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Instagram Photo Display

Instacube: An Instagram Photo Display

The Instacube is dubbed a living canvas. “Use the Toggle button at the top of Instacube to switch between viewing your own photos, the photos of your friends, [or a live stream of ] the “popular” feed.” Yup, you can hook this bad boy up to WiFi and have a live stream of photos pushed […]

Light Painting App

Create Your Own Holographic Light Paintings with The Penki App

Dentsu London, a creative advertising company, went out and explored the possibilities behind their communications strategy – “Making Future Magic”. Here we see them use an iPad to create new light painting techniques through photographs and video segments. Combining 3D modeling techniques, stop motion animations, and slow shutter speed photography, here is the light painting […]

light painting guitar

14 Awesome Light Painting Photographs (Aka Light Graffiti)

Here are 14 awesome light paintings. Light painting photography is done through a camera that can take long exposure shots. People use LED lights, fireworks, or any light source and paint images while the camera is taking the photo. Another form of painting with light photography is taking a picture of a busy street at […]


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