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Modern and Sleek Design: The Trioh Flashlight

The Trioh flashlight solves a common problem during blackouts – trying to find your torch in the dark. The Trioh acts as a mood light for normal evenings and when the power goes off it will automatically come on. Even on normal evenings, you can take the light around with you as there are two settings, flash light and accent lighting (use at the dinner table etc.). At the time of writing, the Trioh flashlight was starting to be manufactured with a boost needed from Kickstarter, from which it got its full funding from – link.

The Trioh Flashlight The Trioh Flashlight

The Trioh Flashlight


Green Lighting + 3D Printing: The Air Rotor Light

You can only produce this kind of design using 3D printing, which is why we will be seeing much more designs and concepts, not just in lighting, using it. The Air Rotor Light was designed based on a propeller – it catches wind to spin itself around, powering an LED light inside of it. It is made out of lightweight and flexible plastic – site.

3D Printing Wind Light 01

3D Printing Wind Light 02

3D Printing Wind Light 03

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3D Printed Light Bulb: The Huddle by David Graas

3D Printed Light Bulb 01

The Huddle is a 3D printed bulbshade that sits on top of a 5 Watt LED light bulb. As a result, no lampshade is needed. Instead a modern cityscape pop outs from a normally smooth and curved light bulb shape.

“Soon 3-d printing will be a standard feature of modern city infrastructure with a 3-d print shop on every street corner. A whole new way of making things without the usual transport of materials and products. Only the digital data defining these products travelling the globe.” – David Graas

Available as a pendant or floor lamp here

3D Printed Light Bulb 02

3D Printed Light Bulb 03

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An Organic Lamp? A Mood Light Made Out of Vegetable Fat

Vegetable fat fills the glass sphere and the heat from the light slowly melts the fat which results in the whole lamp becoming slowly brighter and brighter. The color of the lamp becomes warmer and warmer. It takes a whole 2 hours for all of the vegetable fat to melt down. When the light is turned off, the fat goes back to being solid. Priced at $940++ and available here.

Vegetable Fat Lamp

Vegetable Fat Lamp

Vegetable Fat Lamp

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Glowing Acrylic Lighting: The CiCi Table Lamp

Acrylic tends to glow when fused with lighting. We have showcase designs that have done this like our post Interior Design Showcase: LED Wine Cellar. This time I am highlighting the CiCi Table Lamp. Minimalist in design, it glows as the Blue LED lights up.

Available from Amazon

CiCi Table Lamp LED

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Exploring New Dimensions of the Traffic Light

The Solo Project is a concept idea that reconstructs the traffic light. Built in 3 sections, the Solo Traffic LED Light can be used as a temporary traffic light, or taken apart and used to “assist in road accidents, construction works and detours”.

solo traffic light concept 01 solo traffic light concept 02 solo traffic light concept 03 solo traffic light concept 04 solo traffic light concept 05 solo traffic light concept 06 solo traffic light concept 07

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