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Christmas Lighting Displays Across The Globe

Recently I posted about the magnificent light display that the Botanical Gardens in Japan put up. Here I have found more photos of Christmas lighting displays from cities like London, Macau, and Copenhagen.


Copenhagen Christmas Lights

Christmas decorations and lighting in Copenhagen

Germany London Christmas Lights

Street views of Germany and London

Macau Christmas Lights

Christmas lights in Macau

Naples Florida Christmas Lights

A Christmas tree in Naples, Florida

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Creating a Festive Setting With These Party Lighting Ideas

Getting the right lights for a party can really help set the mood. Depending on the party space you can either go with simple party lighting ideas or go a step further and rent one or two light fixtures. There are also a few outdoor lighting ideas for a party. Here are a range of different ideas: Creating an Enchanting Party Setting With String/Fairy Lights. Outdoor string lights are so freaking versatile. They instantly create a fanciful setting. They can be used in a number of ways. Hang a number of them side by side on a wall to create a curtain of lights. They can be strung across the ceiling to mimic a starry night. They can be lined across counters and on the floor. Have a look here at our photo guide for more ideas on using string lights for cheap party lighting ideas.

Using string lights for party lighting ideas

Using Battery Powered LED Lights to Create Balloon Lighting Here is a unique lighting idea, one that can be store bought or even done DIY. All you need are single LED light bulbs that come with a battery. There is usually a little tab that you pull off to switch the light on. These lights can be turned on and then put inside a balloon. You can have the balloon blown up normally with air and have them lay around on the floor, or they can float in the air if they are blown up with helium. Have a look at our article here on balloon LED lights, for information on ready made balloon lighting and tips on using helium. Decorating Drinks With Ice Cube Lights Want a way to include the drink into the party decorations? Why not add light up ice cubes. These are little LED lights incased within a clear plastic that can be put in the freezer to keep the drinks cool. A great idea would be to tailor the color of the lights to the party: having a Christmas party, then use green and red lights, St. Paddys day – Green, having a ladies night – red and pink.

Need some dramatic lighting to fill a large space? Then a few simple rental lights can make a big difference: Uplighting For Parties Uplighting will create a formal and grand setting. These are lights that you put at the base of a wall, columns, etc, and they make a space feel larger – just like in the pictures below. Customizing a Party Venue with Gobo Lighting If you are looking to add a special touch to your party then have a look into gobo lighting. This is when you have a stencil made that fits over a can light. The stencils can be of anything – have star shapes lighting up ceilings, or floral designs lighting a wall, or if you are having an engagement party you can have a monogram of the names of the bride and groom. These stencils will be fitted over can lights, which are common lights that you’ll see on a theater stage or a concert. They can be easily hired at lighting rental companies. Creating a gobo stencil doesn’t have to be a complicated task. It can be done at home with a sheet of tin and a steady hand, or they can be custom ordered from lighting companies. Have a look at our article on creating custom gobo lightingfor instructions on making it yourself or getting them made.

Gobo lighting on a ceiling

Looking to have an outdoor party? Here are a few outdoor party lighting ideas.

Tiki torches are perfect for outdoor parties

Using Tiki Torches for a Festive Outdoor Party Tiki torches are a great way of creating a festive atmosphere for an outdoor party. They are easy to pick up at hardware or even large department stores. You’ll want to place the torches 15 feet apart and 3-4 feet away from table or chairs. Citronella oil can be used to fuel the torches, which will produce less smoke and will act as a natural and organic insect repellent. Light Up Pools or Ponds With Floating Solar Lights If you have any water features in your outdoor space, a swimming pool, fountain or a pond, these can be lit up with lights. The lights will wash over the calm water, creating relaxing and enchanting ambient lighting. General floating solar lightscan be used – they can continue to light up the water even after the party. Another option is to use the balloon lights mentioned above as these will float. We hope you have fun decorating your space with these party lighting ideas. Let us know if you have any unique ideas that we can add to the list.

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Ideas for Romantic LED and Candle Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

With the blue sky, waves and the sandy beach as the backdrop, what could be more romantic than having a wedding on a beach? Table centerpieces play an important role in the overall decor and setting the right ambiance for the guests. When it comes to beach wedding centerpieces, there are a lot of ideas to choose from. They range from ready made, to creating your own simple and personalized centerpieces with items found on the beach itself, or using LED lights to create a centerpiece.

