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The Kitchen Green House: Urban Farming Using a Kitchen Light

The Glasshouse by Kristyna Pojerova was designed to allow people to grow their own herbs in their kitchens. It makes use of the heat expelled from a common light bulb, so it also doubles as a pendant light for the kitchen.

Glasshouse Urban Farming

Glasshouse urban farming

Growing herbs in the kitchen

Shaped as a donut, it allows you to reach up into the greenhouse to grow and farm your own herbs. There are also a number of holes at the top of the glass fixture to provide ventilation for the mini greenhouse and the light can be controlled by using a dimmer.

A small step towards the art of modern urban farming

via Design Boom

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L&L Kitchen: Breakfast Bar Lighting Ideas [Picture Guide]

Kitchen Breakfast Bar Lighting Ideas

Since they are long and skinny, the best breakfast bar lighting ideas would be pendant lights. These can be individual pendant lights, or track lights where a number of them hang down. There are also pendant lights that are adjustable, so you can pull them closer to the countertop when you need them, and push them up when you don’t.

So the popular choice, as they function well in bringing light down onto the countertop, and add a designer touch to the kitchen are pendant lights:

kitchen pendant lighting

Pendant lights help bring light closer down to the breakfast bar counter top

Breakfast bar lighting

Another example of pendant lights over a kitchen bar

kitchen pedant lights

These red kitchen lights add a touch of color to the space

kitchen track lighting

An example of track lighting using pendant lights

Track lights are great because they only need one electrical outlet in the ceiling. They can come as angled light fixtures as well as hanging lights. These angled track lights are a great lighting idea for kitchen bars, as they can be angled up and down the whole length of the countertop.

kitchen bar lighting

Angled track lights shining down onto a kitchen breakfast bar

One of the ideas we wrote about for our kitchen island lighting post, is to use a kitchen chandelier. These can be in the more rustic style, with only two or three lights instead of the traditional crystal chandeliers. These can also act as pot hangers too. For more ideas have a look at our post on kitchen island lighting ideas.

kitchen chandelier

A chandelier works well if you have a large kitchen

kitchen chandeliers

Different styles of kitchen chandeliers

kitchen pot light rack

A pot rack chandelier

You can find all of the Lamps Plus chandeliers here.

Alternative kitchen bar lighting ideas include using a single drum light over the center of the breakfast bar. Recessed lights are common in modern homes, and these can be used too. They do not bring light down from the ceiling, like pendant lights or track lights – and using them all over the kitchen can make  the space look dull.

kitchen recessed lighting

Only using recessed lights can make the kitchen look dull

If you have an electrical socket installed onto the bar, then a lamp could also be a suitable lighting idea.

A dimmer switch is a great idea as it allows you to have bright lighting for task based activities like preparing food, and dim lighting when you want a cozy and comfortable kitchen setting.

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Kitchen Lighting Ideas: A Design Guide With Pictures

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

There are a number of areas around the kitchen that need to be well lit to make it a comfortable and well designed space: like counter tops, islands, sinks, dining tables, stoves, etc. Below we go over the different lighting design options, along with a few pictures at the end to give you more kitchen lighting ideas.

Cabinets: Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

There are two kinds of cabinet lighting: there are the lights that are fitted inside the cabinets to display the contents, and then there are lights that are fitted underneath the cabinets to shine light down onto kitchen counters, making it easier to prepare food.

Inside Cabinet Lighting

kitchen cabinet lights

interior kitchen cabinet lights

An easy and simple way of adding interior cabinet lighting in a kitchen is to use battery powered LED pucks. These inexpensive lights simply attach to the underside of the shelves and can be switched on by pressing on them or there are motion sensor versions.

Recessed lights fitted into the shelving is a common option, but this will require some remodeling of the cabinets. So too in installing florescent light strips. Another cabinet lighting option is to fix rope lights (plastic tubes with LED lights inside) to the back of the cabinets.

