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Bathroom Mood Lighting Ideas

Simple and Easy To Do Bathroom Mood Lighting Ideas

The key to creating mood lighting in the bathroom is to keep the lighting at a low level. One way to do this is to have a dimmer switch for your ceiling lights, or to turn them off completely and use some of these bathroom mood lighting ideas. Modern Home Spa Lights These are little, […]

Glow Sticks Bath Tub

DIY Entertainment for Kids Bath Time

In my kid’s bathroom lighting post I highlighted a floating LED light that creates an underwater light show that will delight kids when they are having their bath. Now I’ve just came across a unique DIY option – using glow sticks! Turn the lights off in the bathroom and use a few glow sticks to colorfully light up […]

Bath Light

The Modern Kids Bathtub Duck: An Underwater Light Show

In one of our recent post we highlighted battery powered LED lights that you can have floating around or attached to the walls to create a more spa like experience in the bathroom (spa lights). Well here is a little novelty gadget for a kid’s bathroom – a floating light that projects light over the […]

Luxury LED Faucet

Luxury Faucets: The AMETIS Bathroom Collection

In a previous post we highlighted the AMETIS Shower Column by Graff (luxury showers). Another piece in the collection is a hollowed brass bar, merged with LED lights, to produce a luxury faucet. Once again, Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi takes the fluid form of water as inspiration in crafting this piece. Have a look at […]

Luxury LED Shower

Luxury Showers: The AMETIS Bathroom Collection

Merging high tech with high end design, the new AMETIS collection by Graff brings elegance and luxury to the bathroom. One of the pieces in the AMETIS collection is the Shower Column. A beautifully crafted, hollowed brass sculpture blended together with LED bathroom lighting – designed by Davide Oppizzi. The fluid design of the shower […]


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