Ready Made Centerpieces

For a beach wedding, flame based centerpieces are highly popular. These 3 ideas are ready made centerpieces that you can easily find from such places like Amazon. Wrought iron table lanterns are a great choice because of their black texture. The black highly contrasts the pastel colors at a beach wedding – making them focal points on a table. Candles you place inside will provide an elegant centerpiece and will also be shielded from winds.

A small tabletop fire bowl or urn will create a dynamic centerpiece. These can be fueled with a small tabletop propane tank or oils. Citronella oil will produce little smoke and will act as an organic insect repellent. Tabletop tiki torches can also be fueled by citronella oil.

Natural and Organic Beach Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

A beach wedding is all about being out in nature – with the sea, palm trees, winds, sunsets and starry skies. The best beach wedding centerpieces and decoration pieces in general, will be based on items found on a beach. Items on the beach itself can be crafted into elegant decorations. This makes DIY beach wedding centerpieces a good route to go down. One idea is to craft a unique candle holder out of wood and logs that have washed onto shore. These can even have messages engraved onto them. Or you can wrap the log in fairy lights.

Other beach decoration accessories can be arranged with candles to create creative beach wedding centerpieces on a budget:

  • Small shells scattered around
  • A large shell centerpiece
  • Sand
  • Unique beach rocks
  • Exotic fruits

Arrangement: The beach candles and decorations can be arranged informally – have pebbles and shells scattered around the table, or you can create a more tidy and formal centerpiece with the use of trays. A wooden tray (black or dark brown trays will contrast well with light colored table cloths) can hold together the decor accessories and wedding candle centerpieces in one place. Also avoid tall centerpieces as they can easily blow over in the wind.

Candles and Water

The great thing about candles is that you can get ones that float. So there are a lot of diy wedding lighting ideas that can be based around using a glass vase filled with water, candles ,and mixing them with flowers, or decorative rocks and pebbles. More creative additions include coloring the water with food dye, or having a message engraved on wood or metal placed inside the vase. If you want to go for a more tropical and earthy centerpiece then try a wooden bowl filled with water – used with the floating beach candles and flowers.

Floating Candle Centerpiece

Using LED Lights

There might be some instances where you would rather use LED wedding lights to create beach centerpieces. They can provide more lighting at tables, and if you are on a windy beach, they won’t blow out. Here are some unique beach wedding centerpieces that use LED lights.

You can find LED lights that are battery powered and waterproof, allowing them to be submerged in water. These waterproof LEDs can be used with a glass vase or wooden bowl filled with water and flowers to create a unique centerpiece. There are decorative alternatives such as using LED light up ice cubes.

An alternative to using real candles could be to use battery powered flameless candles. These use a small LED light to mimic the lighting of a candle. Some will even come in a wax base to recreate the candle look as closely as possible. Though not as enchanting as real candles, they can be easily set up, and are reusable.


So there you have it, a range of LED and candle beach wedding centerpiece ideas that adds a decorative touch and lighting to a table. Beach weddings are generally small, intimate affairs and lighting can help with setting the right backdrop. Have a look here for other outdoor wedding lighting ideas.

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Creating Whimsical Purple Wedding Lighting

Purple Wedding Lighting Ideas

A purple themed wedding, a color that represents royalty, is a popular choice. A reception decorated in purple and white creates an elegant backdrop. When it comes to decorating purple wedding receptions, lighting can play a major role. Here you will have two options in creating purple wedding lighting, both of which are simple and inexpensive. You can either use purple gels with ordinary lighting or use purple décor with clear, non-colored lights.

Purple Lighting Gels

A purple gel fitted over a light

Lighting gels are thin sheets of plastic that can be fitted over light fixtures. Ordinary wedding lights that are usually provided at a hotel banquet hall or other venues can easily be transformed into purple lights. If this is the option you go with, then you will want to plan the decorations accordingly. White will be a good base color for tablecloths, drapes, backdrops, etc. This way the purple lights can easily transform the decorations. You can simply create purple centerpieces for weddings by having gel lighting shining onto a white table and centerpiece. If you choose green, yellow or other colored decorations, the purple lights will clash.

