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Empire State Building Light Show

Empire State Building’s Debut Light Show With Alicia Keys

On November 26, 2012 the Empire State building lit up with its new energy efficient LED light system. This light show was synchronized to Alicia Keys’ Girl Is on Fire and Empire State of Mind which was broadcasted across radio stations. People could tune in and listen to the tracks while looking out to the […]

Copenhagen Christmas Lights

Christmas Lighting Displays Across The Globe

Recently I posted about the magnificent light display that the Botanical Gardens in Japan put up. Here I have found more photos of Christmas lighting displays from cities like London, Macau, and Copenhagen. Via CNN More Christmas lighting ideas: Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas: Decorating Your Home in the Holiday Spirit L&L Guide: How Much Does […]

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 01

Japanese Botanical Gardens a Night Time Winter Wonderland

With the long stretches of darkness and the cold weather, Nabana no Sato Botanical Gardens in Japan went ahead and brightened the winter nights by installing millions of customized LED lights. Each LED light is incased within a botanical inspired bulb – resembling origami pieces. The result is a dazzling pathway of lights. This light […]

Paper Lantern Chandeliers

L&L Decoration Guide: Paper Lantern Chandelier Ideas

Paper lanterns are a great choice for event lighting as they are lightweight (which means they can be hung in tents, or from any overhead structure) and soft, gentle light fixtures that create an enchanting setting. They can also be used at home. Here are a few quick and simple ideas on how to create […]

house christmas lighting

L&L Guide: How Much Does it Cost To Have Christmas Lighting Installed? And Run Them?

Estimated Total Costs for Having Christmas Lights Installed 1 Story House: $150 – $300 2 Story House $300 -$750 When trying to figure out how much does it cost to have Christmas lighting installed, a lighting company will take into consideration a number of factors. The number of stories your house has, the amount of […]


Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas: Decorating Your Home in the Holiday Spirit

Spread the Christmas spirit by lighting up your house with holiday lights for the whole neighborhood to see. Below you’ll find a range of different outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, a lot of them are quite simple to set up. You’ll be surprised by the number of ways simple string lights can be used to decorate […]


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