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DIY – Instant Table Lights: Wine Glass Lamp Shades

Here is a quick, simple and inexpensive DIY lighting idea, one that would be ideal for a wedding or garden party. Simply place a wine glass lamp shade over a wine glass with a tealight candle, or battery powered candle, and you’ll have instant elegant table top lights and centerpiece accessories. Images from Everyday Celebrating and you can buy the wine glass lamp shades at Save On Crafts.

Wine Glass Lights

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DIY String Chandelier – Perfect for Wedding Decor

DIY String Chandelier

When I came across this DIY idea, I thought it would be a perfect mix for wedding lighting. All you need to create these string chandeliers is corn starch, glue, warm water, twine, Vaseline. For the instructions, you can find those here. The great thing about this DIY idea is that you can blow up the balloons to different sizes to create a variety of orbs.

A few ways to incorporate lighting with these string chandeliers:

  1. Leave a hole at the top to fit a light into it (like the IKEA HEMMA cord set)
  2. Hang them from string lights
  3. Hang them next to paper lanterns which have lights inside

DIY String Chandelier

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Fire and Ice: Making an Ice Lantern

Ice Lantern DIY

Ice lanterns are quite simple to make. All you really need is a freezer (or cold weather outside), water, and a makeshift mold. The ice lantern mold can be two plastic containers, bowls, or any uniquely shaped object that you can put into the freezer. You can use ice shot glass molds if you have candles small enough to fit in them.

There are a few ways to create an ice lantern:

  • You can freeze a solid shape then carve out a hole for the candle to go into.
  • A popular option is to use two containers, one that can fit into the other. You fill the larger container with water, and place the smaller one inside (weigh it down with rocks) to create the hole where the candle will go.
  • The last option is to fill up a container with water and let it partially freeze. The water freezes from the outside in, so if you take it out at the right time the inner section will still be water while the outer edges will be solid. The down side with this method is that you’ll have to keep an eye on it.
Ice Lantern Mold

Use a small container inside a larger one to create an ice lantern mold. Image from Ordinary Life Magic’s Tutorial

Shot Glass Molds

Getting Decorative

You can get quite creative with these ice lanterns. Simply place decorative elements in the water so that it freezes in place. Trying using fruits, branches, or flowers, or how about using food dye to create multicolored ice lanterns? Check out the photos above and below from Astrid Mueller & Ordinary Life Magic:

Ice Candle Lanterns

For a guide on how to make the rainbow colored ice lantern have a look the post here on The Enchanted Tree:

Colored Ice Lantern DIY

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Wedding Chandeliers: Where to Hang Them & Creative Ideas & Styles

Wedding Chandeliers

Where to Hang Wedding Chandeliers

Because of how grand they are, wedding chandeliers can be used to create focal points in a venue. Some ideal locations to hang one would be over the dance floor, over the head table or just in the middle of the room. If you are having a tent wedding, you will need to check with the company supplying your tent if and how lights and a chandelier can be hung.

Wedding Table Chandeliers

If your wedding layout is based around long tables, you can have a number of chandeliers hanging in a row over the table. Have a look at this picture for a reference.

An alternative to hanging lights is to use table chandeliers. These are grand centerpieces that look like a chandelier and have a base to stand on.

Table Chandeliers


Types of Chandeliers to Use

Wedding Chandelier

There are the traditional crystal chandeliers (and mini chandeliers), but a unique idea is to create a paper lantern chandelier. Since paper lanterns are so lightweight, they are easy to install in most wedding venues (they are great as wedding tent chandeliers).

There are two ways to create a paper lantern chandelier:  the first way is have a number of light bulbs hang down from the ceiling that go into a number of paper lanterns. The second option is to have one bright light that hangs down into the center of a number of paper lanterns, creating a soft glow in all of the lanterns.

Paper Lantern Chandelier

Wedding Venue

A chandelier creating a focal point at a wedding venue

Most wedding venues will have a chandelier on hand. It is also relatively easy to rent chandeliers for a wedding from local lighting companies.

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image credits:  Simon, Rob Young, A Wedding WishFennecCooper


Guide To Wedding Lighting

Wedding Lighting Guide

Nothing sets the tone and mood of a wedding like lighting does. Wedding lighting is especially important for evening and night weddings, outdoor weddings, and for venues such as banquet halls that don’t have windows.

