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A Picture Guide To Living Room Lighting Ideas and Designs

Living Room Lighting Ideas

The living room is one of the most used rooms in a home. Using a number of different living room lighting ideas will help create a well designed space.

There are 3 types of lighting that can be used to light a living room – ambient, accent and task lighting.

  • Ambient lighting is general lighting that makes a space comfortable and useable.
  • Task lighting is used in areas where a certain task takes place, like reading on a couch.
  • Accent lighting is lighting that is used to highlight a certain feature in a room. It could be used to light a piece of art work on a wall, a vase of flowers on a table, books on a shelf or a cabinet of showcased items.

Ambient Lighting Ideas For A Living Room

Some ideas from our living room ceiling lighting ideas post include recessed, cove, track and pendant lighting.

  • Recessed Lighting

This is common in modern homes. The light fixtures are fitted within the ceiling, hiding all the parts, providing a clean and modern look.

living room recessed lights

A living room using recessed ceiling lights

recessed lights

Clean and simple – recessed lights are fitted into the ceiling hiding all the parts

Recessed lights are generally the main source of lighting for a living room. Having other lights will help compliment and add different lighting effects to the room.

  • Cove Lighting

Cove lighting is when you install a false ceiling to give a room added dimension. This false ceiling will then have lights fitted within them, completely hidden from view. The light bounces off of the ceiling and provides the living room with soft, diffused, and indirect lighting. Cove lighting also makes a space feel large and grand.

cove lighting living room

Curved cove lighting in a living room

cove lighting living room

Another example of cove lighting in a living room

  • Track Lighting

The great thing about track lighting is that each individual light can be adjusted. So if you were to rearrange the furniture, you can easily change the angle of lights to suit the new layout. Another benefit of track lighting is that a track only uses one light outlet, so you can add multiple lights to a room without adding any extra wiring.

track lighting

A living room lit up with angled track lights

  • Wall Lights

Wall washers (only shines light upwards) and wall sconces (shines light up and down) are two other living room lighting fixtures to consider. They make a space feel wider and creates a sophisticated setting:

wall light

A clean and elegant wall light

  • Natural Lighting

Nothing beats the beauty of natural lighting. Large windows help bring in sunlight during the day, and the level of light can be controlled by simply installing blinds. Below is a photo of a living room making use of natural lighting:

living room

A living room using natural lighting during the day

  • Pendant Lighting

If you have a high ceiling in your living room you will want to have hanging lights. Pendant lights bring the light closer down and create elegant settings. One living room lighting design layout to consider is to install recessed lights for general lighting, and then use pendant lights to bring light lower down in certain areas:

pendant lighting

Pendant lights hang over the side table

pendant lighting

A pendant light brings the light closer down over the middle table in this living room

  • Chandeliers

Another lighting option for high ceilings is to use chandeliers:


If you don’t want to create a traditional décor style in your living room, and are looking for modern living room lighting ideas, there are a number of modern crystal chandeliers options:

modern chandelier

A living room with a modern chandelier

  • Lighted Twigs

These lighted twigs add soft and elegant ambient lighting to a living room:

modern lighted twigs

A modern take on the lighted twigs concept

lighted twigs

Lighted twigs

  • Using Lamps For Ambient Lighting

If you want to make your living room feel cozy and intimate, then avoid lighting the ceiling. Instead opt for floor and table lamps that keep the lighting low down and localized like in the photo below:

cozy living room

A cozy living room lit with a table and floor lamp

Other lighting options to create a whimsical and romantic setting include using string or rope lights:

rope lights

Rope lights lining the floor 


Task Lighting

For most living rooms, reading would be the only task that needs dedicated lighting. This can be achieved by having a side table with a lamp on it or by just having a floor lamp next to the couch:

floor lamp

A floor lamp behind or besides the couch provides comfortable reading light

floor lamp

Another example of a floor lamp placed besides the seating area

There could be other tasks that happen in and around the living room. If you have a bar or a pool table, these areas would need dedicated, localized lighting, which can be achieved through low hanging pendant lights.


Accent Lighting Ideas For a Living Room

Adding accent light fixtures to a living room creates more lighting effects which in turn creates a well designed space. Only having one ceiling light or only recessed lights can make a space look flat and monotone. By adding additional lighting effects, you create a more dynamic and elegant setting.

There are a number of ways of adding accent lighting to a living room.

  • Display Lighting

If you have any art pieces in the living room, these could do with some lighting. A gallery light can be fitted above the frame – this can either be wired or there are wireless gallery lights that are battery powered.

