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Lights and Music: The Digital Laser Harp

Laser Harp

“The laser harp is a musical instrument made of light”

You play the harp by breaking the laser beam with your hand, and you can even change the tone by sliding your hand up and down the beam. It took Steven Hobley 3 months to create his first laser harp and 3 days to create his latest version seen in the first few photos below. The parts for the laser harp cost between $400-500 – which included a Nintendo Wii Remote and an Arduino micro controller. These laser harps have made their way to the main stage with music performers like Little Boots and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Laser Harp Music

Laser Harp Music

Laser Harp Music

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Fusing Wallpaper with Lights to Create Art

wall paper lights 01

Designer Jonas Samson has gone and fused lighting, wallpaper, and animation to create light emitting wallpaper. In the day time it’s just like any wall. But when it gets dark – all sorts of graphics light up on the wall and animate across it.

wall paper lights 02 wall paper lights 03

Jonas also designed the ECCO LUCE which is a personalized light wall using LED lights – displayed at the Schiphol Trainstation.

Wall art

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Arduino Light Painting Using a Turntable

The Arduino is a micro computer that can be easily programmed to do a number of things. Because it is easy to program and get a hold of, you’ll see a lot of DIY hacks using the Arduino: from secret door knock locks, to a cat toy that sends a tweet via Twitter every time the cat plays with it. Here we have a combination of a turntable, the Arduino, an LED light strip, and light painting photography and videography:

Light painting 01

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Create Your Own Holographic Light Paintings with The Penki App

Light Painting App

Dentsu London, a creative advertising company, went out and explored the possibilities behind their communications strategy – “Making Future Magic”. Here we see them use an iPad to create new light painting techniques through photographs and video segments. Combining 3D modeling techniques, stop motion animations, and slow shutter speed photography, here is the light painting magic they created:

light painting 01 light painting 02 light painting 03 light painting 04 light painting 05

And here is a video of them in action:

Because of great feedback Dentsu got, they have gone and made an App so that everyone else can make their own light paintings with an iPad. Though it is a more simplified version of what you saw them doing above, you can still create your own 3D light paintings using text. The Penki light painting app is available from the iTunes store – The Penki Site.

Here are a few photos from their Flickr group of people making their own light paintings using the Penki light painting app:

light painting 06 light painting 07 light painting 08

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