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Safety First: LED Dog Collar

Glowing Dog Collar

Dog Collar Light

These LED dog collars keep our K9 friends safe when out for walks at night. These collars are highly durable and are 100% waterproof – they are used by K-9 Search & Rescue units around the world.

“Glowdoggie™ LED dog collars are the perfect way to keep your dogs seen and safe, whatever the conditions…along city streets, off leash in the park, on your property, out in the countryside or on the water.”

Available from Glow Doggie and priced at $49.99


National Geographic: Glowing Beaches

Blue Glowing Light Beaches

We have highlighted a surfer using LED lights to surf in the middle of the night – creating an amazing sight. Well, over in the Maldives the beaches and ocean glows on its own thanks to:

“The biological light, or bioluminescence, in the waves is the product of marine microbes called phytoplankton” – National Geographic

These amazing glowing spectacles have also been seen on the beaches of California (1st photo below), in the middle of the ocean (2nd photo below), and on the shores of India (3rd photo below).

Blue Glowing Light Beaches

Blue Glowing Light Ocean

Blue Glowing Light Beaches

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Thomas Edison Light Bulb Quote (and Our Greatest Failure)

Here are two Thomas Edison light bulb quotes: one on trying 10,000 times “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” and another on our greatest weakness “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

thomas edison light bulb quote

thomas edison failure quote

image credits: Sam Lehman, Darwin Bell

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Cool Lamp Designs: An LED Pin Art Lamp

LED Pin Art Lamp

Here is a brilliant idea for a fun, unique and cool table lamp. Using a Pin Art/Pinscreen, and 4 LEDs you can make your own artistic lamp, which can easily be personalized. Because you can change what is displayed, this is ideal as a kids night light, retail/restaurant lighting or a unique deck lamp. This Pin Art Lamp is made by FullyInvolvedScientist, and you can follow the guide here on how to make your own.

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