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Simple and Easy To Do Bathroom Mood Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Mood Lighting Ideas
The key to creating mood lighting in the bathroom is to keep the lighting at a low level. One way to do this is to have a dimmer switch for your ceiling lights, or to turn them off completely and use some of these bathroom mood lighting ideas.

Modern Home Spa Lights

Home bath spa lights

These are little, battery powered LED lights that can be stuck to the wall, the side of the bath or can float around in the bath. They provide a soft glow, which is ideal for creating mood lighting in the bathroom. You can also get battery powered candles.

Good Old Candles

Bathroom Mood Lighting

The great thing about the LED spa lights is that they do not leave any messy wax and are not a fire hazard. But nothing beats the real flickering flame of a candle, and scented candles add the element of aroma therapy to the bathroom. One way to reduce the fire hazard of candles is to fill a vase with water and use floating candles.

Another Modern Invention: Rope Lights

Rope lights are LED lights that are fitted inside of a flexible plastic tube. These can be fitted along the bottom of bathroom cabinets, along the bottom of a wall or anywhere else really. These rope lights can come in a range of colors, or even change colors.

A Mood Changing Light Bulb
Though you generally want to avoid having ceiling lighting when creating mood lighting, here is one idea that is somewhat of an exception. You can buy these LED light bulbs that fit into normal light sockets (in the ceiling or a normal lamp). They are remote controlled and can change color. So you can fit one of these into the ceiling and control the color of it by remote. How cool is that! Find them here.

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DIY Entertainment for Kids Bath Time

In my kid’s bathroom lighting post I highlighted a floating LED light that creates an underwater light show that will delight kids when they are having their bath. Now I’ve just came across a unique DIY option – using glow sticks! Turn the lights off in the bathroom and use a few glow sticks to colorfully light up the bathtub. You can even put glow sticks inside of balloons, blow them up and have floating lights.

Glow Sticks Bath Tub

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The Modern Kids Bathtub Duck: An Underwater Light Show

Bath Light

In one of our recent post we highlighted battery powered LED lights that you can have floating around or attached to the walls to create a more spa like experience in the bathroom (spa lights). Well here is a little novelty gadget for a kid’s bathroom – a floating light that projects light over the underwater.

The duck and dolphin combo are water activated, and the lights change color. Available here on Amazon for $4.57.

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Luxury Faucets: The AMETIS Bathroom Collection

Luxury LED Faucet

In a previous post we highlighted the AMETIS Shower Column by Graff (luxury showers). Another piece in the collection is a hollowed brass bar, merged with LED lights, to produce a luxury faucet. Once again, Swiss designer Davide Oppizzi takes the fluid form of water as inspiration in crafting this piece.

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Just like the Shower Column, light is unified into the bathroom faucet to become an interior design element. Here the light changes from blue to red based on the water’s temperature. The glow of the light also showcases the sculptural curves of the brass bar – Graff Faucets.

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Luxury Showers: The AMETIS Bathroom Collection

Luxury LED Shower

Merging high tech with high end design, the new AMETIS collection by Graff brings elegance and luxury to the bathroom. One of the pieces in the AMETIS collection is the Shower Column. A beautifully crafted, hollowed brass sculpture blended together with LED bathroom lighting – designed by Davide Oppizzi. The fluid design of the shower column is inspired by the free flowing of water itself. Even how the water comes out has an artistic touch to it.

  LED AMETIS Shower Column

Like all pieces in this collection, lighting is designed to be uniformed with the shower column making it an interior design element. You can have the luxury bathroom lighting set to match your mood (choose to bathe in red, blue, white or green light) or they can be set for functional purposes (changes from blue to red depending on the water’s temperature).

luxury shower

This ultra-modern shower column comes in black, white, and chrome powder coated finishes – Graff Faucets.

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Bathroom Lighting Zones Explained: IP Ratings, Zones, and Diagram

Bathroom Lighting Zones

When it comes to UK bathroom lighting, you will have to know the different zones that make up a bathroom layout. Bathroom lighting zones are based on how close they are to water and how likely any light fixtures in the zone will get wet. By knowing the different zones, you can then choose the right light fixtures for safe lighting. Bathroom light fixtures will have an IP rating, which rates how well the electrical components are protected. The zones and ratings are set by the IEE Wiring Regulations, a UK national standard in which all wiring must adhere to. So if you are looking to install a range of bathroom lighting ideas within in the UK, these zones and ratings are important for safe wiring.

IP Ratings

Each bathroom light fixture will have an IP rating. There are two numbers in an IP rating, the first is the protection the light has against dirt, insects, and other foreign things. The second number is the one that applies to bathroom lighting, this is the amount of protection the light has against liquid and moisture. The second number will range from 0-8, with 8 being the most protected from moisture and water.

8 = the light fixture can be used for pressurized immersion
7 = the light fixture can be submerged in water up to 1 meter in depth.
6 = the light fixture can withstand high pressure water jets, coming from all directions
5 = the light fixture is protected from water jets
4 = the light fixture is protected from water spray from all directions
3 = the light fixture is protected from water spray when tilted 60º
2 = the light fixture is protected from water spray when tilted 15º
1 = the light fixture is protected against condensation

The Different Bathroom Lighting Zones

Lighting zones in a bathroom is determined by the distance from a water source. In order for safe bathroom lighting, light fixtures with the right IP rating need to be used within specific zones.

bathroom lighting zones explained

Zone 0: There are a number of ways to add decorative lighting within water fixtures. For example taps and shower heads can have LED lights fitted inside of them. Zone 0 refers to areas that will be submerged in or have direct exposure to water: inside bath tubs, the shower base, or inside a basin are other examples. Lights in zone 0 must have an IP rating of IP67, and must be low voltage (12v or less).

Zone 1: This zone is usually made up of areas above (up to 2.25m) a bath tub and a shower base. Lights for this area should be rated IP44, or if the lights will be in direct contact with water, such as inside a shower space, the lights need to be rated IP65.

Zone 2: This is where any water might be splashed. So right next to zones 0 and 1, measuring 0.6m horizontally and up to 2.25m vertically. This zone also applies to wash basins, ranging 0.6m in diameter around the water source (the tap). Light fixtures in zone 2 need to be rated IP44 or better.

Not Zoned (Use to be Zone 3): This is any area beyond zone 2 (white area in the diagram). There are no requirements when it comes to lighting past zones 0,1, and 2. It would be wise though to use lights that are rated IP44.

The information provided above should only be used as a basic guide. For the full comprehensive guide, the 17th Edition to the IEE Wiring Regulations can be bought here. An easier route would be to use a qualified electrician when deciding what light fixtures to use in the bathroom. After having bathroom lighting zones explained, why not take a look at our posts regarding different bathroom lighting design ideas and styles:

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