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Luxury Design: Ping Pong Tables

We have showcased a luxury foosball table before, and highlighted how lighting add a certain elegance to it. This time we have luxury Ping Pong tables. Eleven Ravens crafts handmade custom ping pong tables. A number of the elegant designs feature beautiful hardwoods, and one features built in display lighting. The price for these custom ordered tables range from $11,000 – $25,000.

Luxury Ping Pong Table

Luxury Ping Pong Table

Luxury Ping Pong Table

Luxury Ping Pong Table


Lights & Sports: LED Snowboarding Suit

Snowboard LED Light Suit

We have featured lights incorporated into sports before (surfing, skateboards, foosball table). This time we have William Hughes wearing a full body LED snowboarding suit. The LED suit acts as a massive torchlight, for when William goes down the French slopes in pitch black night. There is an amazing, and surreal, video (below) capturing William’s run down the hill in the LED suit.

“I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness,” – Jacob Sutton – Fashion Photographer and Film Maker

Snowboard LED Light Suit Snowboard LED Light Suit

Snowboarder: William Hughes

Suit Designer: John Spatcher

Film Director: Jacob Sutton

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A DIY Biking Jacket with Indicators: A Light Suit for Street Cyclists

Biking Jacket Lights

Watching the video demonstration of the Turn Signal Biking Jacket brings up references of the TRON Light Suit. Leahbuechley of Insturctables has designed a jacket for bicyclists that display indicator lights on the back of the jacket that are controlled by switches in the wrists of the jacket.

The Turn Signal cycling jacket is such a simple idea (though slightly complicated to make with all the programming, wiring, and an Arduino circuit board), which would make cycling around town a lot easier and safer at night. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the DIY indicator jacket. You can find the instructions to make your own DIY jacket here.

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Lighting Up The Sky: The Tri Blade LED Boomerang

LED Boomerang

LED Light Up Boomerang

Here is an interesting idea: an LED boomerang. The SCIMITAR is designed by Eric Darnell, a six time World Boomerang champion. It is a tri blade boomerang that has 3 LED lights, comes in 3 different colors, and has two different light settings: flashing or steady. This light up boomerang is ambidextrous so it is ideal for right and left handers. They can be bought here at Black Jax Sports starting at $12.99.

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Lighting The Night With LED Skateboard Lights

There are a number of ways to light up a skateboard. As seen below there are LED risers, stick on pucks, light tape, the DIY route and buying a Photon Board which has lights imbedded in the deck. Most of these skateboard lights can easily be bought online. Check out the photos below and the links to the shops.

Skateboard LED Risers

Skateboard LED Risers

LED Lighted Risers

LED Risers in action

Skateboard Riser Lights

Xboard Illuminators LED Risers

LED Risers:

Just like normal risers, the LED versions fit above the trucks and will light the whole area around the skateboard.


LED Skate Wheels

Another skateboard lighting option is to buy wheels that have LED lights within them, like the ones from Skate Wheels:

Skateboard wheel lights

Skateboard puck lights Stick on Pucks

Stick on pucks are a simple and easy way of adding skateboard led lights.

Light Boards

A great way of having a skateboard with lights is to buy a board that has lights built into the deck. Photon Light Boards has a range of decks with a choice of 6 different colored LED lights. There is even a socket on the deck where you plug in the power adapter to charge the battery. Have a look at how it works in the video below.

Light Tape

In our post here Light Tape: Freedom in Lighting Design we highlighted the innovative lighting solution ‘Light Tape’. It is as thin as a credit card, can be cut, and is highly durable. It was the stuff that was used to make the suits in the latest TRON movie. So if you want to take on the project of adding your own skateboard lights head on over to their site. Have a look at what these biker guys did with Light Tape:


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Lighting Up The Seas: LED Lights and Surfing



Lighting Up The Seas: LED Lights and Surfing

Surfboad LED Lights

Some of the best times to go surfing is when the sun is rising. It is in the early mornings when you’ll have smoother waves and less people in waters, as most are still asleep. Pukas, a Spanish surfing company making surfboards and clothing, has created a limited number of experimental lighted surfboards. As the story goes, a student in Germany was looking to integrate LED lights into a surfboard for a project and needed a surfboard manufacturer to pull it off – Pukas decided to help out.

Each board is fitted with RGB: Red, Green, and Blue LED Lights. They are controlled via a remote control where you can turn them on and off and change the colors. 4 first generation LED surfboards were made, and later another 3 were developed with a more advanced and lightweight LED lighting system. I would be curious to see a version made with Light Tape – which should be a lot more lightweight and sleeker looking.

Here the LED Surfboards are being used by Tiago Pires and Joan Duru:

Juan Mari Indo, the man behind installing the LEDs, explains how the LED surfboard works:

Site: Pukas Surf

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