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CalmSpace Napping Pod

Powernap Microspace Uses Sound and Light Technologies To Send Workers To Sleep

CalmSpace is a nap pod created by furniture company Haworth, designer Marie-Virginie Berbet, and health and wellness company Zyken. This powernap microspace was designed for offices where employees could go and take a quick but effective nap. Zyken provided the scientifically validated sound and light technology for the CalmSpace – there are 10, 15 or […]


Light Therapy: Overcoming and Beating Jet Lag

The best way in preventing or beating jet lag is to use light therapy. As told by Emirates Airlines Group President Maurice Flanagan, our body clock is regulated by exposure to light and “spending time under artificial light is reckoned to starve the brain of the stimulus needed to regulate the clock”. – Research has […]


Airplane Lighting Design: The Best Way of Preventing Jet Lag

It is well known that lighting plays a major role in maintaining the body clock. So onboard cabin lighting can help passengers in preventing jet lag. That is why airplanes are beginning to incorporate cabin lighting systems. The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which has just finished flight testing (Aug 2011) and will soon be used […]


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