Lighting can play a role in decorating the space, provide unique centerpiece ideas, and most importantly, lighting will create the mood that you want. Do you want a grand ballroom type wedding? Then uplights and monogram lighting will be needed. Want a more intimate wedding? Then use candle centerpieces and gobo lighting.

Lighting will impact how the other decorations in the space will look, the flowers, tables, even the guests will look different under different types of lights. Being such an important part of the wedding, lighting can’t just be left up to the venue staff to sort out. Most banquet halls will have standard lighting that works for conferences and meetings – you’ll need to go one step further to get the right lighting that suits your wedding style.

The cost of wedding lighting wildly varies, from hiring a professional lighting designer, to understanding the basics of wedding lighting so you can plan and rent out your own lights, or going all out and making your own DIY wedding lights. Everything you’ll need to know about wedding lighting is in the links below. For anything else you’d like to know about decorating with lights for a wedding, drop us an email – L&L.

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Outdoor Wedding Lighting
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Wedding Centerpieces
Enchanting Wedding Candle Centerpieces – Ideas Collection

Ideas for Romantic LED and Candle Beach Wedding Centerpieces


Indian Wedding Lighting
Design Guide: Indian Wedding Lighting


DIY Lighting
Unique Weekend DIY Wedding Lighting Ideas and Projects

Fire and Ice: Making an Ice Lantern


Enchanting Wedding Candle Centerpieces – Ideas Collection

Wedding Candle Centerpiece Ideas

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, candles are the go to choice. With their soft glow and flickering light, they create a poetic and romantic setting. Below we’ll go over the range of ideas for wedding candle centerpieces – from floating arrangements to flameless.

Color Coordinating Candle Centerpieces For a Wedding Reception:  You can tailor the color of the candle centerpieces to the theme of the wedding, if you have one planned. For example if you are planning on using purple wedding lighting around the venue, then purple candles will tie the table decor in with the surrounding theme. White is usually the go to candle color for traditional wedding styles. Don’t forget, along with color choices, there are also scented and soy based candles to choose from.

Decoration Accessories

There are a whole host of items that can be used to create wedding centerpiece arrangements:

  • Feathers
  • Candle and flower wedding centerpieces
  • Polished stones and rocks
  • Decorative ornaments
  • Wooden or stone trays to hold everything together
  • Decorative candle stands/holders
  • Fabrics can be used to wrap around glass candle holders
  • Jars such as Mason jars can act as candle holders
A candle and flower centerpiece arrangement

A candle and flower centerpiece arrangement

Floating Candle Centerpieces

A wooden, stone or glass bowl or vase can be filled with water and have candles floating in them. Flowers can also be added to float around the candle and/or decorative rocks can fill the base. Food coloring can dye the water to a certain color creating more decorative wedding reception candle centerpieces.

Floating Candles Wedding

Floating candle centerpiece using flowers

Personalized Candles

It is relatively simple and inexpensive to have custom made candles created. An elegant idea would be to have candles engraved with a monogram – the first letters of the bride and groom. This can tie into any wedding monogram lighting that you might have planned. There is also the alternative of just having the candle holders personalized – the monogram can be printed onto glass candle holders or engraved onto wooden ones.


Lanterns are ideal for outdoor wedding lighting ideas as they will protect the candles from the wind. There are a number of styles to choose from – from the classical Victorian, wrought iron lanterns, to more exotic and decorative Moroccan lanterns.

Alternatives to Candles

 A few alternative ideas for flame based centerpieces include:

  • tabletop tiki torches
  • fire bowls/urns

If you are having the wedding outdoors, tiki torches or fire bowls can be fueled with citronella oil, which will work as a natural and organic insect repellent.

Crafts and DIY

If you feel like going a step further and create your own DIY wedding lights, here a few resources/tutorials:

Our article on beach wedding centerpieces includes a number of wedding candle centerpiece ideas. Such as using items found on the beach to create the centerpieces – driftwood logs can be crafted into candle holders, or pebbles and shells on the beach can be scattered on the table around the candles.

Below are a number of photos for inspiration on creating candle centerpieces for wedding tables, enjoy:

Wedding Centerpiece

A floral and candlelit centerpiece display

Candle Centerpiece

An example of a decorative candle holder

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