Under Cabinet Lighting

under cabinet lights

Puck lights being used to light up the underside of the kitchen cabinets

under cabinet lights

Recessed under cabinet lights

Lights fixed to the underside of the cabinets not only help in lighting kitchen countertops, making it easier to prepare food, but they add a nice touch to a kitchen’s decor. There are a few ways to add under cabinet lighting. The most common way is to remodel the cabinets and install halogen lights. Insulation does need to be installed in the cabinets so it does not heat up, but you will end up with warm contemporary kitchen lighting. Another option is to use florescent lights. There a few benefits florescent lights have over halogen lights: florescent lights do not heat up as much as halogens, because they come in long strips they light up a larger area, and because they are white lights they show the true colors of ingredients. Visit our related post here to see how to install under cabinet lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen islands are great for doing paper work or for the kids to do homework, so when it comes to lighting this area you want to bring the light closer down from the ceiling. Pendant lights are great above kitchen islands, and they make for elegant kitchen decor. Some kitchen pendant lighting ideas include using single or multi light bulb pendant lights. Drum lights are one great option, whereas you can get a kitchen chandelier that has multi light bulbs, and some will even come with hooks and racks that you can hang your cooking pots from (ideal for country styled kitchens).

kitchen island lighting

A kitchen island and a dinner table lit up with pendant lights

kitchen island lighting

A kitchen island being lit by pendant lights and track lighting

Other kitchen island lighting ideas include using track lights. The great thing about these types of lights is that they only use one electrical outlet in the ceiling, so you can easily add a row of lights without having to add any wiring. Track lights can have multiple pendant lights hanging down from them, or they have a row of lights closer to the ceiling, but each one can be angled to point to a specific area around the kitchen island. Lastly, if you have plug sockets on your kitchen island, then a lamp will be a simple lighting solution.

General Ideas for Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to general lighting, a popular choice is based around recessed kitchen lighting ideas (they are also ideal if you are looking for small kitchen lighting ideas). These are the type of lights that are fitted inside of the ceiling, hiding all the parts from view. They provide a room with great lighting and a modern look.

Drum pendant lights work well over dinner tables:

kitchen table lighting

An elegant drum light hangs over a dinner table

Don’t forget about the great benefits of having dimmers install. They allow you to have absolute control over the lighting in the kitchen. You can turn up the lights over the kitchen island, while the rest of the room is softly lit. Or turn down the lights over the dinner table to set a more romantic scene.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen lighting

The best outdoor kitchen lighting ideas are pendant lights that bring the light closer down from the ceiling so you can see what you are cooking, recessed lights for general lighting, and string lights for more decorative lighting.

Have a look at our posts here for specific ideas for lighting outdoor kitchens:

Kitchen Lighting Ideas: Pictures

modern kitchen lighting

Modern kitchen lighting: recessed lights

Kitchen Lighting

traditional kitchen lighting

Traditional kitchen lighting ideas: using a chandelier

kitchen lighting

An elegant kitchen using pendant lighting over the island and dinner table, and track lights for general lighting

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Kitchen Guide: How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting In 6 Simple Steps

How To Install Under Cabinet Lighting

If you wish to add some attractive and subtle supplemental lighting to your kitchen, here is a basic guide for how to install under cabinet lighting yourself in just a few fairly easy steps. It does not take an extensive amount of know-how, but you will need some general knowledge regarding electrical circuitry for the hardwiring process. Fluorescent lighting is most commonly used for under cabinet lighting because they are energy efficient and provide ample light without producing very much heat.

Step 1: Make sure that the appropriate power source is turned off at the circuit breaker and that anyone else in the house knows you are doing electrical work before you begin. Locate the nearest electrical junction box that you can tap into to power your new lighting. Check the amperage of the corresponding circuit breaker to be sure it can handle the addition (the load should never exceed 80 percent of the breaker rating).

Step 2: Before installing the switch, first use your stud finder to choose an area between studs where you can place your switch. Then, measure from your countertop up to the center of any existing outlet or switch above the counter. Align the switch box with your measured mark and trace around it with the pencil. Cut the opening using your drywall saw.

Step 3: Drill a hole into the backing of the cabinetry through which you can feed the wiring. Fish the appropriate electrical cables from the power source to the switch opening you just cut and another through the hole you made in the back of the cabinetry and to the switch opening. Pull the wiring through the switch box, secure them with a wire connector, and secure the box to the wall.

Step 4: Use the cable ripper to clean off the wires and the wire stripper to remove about three quarters of an inch of the insulation from the ends of the wires. If you do not know how to hardwire under cabinet lighting, you may opt to either find an instructional guide or have it installed professionally to avoid any serious damage.

