Outdoor Wedding Lighting Idea: Balloon Lighting

Balloon Lighting

If you are looking for simple home wedding lighting ideas here is a unique one: balloons + Glow Sticks/LEDs + Helium = Floating Balloon Lights. There is nothing more effortless than a white balloon glowing with light, slowing moving in the night. This can be easily done as a DIY wedding lighting project or can be readily bought online.

Illoom LED Balloon Lighting

‘Illoom Balloons’ are ready made LED balloons. These do not require any electrical work as they work on a tiny battery. The LED light is already installed within the balloon, and pulling a tab will activate the light when you are ready to use them. They will shine for 15 hours or more. Look to buy the white ones as the reviews say these light up the best – and is a color scheme that works well for most styles of lighting for wedding receptions.

These Illoom Balloons are normal latex balloons – helium easily escapes through latex material. If you are planning on inflating the balloons with helium, as they will look elegant floating around as outdoor wedding lights, they will need a liquid sealant to hold the helium and stay inflated longer.  This can be easily done for you in shops that fill balloons and provide helium tanks.

If you are planning on going down the DIY route, you will want to look for balloons that are treated with Hi-Float, a water soluble, transparent plastic material – ideal in preventing helium from leaking.

You can always forget the helium (blow them up normally) and use them as wedding lighting decorations. Have the balloons lying on the tables, on the dance floor or line the walls with them. How about hanging a net to hold the balloons?

Illoom Balloons are available from firebox.com for £9.99 for packs of 15 balloon led lights (they deliver internationally).

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