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Empire State Building’s Debut Light Show With Alicia Keys

On November 26, 2012 the Empire State building lit up with its new energy efficient LED light system. This light show was synchronized to Alicia Keys’ Girl Is on Fire and Empire State of Mind which was broadcasted across radio stations. People could tune in and listen to the tracks while looking out to the Empire State Building and enjoy the light show from wherever they were. The video below was taken across the river in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The idea of letting everyone enjoy the light show through the radio stations was a good one. But let’s not forget that New York is a global city and should be compared to cities like Hong Kong and Shanghai. Places where the whole city lights up at night with dazzling city wide light shows and displays.

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Christmas Lighting Displays Across The Globe

Recently I posted about the magnificent light display that the Botanical Gardens in Japan put up. Here I have found more photos of Christmas lighting displays from cities like London, Macau, and Copenhagen.


Copenhagen Christmas Lights

Christmas decorations and lighting in Copenhagen

Germany London Christmas Lights

Street views of Germany and London

Macau Christmas Lights

Christmas lights in Macau

Naples Florida Christmas Lights

A Christmas tree in Naples, Florida

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Japanese Botanical Gardens a Night Time Winter Wonderland

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 01

With the long stretches of darkness and the cold weather, Nabana no Sato Botanical Gardens in Japan went ahead and brightened the winter nights by installing millions of customized LED lights. Each LED light is incased within a botanical inspired bulb – resembling origami pieces. The result is a dazzling pathway of lights. This light display will go on through Christmas all the way until March 2013. – via Inhabitat

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 02

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 03

Winter Light Display Japan Botanical 04

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L&L Decoration Guide: Paper Lantern Chandelier Ideas

Paper lanterns are a great choice for event lighting as they are lightweight (which means they can be hung in tents, or from any overhead structure) and soft, gentle light fixtures that create an enchanting setting. They can also be used at home. Here are a few quick and simple ideas on how to create your own paper lantern chandelier:

Paper Lantern Chandeliers

paper lantern chandelier

A paper lanterns arranged at different heights to create a chandelier (and only one light hangs down in the middle of the lanterns).

Experiment with different colors and different sizes of lanterns – try two colors like white and pink or white and blue.

Want to create a unique look? Then get some fabric dye, a bucket, and dip dye those paper lanterns. Here is a tutorial on how to do them with lamps shades, which can be adapted to paper lanterns.

Try arranging the lanterns at various heights to give a more dynamic look.

You can either put a light in each lantern, or an easier way is to have one bright light hang down in the middle of the paper lantern chandelier, which will create a nice soft glow in all of the lanterns.

image credits: Christine Lee, Tracy Hunter


L&L Guide: How Much Does it Cost To Have Christmas Lighting Installed? And Run Them?

Estimated Total Costs for Having Christmas Lights Installed

1 Story House: $150 – $300

2 Story House $300 -$750

When trying to figure out how much does it cost to have Christmas lighting installed, a lighting company will take into consideration a number of factors. The number of stories your house has, the amount of lights that are needed, do you have your own lights or will you be renting theirs, and will you be needing the company take down the lights.

house christmas lighting

There are a number of reasons why someone will hire a company to have Christmas lights installed. There is the risk of climbing around and house, walking on the roof, all the while installing lights – it’s not an easy task.

Most Christmas lighting installation companies will come by your house, see the type of house you have, and hear how much lighting you want. Companies will recommended how many lights you need to cover your house for the look you want. Some companies do not rent out lights, so they will recommend what you need to buy. Prices for lights range from $10 to $100-$200 for fancy ones.

christmas lighting

Companies will have a minimum charge – then charge per foot for installing the lights.

Minimum charges will range from $75 to $250. The lower end is for 1 story houses, while 2 story houses cost more. After that, the installation cost per foot is about $1-2 per foot for the first floor of a house, and $2-3 for the second floor, while landscape lighting will be around $1. Taking the lights down will cost around half of what it cost to put them up.

house christmas lighting 02

Tip: If other houses on your street are also hiring a company to install their Christmas lights, you might want to make sure your house doesn’t end up looking the same as everyone else’s. Either use a different company, or make it clear to the lighting company that you want something different.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Christmas Lights?

Most houses will pay an extra $4-7 for electricity for that month – this is for running the lights for 3-5 hours a day.

image credits: Ewan M, Adam G


Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas: Decorating Your Home in the Holiday Spirit

Spread the Christmas spirit by lighting up your house with holiday lights for the whole neighborhood to see. Below you’ll find a range of different outdoor Christmas lighting ideas, a lot of them are quite simple to set up. You’ll be surprised by the number of ways simple string lights can be used to decorate a house during Christmas.

The Power of Outdoor String Lights

They are cheap, they are flexible and they can be used for a whole host of Christmas lighting ideas. You can find them in the traditional green and red versions, or if you want to create a more modern look then experiment with white and other colored string lights. Here are a few ideas to try out:

A Tree Made Out of Lights

You can create your own tree out of tree lights. Erect a pole and attach string lights to the top of the pole, fan them out and stake the other ends into the ground to create a tree, like in the pictures below:

string lights tree

Create a tree using a pole and string lights

Decorative Ornaments

There are so many different kinds of string lights. The common ones are the tiny little light bulbs, but you can find ones that have star shapes, snowman, and snowflake ornamental shades:

star string lights

Star shaped string lights

Or you can create your own shapes using LED string lights and paper origami techniques which can be found here: DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights.

Wit & Whistle

Paper origami and string lights

Outdoor icicle lights are also another style that can easily be bought on Amazon here

icicle string lights

Icicle string lights make for great outdoor Christmas decorations

Weaving String Lights To Create Decorations

You can use string lights to create your own decorative statues and sculptures:

reindeer statue

Wrapping string lights around this reindeer set found on amazon, will create lighted reindeer statues at night

Christmas lights

Use string lights to create different shapes around the house

Other String Lighting Ideas

Red and Green string lights can be used to create:

    • A curtain of lighting (hang a number of string lights side by side)
    • A starry night (hang a number of small string lights side by side overhead from a wall, tree, fence, etc.)
    • Create elegant wine bottle lamps (have a look here for a DIY guide)
    • String lights can also be woven into garlands to light them up at night.


DIY Christmas Lighting Ideas Using Rope Lights

Rope lights are tiny LED lights that are encased within a plastic tube. Because these tubes are flexible they can be bent and shaped around corners and edges, and even used to create shapes and words.

2 Christmas DIY Projects Using Rope Lights

Snow Flake Lights: All you need to make these snowflake lights: rope lights, a paper template, zip ties, and ribbon. You can find the step by step instructions here.

DIY snow flake lights

DIY snow flake lights using rope lights

Christmas Joy: Use rope or string lights to spell something out (put up a mesh fence where you can weave the lights to create the letters), or you can buy them ready made.

Christmas Light Structures

There are a number of readymade lighted Christmas decorations such as the Santa sleigh below to choose from, others include snowmen, stars, etc:

santa lights


Lighting Areas Of The Garden With Red and Green Lights

Other outdoor holiday lighting ideas include lighting up areas in the garden with colored lights:

    • You can light trees in the garden with red and green lights (place and uplight at the base of the tree or wrap string lights around it)
    • Bushes and the walls of the house are other areas that can be lit up.

green tree

image credits: bossco, Knowsphotos, Barbara, daryl, the justified


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