Step 5: Take apart the fluorescent lighting fixtures and attach the back plates to the bottom of the cabinetry with wood screws. Pull the cables through the fixture’s knockout and secure. Again, prep the cables for connection and, if you are not comfortable with your electrical knowledge, consult a guide or an electrician.

Step 6: Once all your fixtures have been installed and properly wired and secured, connect the wiring back to the source junction box using a cable connector. Ground the new cable with the other ground wires. Connect all like-colored wires (white-to-white, black-to-black, etc.) and cap and electrical tape each connection. Replace the junction box’s cover plate and you are ready to turn the power back on and test your new kitchen under cabinet lighting.

image credit: litlnemo

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Design Guide: 14 Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

When planning on using kitchen pendant lighting there is one thing that you will want to keep in mind. Kitchen lighting will usually fall into two areas: task or ambient lighting. Task lighting is used around areas such as the sink, counter tops or kitchen islands – where task and activities take place. While ambient lighting is used for general comfort. Different kitchen pendant lighting ideas are better suited for one or the other.

Task lighting: You will want pendant lights where the light bulb point downwards, directing the light down onto surface. Kitchen island lighting will usually require pendant lights that focus the lights downwards. Sinks and other counter tops will usually have recessed lights or under cabinet lighting providing light.

Ambient lighting: For this type of lighting, the light bulbs can are generally facing upwards, providing a softer glow of light compared to task lighting.

Basics Pendant Lighting Tips:

  • Kitchen pendant lighting can either come as single or multiple lamps. Multiple lamps, such as a 3 light pendant, helps provide more lighting using only one light outlet.
  • Keep an eye out for adjustable lights such as a pull down pendant light, or rise and fall fixtures. These provide flexible lighting solutions as they can easily be adjusted to suit your lighting needs at any given time.

Pendant Lighting Ideas

Pendant track lighting: The great benefit of a track light is that they can be made to use only one light outlet. Yet there are multiple lamps spread over a large area. These can be found with modern styled fixtures or more traditionally styled.

Mission style lighting fixtures: With their distinctive lines and dark woods, mission lights are suited for a more traditional, rustic kitchen décor

Cloth cord pendant lights by Rejuvenation

1900-1910: There are a number of pendant lights being made today that represent the light fixtures of 1900-1910. These pendant lights are made with cloth cords, either straight or twisted. They house a carbon filament bulb, and the shades were made out of different metal finished, in a range of styles. It was during this time, when flammable gas lamps were being replaced. Available from Rejuvenation

Add on modern lamp shade: a modern lamp, such as the Grito lampshade, can be added onto and transform existing pendant light fixtures. The Grito lampshade is made in a modern looking aluminum shape, and can add color to your kitchen.

The Grito lampshade available from Mathmos

Wooden finished pendant lights work well in kitchens that feature wooden décor (wooden dining room tables, chairs, cabinets, etc.). You can opt for hardwood looking light fixtures or a softer wicker wood pendant light.

Different styles of wooden pendant lights

Luxury Pendent Lights: The Neutra by Ferruccio Laviani is a luxurious pendant light (costing $1075), ideal for large spaces. Available from YLighting.

Neutra: designed by Ferruccio Laviani and made in Italy.

Add Color: A Tiffany pendant light, or simple pendants with a colorful shade can add contrast to a kitchen’s design. Blue or red shades work well to create focal points.

Blown glass pendant light: Light fixtures made out of blown glass add a soft and elegant touch to a kitchen’s ambiance.

Drum lighting: A pendant drum light with its minimalistic design will add elegance in a modern kitchen.

Cone lighting: Another style of pendant lighting that blends with modern kitchen design. Also an ideal option for kitchen island pendant lighting.

A plug in pendant light from Home Decorators Collections

Instant Pendant Lighting: An easy and quick way of adding pendant lighting to a kitchen, without doing any electrical work, is to add a plug in pendant light to an existing, standard light socket. Home Decorators Collections offers a brushed bronze instant pendant light for $40.

Metals: Certain metal finishes suit different kitchen décor styles: A chrome pendant light will blend in with a modern, sleek looking kitchen. Whereas, a copper pendant light will work best in more rustic, traditional looking kitchens.