Wireless gallery lighting

Down Lights: Another way of highlighting an art piece or a certain wall is to use recessed lights. As they are installed close to the wall, they wash it with light displaying the texture and the art piece as seen in the picture below:


Recessed downlights fitted close to the wall will highlight walls and art pieces

Cabinet lighting is another option. Along with the cabinet lights, this house makes great use of natural lighting in the day and uses track lights at night:

cabinet lighting

An example of a living room using cabinet display lighting

recessed floor light

Recessed floor light

  • Floor Lighting

In our floor lighting ideas post we highlighted the use of recessed floor lights and floor lamps to create a sophisticated and well designed space (right):

  • Lamps

Lamps can also be used for accent lighting as seen here (below):

tv lamp

Lamps can also be used for accent lighting

  • Home Theater Lighting

Some ideas from our home theater lighting ideas post included:

Behind the Couch Lighting

home theater lighting

Lighting behind the seats add a nice touch to the room

Behind the TV Lighting

TV back lighting

More Living Room Lighting Ideas and Pictures

living room design

living room lighting design

A living room with a flush mount ceiling light and recessed accent lighting above the candle vase

living room design

living room

image credits

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Design Guide: 6 Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Living Room Ceiling Lighting-Ideas

There are 6 main living room ceiling lighting ideas that can be used to create a design style of your liking. The 6 ideas are: pendants, recessed lighting, flush mount lights, tracks and cove lighting. Some can be easily installed within half an hour (i.e. using pendant light adapters) while other will require more electrical, even construction work like adding a false ceiling for cove lighting. As lighting plays an important role in the feel and tone of a room, the 6 ideas below will help to design a living room just as you want it.

Pendant Lighting

If you have a slightly taller living room space, then high ceiling lighting ideas would include pendent lighting. They help bring lighting down, creating a more intimate space. Because they require more space, pendant lights are elegant and add a luxurious touch to any living room. Within pendant lighting there are a range of options. For example, they come as single or multiple pendant lamps – so you could have multiple lights within one light fixture and ceiling outlet.

An instant pendant light from Home Decorators

A brilliant lighting idea is to use a plug in pendant light. These are adapters that allow you to screwin a pendant light into a standard ceiling light socket. This saves on electrical work, and allows you the flexibility to switch back to a standard light fixture later on. They come in a range of styles and finishes.  Available from Home Decorators.

Another flexible pendant lighting idea is to use an add on lamp shade. A normal pendant light, a light bulb hanging from a wire/cable, can have different shades added on to it – a range of choices in size, style and finish. Making it easy to change the light fixture styles within your living room. Examples of add on lamp shades are available at Mathmos.

Some elegant living room lighting ideas include drum lighting. A one lamp pendant light, drum lights are minimalistic, sophisticated and have a timeless design. A mini chandelier, maybe in a more contemporary style than a stereotypical chandelier, can fill a space with the right light.

Drum pendant lighting

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are common in newly built houses. These lights are usually fitted into a false ceiling, hiding the fixture parts from view. This makes them contemporary ceiling lights with a minimalistic style. They might be getting over used. If not careful, they can make a room bland – lacking character. What will help, if you are planning on using recessed lighting design, is to incorporate other ideas here such as cove lighting or pendant lighting to add character to the living room.

Flush Mounted Light Fixtures

Flush mount lighting are standard light bulbs fitted into a normal outlet within a ceiling. The light fixture, the encasing that diffuses the light usually in a disk shape, is then fitted flush against the ceiling. These provide a lot more softer light than the other lighting ideas here. They can be used for more ambient, mood lighting, rather for brightly lighting a living room.

Track Lighting

Track lights are great because they only use one light outlet from a ceiling. Yet you can have a number of light bulbs on one track, and some will be adjustable so you can angle the lights as you see fit.

They are not ideal for the main lighting of a living room. They can be used to accent a TV cabinet, book shelf, etc. Or track lights work well for providing light to localized areas – if you have a bar area or open space living room with a kitchen or dining room.

Cove Lighting

Cove lighting, if done well, can be a great addition to a living room’s design. Like recessed lighting, cove lights are installed within a false ceiling. The lights are placed within a cutaway, hiding them from sight – providing a soft glow of light.

Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting

Ceilings: Living Room Lighting Tips

  • Mix and match. Cove lighting is also common with recessed lights, pendant lights compliment recessed lights
  • Dimmers add a luxurious touch as they allow for more control of your living room lighting. Have bright lights for activates or dim the lights for more intimate or relaxing moments.

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