Some purple wedding lighting ideas using gels:

Have purple uplights shine onto a white wall, or even used on the outside of the building:

Purple Lighting

Purple uplights shining onto a buildings facade

Other ideas include using purple light bulbs inside white paper lanterns, or hanging drapes on the ceiling washed with purple lights (use a purple gel to cover the event lights):

White drapes hanging from the ceiling washed with purple lighting

White drapes hanging from the ceiling washed with purple lighting

A purple gel can also be applied to wedding monogram lighting. This is where the names of the bride and groom are cut into a stencil and put over a light fixture. Their names are projected onto walls, the dance floor or a ceiling. A purple gel, or any other color, can be applied over the stencil – turning the names into purple monogram lighting.

In addition to monogram lighting, you can also use general gobo lighting. Alongside having the names cut into the stencil, you can have designs made of anything: hearts, stars projected onto the ceiling, or floral stencils can be created to make wedding lighting decorations. All of which when used with a purple gel, will add to the overall theme.

Going Outdoors

If there is a fountain at your wedding venue, you can have purple gels fitted to the lights to turn it into a purple water show.

Trees can be lit to create a grand outdoor ambiance or visit here for more outdoor wedding lighting ideas.

Purple Décor and Neutral Lighting

Another way of adding lighting is to use plain neutral lights, without gels, and have them shine onto purple wedding decorations. For example, have non-colored uplights pointed onto purple drapes:

Purple drapes with normal colored lights

Purple drapes with normal colored lights

You can create a soft and intimate purple glow by using purple candles. Or how about normal light bulbs used within purple paper lanterns – much easier than finding purple light bulbs for white lanterns.

Purple Lanterns

Purple paper lanterns

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Easily Create Themed Drinks With Light Up Ice Cubes

Want to add a little dynamism to the drinks you are serving. Whether it is for a gathering at home, or for bar, club or restaurant lighting – light up ice cubes add a unique twist. There is also the option to get a little creative and use different colors to coordinate with different holidays or events.

light up ice cubes An LED light is encased within the cube which will last from 15-20 hours. The batteries are not replaceable so they will have to be discarded – but they can be turned on and off to use multiple times until the battery wears out.

Red LED ice cube lights – ideal for Halloween or Valentine’s day drinks

The most well known and better quality LED ice cube lights are from Litecube (available from Amazon). Their ice cube led lights are made from non-toxic plastic and have a gel that is freezable – so they work as real ice cubes to keep drinks cold. The added benefit here is that these re-freezable ice cubes do not water down drinks. They will float while shining their light.

They come as single or the multi-colored (where you can select the color or have the colors change automatically). Here are some nights where adding a certain color play as cocktail drink decorations:

Red and Green lights work well for festive Christmas drinks

Green drink lights for St. Patrick Day

Red and Green for festive Christmas drinks

Dark Blue for winter wonderlands

Red for a Valentines day drinks

Pink LED drink lights for Ladies Night

Don’t forget you can also have the ice cubes personalized by adding a logo or graphic on them.

They cost around $2 a piece – so it is best to buy wholesale if you are using them for restaurant, club or wedding lighting. They are ideal for special occasions rather than daily use as they can be wasteful items. An alternative is to use LED glasses – as the batteries can be replaced so they can be continuously used.  You can even have the glasses project a mini light show (see here for LED glasses light show).

How To Create Enchanting Wedding Tent Lighting

Wedding Tent Lighting Ideas

A tent wedding is a great choice because it allows for great freedom in design, and decor. Lighting will play an even larger role with a tent wedding compared to standard hall type receptions. A tent is a blank canvas for wedding tent lighting – you have fabric everywhere, left, right, and up top. You can have tent lining that finishes off a tent making it ever so elegant with its sweeping, flowing and curving form tapering up to the ceiling. It is through lighting, where you decorate these bare walls of fabric. It is through lighting, where you bring the setting to life – and create a backdrop for your wedding just how you want it.

There are a number of areas within a reception where you will need wedding lights – such as the dance floor, table lights, and displays (wedding cakes/flowers). We have an article that goes over the 7 basic areas that need to be lit: 7 Areas: Creating a Poetic Backdrop Using Wedding Lights. But there are some areas and light fixtures that are unique to tent wedding receptions, and that is what we will go over below.

Tent Wedding Lighting

The Structure of The Tent

When it comes to planning the lighting for a tent wedding, you will need to know about the structure of the tent you will be hiring. There are a number of types of tents, such as ones that have no interior poles, or ones that have many interior poles. Some tents will be able to suspend lights from the ceiling, while others won’t. What will the layout be, and will you have a lining that finishes the tent’s interior? All these factors play a role in planning wedding tent lighting.

