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Wine Glass Lights

DIY – Instant Table Lights: Wine Glass Lamp Shades

Here is a quick, simple and inexpensive DIY lighting idea, one that would be ideal for a wedding or garden party. Simply place a wine glass lamp shade over a wine glass with a tealight candle, or battery powered candle, and you’ll have instant elegant table top lights and centerpiece accessories. Images from Everyday Celebrating […]

DIY String Chandelier

DIY String Chandelier – Perfect for Wedding Decor

When I came across this DIY idea, I thought it would be a perfect mix for wedding lighting. All you need to create these string chandeliers is corn starch, glue, warm water, twine, Vaseline. For the instructions, you can find those here. The great thing about this DIY idea is that you can blow up the balloons […]

Ice Lantern DIY

Fire and Ice: Making an Ice Lantern

Ice lanterns are quite simple to make. All you really need is a freezer (or cold weather outside), water, and a makeshift mold. The ice lantern mold can be two plastic containers, bowls, or any uniquely shaped object that you can put into the freezer. You can use ice shot glass molds if you have […]


Wedding Chandeliers: Where to Hang Them & Creative Ideas & Styles

Where to Hang Wedding Chandeliers Because of how grand they are, wedding chandeliers can be used to create focal points in a venue. Some ideal locations to hang one would be over the dance floor, over the head table or just in the middle of the room. If you are having a tent wedding, you […]

Wedding Lighting Guide

Guide To Wedding Lighting

Nothing sets the tone and mood of a wedding like lighting does. Wedding lighting is especially important for evening and night weddings, outdoor weddings, and for venues such as banquet halls that don’t have windows. Lighting can play a role in decorating the space, provide unique centerpiece ideas, and most importantly, lighting will create the […]

Wedding Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Enchanting Wedding Candle Centerpieces – Ideas Collection

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, candles are the go to choice. With their soft glow and flickering light, they create a poetic and romantic setting. Below we’ll go over the range of ideas for wedding candle centerpieces – from floating arrangements to flameless. Color Coordinating Candle Centerpieces For a Wedding Reception:  You can tailor […]

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