Tabletop Lighting Ideas For Your Deck

If you want to add lighting to your deck there are a few options to consider. First there are wireless deck lighting ideas such as using solar powered cap or floor lights. There are also a few simple tabletop lights that can be used on a deck: from fire bowls to traditional lanterns.

Flameless Candles

Led candles mimic the real thing but are easy and safe to light

Flameless candles, also known as eternity candles, are LED battery powered lights that mimic a real candle. Unlike real candles, they are reusable, there is no wax to clean up afterwards, and there is no fire hazard. You can even find some that will flicker and have wax bases, some come scented, and some will come with a remote control so you can switch on a group of them at the same time.

Fire Bowls

There are a number of different types of fire bowls to choose from: there are tabletop propane gas tank fire bowls, ones that are fueled with gel or oils, and there are wood and charcoal fire pits. For a modern lighting option, have a look at the fire bowls that use fire glass.

fire bowl

A tabletop fire bowl

Umbrella Lights

If you have an umbrella on your deck this can be used as a base for deck lighting. Solar powered lights can be attached to the pole or to the edges of the umbrella, while the solar panels sit on top of the umbrella. There is also the option of battery powered lights that attach to the pole of the umbrella. You can also find umbrellas that come with lights already built into them.


There are a number of options when it comes to lanterns:

  • There are the traditional candle lanterns, where you simply place a candle inside, and the lantern shields the candle from the wind
  • There are oil burning lanterns
  • There are battery powered lanterns that you can also use inside the house. They are also ideal as kid’s night lights, because if they needed to go to the bathroom they can simply carry it with them as most kids won’t be able to reach light switches
  • There are also solar powered lanterns

Mini Tiki Toches

You can add a tropical feel to your deck table area by using mini tiki torches. These torches can be fueled with citronella oil which will burn with less smoke and also act as a natural mosquito repellent.  


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