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L&L LOOK BOOK: Creative Bamboo Lamps and Lighting Designs

Bamboo is a great material, it is flexible, durable, even water resistant, inexpensive, and a sustainable resource as it grows quickly compared to other types of woods. This makes it a unique material – allowing for creative bamboo lamps and light designs. Below are 4 concept light designs that incorporate bamboo into them. As they are concepts, these bamboo lights cannot be bought – but some are simple enough that they can be made at home.

Zhu Guang

bamboo floor lamp

The Zhu Guang, designed by Fanson Menq, is an elegant décor piece in the day and a beautiful light at night. It is an indoor bamboo floor lamp made from a single bamboo shoot. Half of the top half was sliced into strands which covers a thin CCFL light tube.

bamboo floor lamp

bamboo floor lamp


‘Flow’ – Sustainable Bamboo Light Fixtures

Flow bamboo wind lights

Flow was designed to provide sustainable and affordable lighting to 3rd world areas in Africa and South America. Designed by Ingendesign, Flow is a wind-powered light system made out of bamboo shoots. As the bamboo shoots get spun around by the wind, it powers a dynamo which generates electricity for a number of LED lights. Bamboo was chosen because it is a material that is inexpensive and an abundant resource in a lot of 3rd world areas.

Flow bamboo wind lights

Flow bamboo wind lights

Flow bamboo wind lights


The Modern Zen Garden

Bamboo Zen garden

Orivas of LED Emotionalize has designed a modern version of a Zen garden using bamboo as inspiration. The aluminum base supports the “bamboo” which is made from translucent acrylic. Made for the garden, it can also be used indoors as a room divider.

Bamboo Zen garden


Joy Bamboo Lamps

'Joy' Bamboo Light

A 'Joy' bamboo pendant light

Here are a few bamboo lamp shades designed by Blair Lewis using bamboo and handmade paper. The shapes were inspired from traditional Chinese art shapes to ocean yachts – you can find more designs here.

Joy Bamboo Light

A 'Joy' ceiling light

Joy Bamboo Lamp

A 'Joy" bamboo lamp shade


The Bamboo House, Vietnam

This next example is not a concept bamboo lamp, but the interior design of a Japanese restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam. The restaurant uses bamboo in many of the decorative elements, including displaying their Sake bottles.

The bamboo has not been modified much to accommodate the bottles. They have been left in their natural state, making them elegant structures. A simple cutaway has been made to house the bottles. A light has then been fitted above the cut away to showcase the bottles – creating a wall of bamboo lighting.

Photos from Tom Hisano on Behance

Bamboo House Vietnam

Bamboo House Vietnam


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L&L LOOK BOOK: Beautiful Uses Of Outdoor String Lights [Lighting Ideas Photo Gallery]

String lights are inexpensive and and highly versatile light fixtures. With a little creativity outdoor string lights can turn a room or an object into a beautiful sight, as you will see below. From weddings, DIY projects to building facades, from sculptures to creating canopy ceilings – there are so many different outdoor string lighting ideas and ways they can be used.



Around The Home

DIY Project: Wine Bottle Light by Wit & Whistle

A DIY lamp piece using a wine bottle and string lights

Normal string lights used with decorative flower strings lights to create a ceiling centerpiece

 DIY Project: Canvas string lights, instructions at Apartment Therapy

canvas light painting

A canvas light painting using string lights

An enchanting bedroom using soft glowing string lights

The string that connects the lights together come in other colors than green. Traditionally used on Christmas trees, the green wires blended into the tree. Here white is used and blends in with the decorations:

White decorative tree branches used with white colored string lights

DIY Project: Paper Cube String Lights by Wit & Whistle

Decorating ordinary outdoor string lights with origami shades

Buy these paper flower lights ready made from Diy or Dont at Etsy

paper flower string lights

Paper craft tissues can be used to create soft flowers and fixed onto string lights

DIY Project: Ruffled Chiffon by Heart Handmade UK

diy string lights

DIY Ruffled Chiffon Fairy Light Box

You can find these paper cut string light lanterns here

paper cut lights

Paper cut lighting by Hannah Nunn

DIY Project: Dixie Cup Light Garland by DIY or Dont

paper cup string lights

Simple DIY paper cup string lighting

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

DIY Project: Coffee Can Lantern by Maggie Makes. (The DIY project uses votive candles to light the lanterns, but these can be replaced with solar powered string lights stuffed into the can.)

