying a Photon Board which has lights imbedded in the deck. Most of these skateboard lights can easily be bought online. Check out the photos below and the […]

Surfboad LED Lights

Lighting Up The Seas: LED Lights and Surfing

Some of the best times to go surfing is when the sun is rising. It is in the early mornings when you’ll have smoother waves and less people in waters, as most are still asleep. Pukas, a Spanish surfing company making surfboards and clothing, has created a limited number of experimental lighted surfboards. As the […]

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