Photo Guide: Loft Lighting Ideas

Here we will go over both loft lighting ideas for loft apartments and loft conversions in houses (attic lighting) – starting with apartments. The great thing about loft apartments are the high ceilings – which creates a grand ambiance. Because of these tall ceilings, ceiling lights will need to be brought closer down. Recessed lights won’t be ideal on the high ceilings. Pendant lighting, floor and table lamps and wall lights are ideal fixtures to use.

In such a large space you’ll want to use multiple types of light fixtures to create different layers and lighting effects.

– Directional spot lights help in bringing more focused light to one specific area. These kind of lights can be adjusted and can be angled to point to the ground, or to highlight certain walls.

– Track or drum lighting work well over kitchen spaces

– Tall windows help bring in natural light and fill up the large loft space during the day

More ideas in the loft lighting photos below:

The tall windows brightly light this loft space during the day while the pendant lights and spotlights are used at night

This luxury loft uses multiple light types to create different lighting layers: track lights, table lamps and a chandelier over the dining table

This loft uses tall windows and multiple floor lamps to light the space, which avoids fitting anything to the gorgeous wooden cross beams

Another loft space combining multiple light fixtures to light an area (can track lights and a drum pendant)

Track lights in the living room and pendant lighting over the kitchen island

Another angle of the same loft, showing more track lights

Wired lights hung across the beams

The clean and minimalist decor style of this loft extends to the pendent light fixtures used

Loft Conversions in Houses / Attic Lighting Ideas

Look for ways to bring in as much natural light as possible. Side windows work best. Skylights can also work, but they will need to be angled in a way to avoid direct sunlight, as the loft / attic can get quite hot and stuffy.

The best way to light a loft during the day is with as much natural lighting as possible

Most loft spaces will be quite compact, so the opposite of loft apartment lighting applies. Rather than bring lights closer to the ground with pendant or track lighting, you’ll want lights that are attached closely to the ceiling. Recessed lights will help make the space feel larger, and flush mount lights will work too.

An attic being lit with skylights and recessed lighting

If you want to keep that intimate feeling of a compact loft space, using multiple lamps, either table or floor lamps, will be better loft lighting ideas.

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