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Lighting Designer Profile: Timo Niskanen

environmentally friendly change coin lamp

In this designer profile I will be taking a look at Finnish designer, Timo Niskanen. He is an energy conscious designer, who uses a lot of white to create clean and sleek looking lights. First up is the Change lamp which is prototype for public spaces. It encourages people to turn off the lamp when they leave as they need to insert a coin to turn it on, and when they leave – they can take the coin back which will turn the light off (much like how shopping carts work in some countries). Then there is the Loop, which is a beautifully crafted lamp, designed to be a timeless piece. The third piece is the Keppi table lamp which replicates nature’s beauty by using a clay cast of a branch that is integrated with a high powered LED.

Designer LED Loop Lamp

nature stick lamp

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Upcycled Designer Profile: Victoria Road – Lighting with Patina and Soul

Remember the past, Remember the future!

Victoria Road is an artist couple from East London. They create up-cycled lighting and furniture giving old machines a new lease of life. New elements like electrics and fixings are added for safety. Victoria Road designs are all one- off pieces but can re-create an item in a similar style. Their customers share a passion for handcrafted designs and environmentally conscious products.

Syntax Lamp

Syntax Lamp £160 – sold

What they create is aimed to be a “social sculpture”, art that changes the space, the way people interact with it and therefore affects people’s perception and attitude.

Their products were part of the recent Upcycled exhibition and are currently selling in The Old Cinema in Chiswick, Artway Emporium in Highgate and Beautiful Interiors in Walthamstow.

Victoria Road take on commissioned work and are ready to produce different or larger designs upon request. Their bespoke design service is very straight forward, please see details here: or contact them here:

Japan Lamp

Japan lamp £250

Shrek Upcycled Lamp

Shrek Lamp £450

Beast Lamp

Beast Lamp £1600

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Lighting Profile: TOBYhouse’s Beach Ball Pendant Light

Toby of TOBYhouse has designed this playful pendant light using a real PVC beach ball. The beach ball has been transformed by hand into a designer pendant light that has a solid internal structure to house the light. The light can be ordered on the website here.

Beachball Light

Beachball Light

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Recycled Coffee Filters Turned Into Designer Lights

Coffee Filter Light

I’ve highlighted designers using coat hangers and wine bottles to create elegant light pieces. Now I’ve come across Lampada’s Etsy shop where they make a whole range of light fixtures using recycled coffee filters. The earth toned filters are creatively used to create different patterns and textures, resulting in beautiful lights as seen in the photos below. These lights are available for sale over at Etsy.

Colorful Coffee Filter Lamp

Coffee Filter Table Lamps

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Stella Bleu Designs: Industrial Shelving with Lights

Industrial Shelving With Lights Stella Bleu Designs create industrial styled shelving and light units – each piece is made from scratch and from reclaimed material. Everything is made to order and handmade. The collection includes garment racks, floor lamps, and there are also shelves that have lights fitted into them. These hybrid shelves and lights use Edison styled light bulbs to continue the industrial look. You can find their shop here. industrial shelves and lights industrial book shelving and lights Related Posts


Kevin Sutton: Recycling Wine Bottles to Create Beautiful Light Fixtures

wine bottle chandelier

The 35 Wine Bottle Chandelier

I highlighted recently the work of Natalie Sampson who uses coat hangers to make unique light fixtures. This time I have Kevin Sutton of Zuma Creations who designs light pieces using recycled wine bottles. Each light uses energy efficient LEDs and is made to order.

The iconic piece of Kevin Sutton’s collection is a 35 bottle chandelier which has a copper centerpiece that houses the 18 LED lights. There is also a 4 Bottle Chandelier: made with solid copper and brass plumbing. Pendant lights, wall sconces, flameless candles, table lamps are also available as seen in the photos below.

wine bottle chandelier

The 4 Bottle Chandelier

wine bottle pendant lights

Wine bottle pendant lights

wine bottle wall sconces

Wine bottle wall lights

wine bottle flameless candles

Wine bottle flameless candles

wine bottle lamp

The wine bottle lamp

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