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Urban Garden Lights

Urban Garden Lights: Blossom Bulbs

The design of the Blossom Bulbs mimics what you see in nature – “diversification through growth”. This means that each Blossom Bulbs shoot varies in length and width. Even the light bulbs vary in sizes and colors. “Originated [from] sculptural research around the notion of industrial vegetation” – Pierre Ospina More designer lighting posts: Salvaged […]

Typography Lights Lamps

Salvaged Typography Lights: A New Life

Character in Finland takes old signs and turns them into beautiful and sleek lights. They save these letters from going into the scrap yard, and even make them energy efficient by replacing old neon tubes with LED lights. I love how they have shot these lights lighting up old abandoned spaces. These are one of […]

Test Tube Chandelier

Amazing Customizable Water Chandelier Design

The Marie SC. Chandeliers are made up of numerous test tubes surrounding a light bulb. What makes this design truly amazing is that you can personalize it to however you like. In the winter months you could use the test tubes to hold flowers and sprigs, and in the spring time you could fill them […]

Italian Motorcycle Lamps

Vintage Italian Motorcycle Lamps

Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi takes authentic vintage motorcycle handlebars and head lights, restores them, and turns them into one of a kind lamps. What the photos don’t show is the size of these lamps. These are not miniature versions of the motorcycle parts, they are the original parts. So they are quite big. Maurizio is based […]

The Trioh Flashlight

Modern and Sleek Design: The Trioh Flashlight

The Trioh flashlight solves a common problem during blackouts – trying to find your torch in the dark. The Trioh acts as a mood light for normal evenings and when the power goes off it will automatically come on. Even on normal evenings, you can take the light around with you as there are two […]

Boya Lamp Reclaimed Wood 02

The Boya Wooden Designer Lamp By Outofstock for Environment

The Boya lamp is a small table lamp made out of reclaimed wood. The beautiful wooden base is American Oak, coming from reclaimed barns from mid-west USA. Designed by Outofstock for Environment, the inspiration for the shape and form came from marine buoys. The Edison style light bulb also adds to the charm of the […]


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