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Kitchen Breakfast Bar Lighting Ideas

L&L Kitchen: Breakfast Bar Lighting Ideas [Picture Guide]

Since they are long and skinny, the best breakfast bar lighting ideas would be pendant lights. These can be individual pendant lights, or track lights where a number of them hang down. There are also pendant lights that are adjustable, so you can pull them closer to the countertop when you need them, and push […]


Kitchen Lighting Ideas: A Design Guide With Pictures

There are a number of areas around the kitchen that need to be well lit to make it a comfortable and well designed space: like counter tops, islands, sinks, dining tables, stoves, etc. Below we go over the different lighting design options, along with a few pictures at the end to give you more kitchen lighting […]

How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen Guide: How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting In 6 Simple Steps

If you wish to add some attractive and subtle supplemental lighting to your kitchen, here is a basic guide for how to install under cabinet lighting yourself in just a few fairly easy steps. It does not take an extensive amount of know-how, but you will need some general knowledge regarding electrical circuitry for the […]

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

Design Guide: 14 Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

When planning on using kitchen pendant lighting there is one thing that you will want to keep in mind. Kitchen lighting will usually fall into two areas: task or ambient lighting. Task lighting is used around areas such as the sink, counter tops or kitchen islands – where task and activities take place. While ambient […]

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Design Guide: Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas and Planning

The lighting for a kitchen island will vary depending on how the island is used.  Bright and localized lighting (task lighting) is necessary if the island is used for a high number of tasks such as: food preparation, doing paperwork, kids homework, or household projects. However, if you only use it as a place to […]

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