Kitchen chandelier lighting:  Chandeliers that are common in a kitchen are more in a wrought iron style. You can also find a lighted pot rack, which doubles as a light above a kitchen island, and holds the kitchen pots.

Hanging Lanterns: These would be suitable for adding ambient lighting to a traditional, rustic styled kitchen.  Lantern styles range from wrought iron Victorian, soft Japanese lanterns to a Moroccan pendant light.

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Design Guide: Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas and Planning

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

The lighting for a kitchen island will vary depending on how the island is used.  Bright and localized lighting (task lighting) is necessary if the island is used for a high number of tasks such as: food preparation, doing paperwork, kids homework, or household projects. However, if you only use it as a place to have breakfast or for an after-school snack, softer lighting (ambient lighting) will do. So the question is: where do you lie on the ambient lighting/task lighting line:

kitchen lighting design plan

Knowing where you lie on this ambient/task line will help in choosing what kitchen island lighting fixtures to use

There is a vast array of kitchen lighting fixtures that you can choose from, and those who are searching for kitchen island lighting ideas may wish to consider the following.


What lights to use for a comfortable kitchen island ambient setting

If you are using the kitchen island causally, i.e. quick meals, and not for tasks then general ambient lighting will provide the right level of lighting. Ambient lighting in a kitchen will include general ceiling lights such as recessed lighting.

recessed lights

Recessed Lighting

Recessed light fixtures are not visible at first glance, as they are installed into openings within the kitchen’s ceiling. These lights typically offer a soft glow, and work well in a modern styled kitchen. The standard size for this type of light is approximately six inches in diameter.


What lights to use for your kitchen island if you lie in the middle

track lights

If you use the kitchen island for general tasks every now and then, you will want to install more localized/focused lighting such as track lighting.

Track Lighting

These lights are attached to one or more electrical tracks which provide power directly to the bulbs. Many homeowners find that track lighting is an ideal choice as it is easy to install, attractive and versatile. The great benefit with track lighting is that you can adjust the position of each individual light to tailor to your kitchen.


kitchen pendant lighting plan

More focused lighting is needed if you use your kitchen island for a range of tasks

Kitchen islands are ideal for doing daily tasks. These tasks can be done while having an eye on the TV or watching over the kids, or just spending time with other people in the house. You will need to have more focused lighting over the kitchen island to be able to sit comfortably while doing the day to day activities.

Pendant lights hang on a wire to bring them closer to a kitchen island’s surface

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is the choice for lighting a kitchen island, as it brings light closer to the surface, making it easier to see what you’re doing. It is also a popular choice among many homeowners because it is typically very attractive.

Depending on the size of the space you’re looking to light, pendant lights can come as a single or a multiple lamp. An example of a single lamp would be drum lighting. These are elegant light fixtures that have a shade in the shape of a drum. An example of a multiple lamp would be chandeliers.  These blend well with traditional or formal decor. You can also find these “kitchen chandeliers” that double as a pot rack.

A drum light

A black chandelier doubles as a pot holder in the kitchen.









Kitchen island lighting fixtures can be found in both traditional and modern styles, as well as a variety of finishes such as chrome, nickel and bronze. Such lighting is highly versatile, and for this reason pendant lighting for a kitchen island is the preferred choice.


Quick Tips:

  • A quick way to add task lighting to a kitchen island would be to place one or two lamps on the countertop- if you have plug sockets installed directly into the island unit.
  • Dimmers are a great way of adjusting the lighting in a kitchen (and above an island) to provide the right balance of ambient mood or task lighting.


  • For ambient kitchen island lighting use: general ceilings lights such as recessed lighting
  • For more focused lighting use track lights and dimmers
  • If you use your kitchen island for a number of tasks, you have the choice of these light fixtures to bring light closer to the countertop: single or multiple lamp pendant lights, a kitchen pot chandelier, or drum lighting.

Kitchen Island Photos:

2 pendant lights hang over this kitchen island

Track lights provide a flexible lighting solution in a kitchen

General kitchen lighting such as recessed lights can provide enough light for a kitchen island

A touch of color. Pendant lights work well in collaboration with recessed lights.

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