DIY coffee can lantern

A DIY coffee can lantern

DIY Project: Outdoor Pendant Light by From The Blue Shed

fairy light outdoor pendant light

DIY fairy light outdoor pendant lighting

String lights can be hung outdoors to provide pathway lighting:

string lights

String lights hanging from a tree lighting a path

Some other outdoor lighting ideas using string lights:

String lights hung side by side outside creating a curtain of lighting

deck lights umbrella

Solar powered string lights lighting up an umbrella on a deck

deck lighting

Mini globe string lights lighting a deck railing


Because of their fanciful look, string lights or “fairy lights”, are popular wedding lights.

They can be placed behind fabric to create a more diffused and softer glow of light. LED string lights would work best as they give off less heat.

Here we can see fairy lights being used again for wedding tent lighting, lining the canopy along with with drapery:

An intimate wedding setting

A romantic wedding backdrop

Building and Street Lighting

Hanging string lights side by side to create a curtain of lighting

Hung from the rooftops to mimic a starry night

Hanging across a street in Nice, France

Spread across a larger street

String lights lighting up tress on a river bank


String lights can also be useful for restaurant lighting – creating soft glowing and intimate lighting for romantic indoor or outdoor restaurant areas.

String lights hung to a point in the ceiling can create a canopy of lights.

String lights decorating trees and banisters in a restaurant

Intertwined with strands of a tree

outdoor grape lighting

Grape string lights decorating a Greek restaurant

Events and Christmas Lighting

Color coordinating: Traditional string lights are green and red, but as you can see from the photos above there are a whole range of other colors the lights come in. For any events, you can color coordinate the string lights to the theme – Christmas: Red and Green, Weddings: White, Saint Patrick’s Day: Green.

party lighting

Using string lights for party lighting ideas

A wicker reindeer sculpture lighted with string lights

Another christmas structure decorated with string lights

Traditional string lights decorating a Christmas tree

image credits


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L+L LOOK BOOK: Tiki Torches Photos

Find inspiration for your own lighting design in our tiki torch Look Book. Below are a number of images that show the different uses of tiki torches as well as the different styles, shapes, and heights – enjoy.

2 tiki torches lighting up the sky photo by: troymckaskle

A bamboo torch overlooking a lake photo by: Brandon Koger

sunset photo by: Andy Beal Photography

A group of bamboo torches photo by: wayneandwax

a capped tiki torch photo by: brianjmatis

tiki torches placed around a swimming pool photo by: shawnogram

tiki flame photo by: Katrina Bowman

wine bottle tiki torch photo by: rrriles

in a garden photo by: shawnogram

A tiki torch at night with a lantern photo by: nicholasjon

photo by: athrasher

A torch in a garden photo by:

flame photo by: J. McPherskesen

luau lighting photo by: JolieNY

torch photo by: Katherine Martinelli

L+L LOOK BOOK: Driveway Lighting Photos

Here in our LOOK BOOK, you can find inspiration for driveway lighting ideas.  Here you will find a number of images showing different ways to light a driveway and a range of different driveway lighting fixtures.

Images For Driveway Lighting Ideas

driveway tress lights This driveway is lit up by the spill over from the accent lighting of the trees and the house facade.  photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

driveway at night Post lights showing the changes in direction of the driveway. photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

house light piler Two stone pillars (left one is out of view) with lights attached to them, provide enough lighting for this short driveway. Lighting on the house provides additional ambient lighting. photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

path lighting Low and warm lighting,  for this longer driveway. photo by: trevhunter

house uplights Lighting the front of the house, done here with uplights, not only showcases and makes the house look elegant, but also provides driveway entrance lighting. photo by: OLP of San Antonio & the Hill Country, LLC

medium post lights Tall post lights being used. photo by: wheany

garage lights If you only have a short driveway, then you will only need light fixtures at the ‘destination’ (shown here as the garage entrance), just as long as there is enough street light to light the entrance of the driveway. photo by: ktgeek

gate entrance One way to light the entrance of your home’s (or mansion’s) driveway, if you have a gate, is to point uplights at the pillars. photo by: Tancread

Driveway Lighting Fixtures

gate lantern A lantern sits atop a gate pillar providing light at the entrance. photo by: Keith Williamson

pole light Tall pole lights work great for the entrance or the driveway itself. photo by: rosipaw

solar light Short solar post lights are an easy, inexpensive, and fast way of lighting the edge of a driveway. photo by: Kyle Rove
garage If you have a short driveway, light fixtures attached to the house or garage entrance can provide enough lighting. photo by: Jeenzy

pole light A medium size pole light, with it’s base lovely decorated with a small bed of flowers. photo by: Andrew|W

A more creative and whimsical way of lighting a path. photo by: -Prescott