Enchanting Wedding Candle Centerpieces – Ideas Collection

When it comes to wedding centerpieces, candles are the go to choice. With their soft glow and flickering light, they create a poetic and romantic setting. Below we’ll go over the range of ideas for wedding candle centerpieces – from floating arrangements to flameless.

wedding candle centerpieces

Color Coordinating Candle Centerpieces For a Wedding Reception:  You can tailor the color of the candle centerpieces to the theme of the wedding, if you have one planned. For example if you are planning on using purple wedding lighting around the venue, then purple candles will tie the table décor in with the surrounding theme. While white is usually the go to color for traditional wedding styles. Don’t forget, along with color choices, there are also scented and soy based candles to choose from.

a candle and flower centerpiece arrangement

Decoration Accessories: There are a whole host of items that can be used to creating wedding centerpiece arrangements:

- Feathers

- Candle and flower wedding centerpieces

- Polished stones and rocks

- Decorative ornaments

- Wooden or stone trays to hold everything together

- Decorative candle stands/holders

- Fabrics can be used to wrap around glass candle holders

- Jars such as Mason jars can act as candle holders

Fabric wrapped around a glass candle holder

Floating Candle Centerpieces:

Candles float: so a wooden, stone or glass bowl or vase can be filled with water and have candles floating in them. Flowers can also be added to float around the candle and/or decorative rocks can fill the base. Food coloring can dye the water to a certain color creating more decorative wedding reception candle centerpieces.

A floating candle centerpiece using flowers

A personalized wedding candle

Personalized Candles: It is relatively simple and inexpensive to have custom made candles created. An elegant idea would be to have candles engraved with a monogram – the first letters of the bride and groom. This can tie into any wedding monogram lighting that you might have planned. There is also the alternative of just having the candle holders personalized – the monogram can be printed onto glass candle holders or engraved onto wooden ones.

Lanterns also make great centerpieces. They are ideal for outdoor wedding lighting ideas as they will protect the candles from the wind. There are a number of styles to choose from – from the classical Victorian, wrought iron lanterns, to more exotic and decorative Moroccan lanterns.

Alternatives: A few ideas of flame based alternative centerpieces include:

-tabletop tiki torches

-fire bowls/urns

If you are having the wedding outdoors these can be fueled with citronella oil, which will work as a natural and organic insect repellent.

LEDs: Though flameless candles don’t use real flames, they do closely mimic real candles. Some will even come with wax bases for a more realistic look. They use a small LED light, and some will even flicker.

Crafts and DIY

If you feel like going a step further in creating DIY wedding lighting and want to create your own candles, here a few resources/tutorials:

Creating candles at instructables.com

Making soy candles video: youtube.com

Making elegant decorative candles: candletech.com

Our article on beach wedding centerpieces includes a number of wedding candle centerpiece ideas. Such as using items found on the beach to create the centerpieces – like washed up logs can be crafted into candle holders, or pebbles and shells on the beach can be scattered on the table around the candles.

Below are a number of photos for inspiration on creating candle centerpieces for wedding tables, enjoy – L&L:

A floral and candlelit centerpiece display

Decorative floral candlesp

Using a decorative candle holder to create a centerpiece

Another example of a decorative candle holder

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