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The Body Architect: Fusing the Human Body With Technology

Lucy McRae is a body architect. Trained in classical ballet with a background in architecture and fashion, she explores how the human body can be transformed with the use of technology. Her work at the Philips Far Future Design Lab, a lab that looks 20 years in the future, includes such projects as emotional sensing clothing and electronic tattoos.

The Philips Skin Probe Dress uses emotional sensing technology to create dynamic fashion. The dresses will blush and shimmer with light based on the person’s emotions.

Fashion and technology

The Philips Skin Probe Dress

Another Philips Design Probe explores the body as a platform for electronics and interactive skin technology. Here is an electronic tattoo which changes when touch.

Electronic Tattoo

Philips Electronic Tattoo

Another project Lucy McRae worked on was reprogramming body odor. Through the use of a digestive perfume – a fragrance comes out of the skin when you perspire.

swallowable perfume

Swallowable perfume

Lucy McRae’s talk at Ted

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A DIY Biking Jacket with Indicators: A Light Suit for Street Cyclists

Biking Jacket Lights

Watching the video demonstration of the Turn Signal Biking Jacket brings up references of the TRON Light Suit. Leahbuechley of Insturctables has designed a jacket for bicyclists that display indicator lights on the back of the jacket that are controlled by switches in the wrists of the jacket.

The Turn Signal cycling jacket is such a simple idea (though slightly complicated to make with all the programming, wiring, and an Arduino circuit board), which would make cycling around town a lot easier and safer at night. Check out the video below for a demonstration of the DIY indicator jacket. You can find the instructions to make your own DIY jacket here.

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Using LED Lights to Create Light Up Leggings [Fashion and Technology]

LED Stocking DIY

LED Leggings DIY

How would these light up leggings look on the dance floor? Or how about using them while running in the evening? Carleyy of Instructables has created a straightforward tutorial on how to make these LED leggings. Each legging has 6 LEDs with its own separate circuit. This tutorial can be easily adapted to make light up LED t shirts, light up pants or jewelry. You can find the tutorial here.

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The New Mascara: LED Eyelashes [Fashion and Technology]

LED Eyelashes

The Egyptians thought the eyes were the windows to the soul and so mascara was to used to protect themselves from evil spirits. Fast forward thousands of years and head over to South Korea where designer Soomi Park has fused eye cosmetics with LED lighting to create LED eyelashes . In Asian culture, bigger eyes are more attractive. Women will go out of their way, through cosmetics and even surgery, to have bigger looking eyes. This is why Soomi created the LED Fashion Eyelashes.

The eye pieces are connected to headphones which house the electronics and even a tilt sensor that allows the wearer to control the lights. The tilt sensor will turn the lights on and off and even make them flicker depending on the direction the head is facing. Instead of having the LED lights fitted under the eyes, would using fiber optics work better?

LED Eyelashes

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