Lights can be hung and suspended from the ceiling, they can be attached to the poles of the tent, or they can be freestanding. This all depends on the tent structure.  Your tent supplier will be able to tell you how lighting can be integrated with their tents. Most tent companies will have their own light fixtures that can be used. It is also best to look at lighting companies as they will have a wider range of lights that can be used to create a custom wedding feel and tone that you want.

Wedding Tent Lighting Ideas

The most unique thing about a tent wedding is the feeling guests get when they walk inside. It is a contained space, isolated, and intimate. The ceiling will play an important role in creating the feel and tone of the setting. You can create a grand ceiling with draped linings. For lights focused on the ceiling there are a number of lighting ideas to use.

Fairy Light Canopy: Use a large number of string lights, attached at the edge of the ceiling that then curves upwards into the center of the ceiling. This enhances the curves and flow of the ceiling – and creates a fanciful starry lighting effect.

Using string lights to decorate the ceiling of a tent wedding

Paper Lanterns: Because these are light weight light fixtures, they can be easily suspended from the ceiling of the tent. They come in a number of colors to suite the style of wedding you are trying to create: (white, orange, purple, etc.) Larger than average paper lanterns work best to fill up a large tent space.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are lightweight light fixtures – ideal for hanging inside a tent

Chandeliers are also an option. Some tent companies will have chandeliers on hand or party/lighting companies also rent them out. Chandeliers create focal points, so hang them above the dance floor, an entrance, or over the head table.

Chandelier lights attached to the poles of the tent

Gobos: Gobo lighting is when you put a stencil (aka gobo) over a light fixture. What you get are surfaces lit with shapes and designs. These can also be used on walls and on the dance floor. So stars, hearts or abstract designs can be projected onto the ceiling – adding to the wedding tent decorations.

Up Lights are generally used to light up walls and poles. They also bounce light onto the ceiling.

Don’t forget you can use colored gels, to change the color of the standard light fixtures – making them suit your wedding style.

Other Wedding Lighting Ideas For Tents

Hanging lights from the ceiling or attaching them to the tent poles might not be an option. Instead you can use free standing poles, and hang lights on them. These can be placed anywhere. The tent poles or the free standing poles can be decorated so they integrate with the whole design scheme – decorate them with flowers, fabric, tree branches, or wrap string lights around them.

You can get more decorative and creative by using lighting props. For example Victorian street lanterns can be found at lighting/prop shops. Other types of light props, suiting different tent wedding ideas, include Japanese pagoda lanterns, snow lighting effects, or Moroccan lanterns – it all depends on the style of wedding you are going for.

Monogram Lighting: Monogram lighting for weddings is the same concept as gobo lighting, but instead of shapes or designs you have the names of the bride and groom projected with light. Ideal for lighting the entrance or on the dance floor.

Fairy Light Curtain: For this idea, you hang string lights side by side, creating a curtain of lighting. This makes for good backdrops – ideal for behind head tables or the stage.

Table Lighting:  Since there won’t be much overhead lighting – adding table lights is essential. One way of doing is to use pin lighting. This is done by using mini spot lights (can lighting), hung from the ceiling or on the poles. Have one light pointed to each table. Another way of adding table lighting is to plan for your centerpieces to include a lighting aspect. Whether this is in the form of battery powered LED lighting (DIY wedding lighting),or wedding candle centerpieces.

Bring The Outdoors In: With a tent you have the option of leaving one or all sides open. This is great if you have a lovely landscape that you can show off. You will want to add lighting then to any outdoor features such as statues or any water areas.


Tips For Tent Lighting

Tent Lighting

Lighting also needs to be used outside of the tent

  • Don’t forget that outside of the tent needs lighting as well: this includes the tent itself and any paths or features you want to highlight. Have a look at our guide on outdoor wedding lighting ideas for such ideas as tiki torches, solar floating lights, etc.
  • Inside the tent, if possible, you will want to have the lights change color every three hours or so. This helps in keeping a lively atmosphere.
  • Keep in mind that green or yellow colored lights are not ideal lighting options. You want to use sunset colors such as orange or go for purple wedding lighting.
  • If possible, have a dimmer installed to allow for maximum control of the lighting during the night
  • Find out in advance if you need a generator to handle power for the band, caterer, and lighting.

For other information in helping you organize you special day, New York event designer Frank Alexander gives overall advice and highlights the challenges on organizing a tent wedding.

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