Create A Dreamy Backdrop With These Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Lighting Ideas

Whether you are having a tent wedding, outdoor wedding reception, or a wedding on a beach, there are certain outdoor wedding lighting ideas that create the ideal backdrop. We have an article on the specific areas of a reception that need wedding lights (7 Areas: Creating a Poetic Backdrop Using Wedding Lights) such as the dance floor, guest table, etc. Here are additional areas for an outdoor space that would need lighting and what kind of light fixtures to use.

Areas of an Outdoor Wedding to Light Up

Venue Features: If you are lucky enough to have any features around, they can be highlighted with lights. Statues for example, water features, or even a nearby building can be a feature. Uplighting is usually the best way to light up features such as statues or buildings. They bring the features to life at night, showing off the details.

Water Features: Swimming pools, ponds or fountains are great areas to light. Having light wash over and reflect over a calm surface of water is a beautiful sight. Floating solar lights are an easy option, or you can have lights attached to poles pointing down towards the water.

A DIY wedding lighting idea would be to use battery powered balloon LED lights – instead of filling them up with helium, just fill them with air and they can float on the water. These balloon lights can also be placed around an outdoor space – tied to trees, or filled with helium and tied to a stake in a ground – letting them glow and float around adding to the outdoor wedding decor.

Adding lights to any water features will create tranquil feature

Adding lights to any water features will create tranquil feature

Landscape: Adding lighting to certain areas of the landscape will help in creating an intimate ambiance. Trees, bushes and flower beds could do with some lighting.

Outdoor string lights when used in clear or off white colors can add a fairytale look. They can be hung in trees, draped over fences, or hung from balconies.  These string lights can also come as a net, which can be placed over bushes.  More sophisticated versions of string lights are made with normal sized light bulbs, called festoon lights.

Uplighting pointed towards trees can highlight their features or if placed behind the tree will create a silhouette. You can also use colored gels to change the color of the light – for example a purple gel can be placed over the light if you are looking for purple wedding lighting.

Paths: Path Lighting is important in helping guest see their way to the different locations outdoors. Bamboo tiki torches are one way of guiding guests down paths, or solar stake likes are another option. Hanging globe string lights also helps in lighting a pathway at night.

Entrances: The entrance plays an important role in the setting of a wedding. Whether it is the entrance into the building or to a tent, it can be decorated with lights to create the backdrop you want. Once again uplights are ideal, as well as flood lights– shining them up onto the walls of a building. You can also use wedding monogram lighting where the names of the bride and groom are displayed with light. Tiki torches on both sides of the entrance can also create a dramatic entrance.

We have a separate article, if you are looking specifically for wedding tent lighting ideas.

Other Outdoor Wedding Light Fixtures

A search lightis a high powered light that projects light into the sky or onto a building. Multiple beams of light spread out creating a grand light display – like a major concert or event is underway.

Lanternsare lightweight and inexpensive light fixtures. They come in a wide range of styles and finishes. Popular choices for weddings are white weatherproof paper lanterns – if you are looking to fill a large space have a look for the over sized ones as these will add to the outdoor wedding decorations. There are more decorative hanging outdoor lanterns to choose from if you have a themed wedding planned.

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