6 Wedding Lighting Decorations to Create a Poetic Setting

Whether you are having a small intimate wedding and only need a few lighting ideas or you’re having a large wedding in a banquet hall and need to fill the large space with light, below are 6 ideas for wedding lighting decorations that will help in creating the ideal setting.

Wedding fairy lights being used to create a curtain of light

1. Outdoor string lights, also known as wedding fairy lights, can be turned into decorative wedding lighting. They can be hung from wall to wall to create a ceiling of light, mimicking a starry night. Or they can be hung side by side on a white or black wall to create a curtain of lighting. They are also used for wedding tent lighting to line the canopy. You can always add your own creative twist by adding origami shades to the light bulbs or place the string lights in a wine bottle to create a unique looking lamp. Have a look at our string light photos for more ideas.

Abstract gobo lighting

Gobo star lighting

2. Other wedding venue decoration ideas include monogram and gobo lighting. This is when you create a stencil that goes over a light to create decorative lighting. When it comes to monogram lighting for weddings, the stencil will have a design of the names or initials of the bride and groom. These can be shone onto the dance floor and entrances. Gobo lighting is the same concept, except you create decorative shapes and graphics to be used for wedding reception lighting decorations. Some examples include creating wedding ceiling decorations with star stencils, or creating heart and floral designs to shine on the walls and floors.

A candlelit wedding environment

Creating an intimate setting with candle lighting

3. When it comes to table lighting, candles are the best choice. They give off a soft glow and create a romantic environment. Have a look at our post on wedding candle centerpieces for a range of ideas: from floating candles to accessories you can use to create elegant centerpiece arrangements.

Using battery powered LED lights inside of balloons

4. One little LED light that comes with its own battery (they are relatively easy to get a hold of) can be used for a number of DIY wedding lighting ideas. They can be turned on and put inside of balloons and used to decorate a wedding venue. White balloons work well for traditionally styled weddings or other colors work for themed or color coordinated décor styles – such as purple balloons for purple wedding lighting. These balloon LED lights can be used to line the walls or if you fill them up with helium they can float in the air or be tied down with string.

Using LED ice cube lights to decorate drinks

5. Another unique lighting decoration are light up ice cubes. These are LED lights incased within a waterproof plastic cube. They can be added to drinks, punch bowls, or even vases of flowers. Adding them to drinks will make them look a little more dynamic, and if you are having a themed or color coordinated wedding, this is one way of tying in the drinks with the décor. For example if you are having a winter wonderland styled wedding (using blue and white decorations), blue ice cube lights can be added to the drinks.

Paper lanterns lighting up a wedding venue

6. One of the best wedding décor ideas is to use paper lanterns. These are elegant light fixtures that provide a nice soft glow of light. They are inexpensive light fixtures and can be used in a range of different wedding venues. They work well as wedding tent lighting as they are lightweight. Wedding paper lanterns come in a range of colors – though white is the more popular choice. They also come in a range of different sizes – large ones are used for wedding hall decorations. You can have them hang at different lengths to create a more dynamic setting.

There are a number of areas around a venue that need to be lit up with wedding lighting decorations. Have a look at our post to see the 7 Areas: Creating a Poetic Backdrop Using Wedding Lights.

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