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Urban Garden Lights

Urban Garden Lights: Blossom Bulbs

The design of the Blossom Bulbs mimics what you see in nature – “diversification through growth”. This means that each Blossom Bulbs shoot varies in length and width. Even the light bulbs vary in sizes and colors. “Originated [from] sculptural research around the notion of industrial vegetation” – Pierre Ospina More designer lighting posts: Salvaged […]

Outdoor Stone Lights

Glowing Outdoor Stone Lights

These outdoor stone lights by Oluce would look great in any backyard. With such a high price tag though, I’m sure there is a better DIY alternative somewhere. Designed by Marta Laudani, Marco Romanelli and Massimo Noceto and made in Italy Available from YLighting – priced at $565.50 each. More outdoor lighting posts: Home Outdoor […]

Chester Light Up Outdoor Furniture

The Chester Outdoor Collection: Light Up Furniture

The Chester Outdoor Collection is perfect for creating a relaxing space in the backyard. These new sofas and armrests have an opening at the bottom of them which allows you to insert the provided lights into them. You end up with soft glowing outdoor furniture. Pricing is $650- $1460 and they are available from DWR. […]

house christmas lighting

L&L Guide: How Much Does it Cost To Have Christmas Lighting Installed? And Run Them?

Estimated Total Costs for Having Christmas Lights Installed 1 Story House: $150 – $300 2 Story House $300 -$750 When trying to figure out how much does it cost to have Christmas lighting installed, a lighting company will take into consideration a number of factors. The number of stories your house has, the amount of […]


Hybrid Solar and Wind Powered Lighting by IKEA

IKEA have gone and merged together solar and wind power to create a new range of outdoor lights called SOLARVINDEN. There are two versions of the solar and wind power hybrid light: there is a hanging version and a stake version which simply plants into soil around the backyard or can be used on balconies, […]


L&L Design Guide: Home Mood Lighting Ideas

Light has a powerful effect on people – bright areas can energize the mind while dim lights can be cozy and romantic. Cool colored lights (blue and purple) are calm and relaxing, while warm lights (orange and yellow) invigorate. Instead of spending a lot of money on paint and furniture to transform a space, try […]


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