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Lighting The Night With LED Skateboard Lights

There are a number of ways to light up a skateboard. As seen below there are LED risers, stick on pucks, light tape, the DIY route and buying a Photon Board which has lights imbedded in the deck. Most of these skateboard lights can easily be bought online. Check out the photos below and the links to the shops.

Skateboard LED Risers

Skateboard LED Risers

LED Lighted Risers

LED Risers in action

Skateboard Riser Lights

Xboard Illuminators LED Risers

LED Risers:

Just like normal risers, the LED versions fit above the trucks and will light the whole area around the skateboard.


LED Skate Wheels

Another skateboard lighting option is to buy wheels that have LED lights within them, like the ones from Skate Wheels:

Skateboard wheel lights

Skateboard puck lights Stick on Pucks

Stick on pucks are a simple and easy way of adding skateboard led lights.

Light Boards

A great way of having a skateboard with lights is to buy a board that has lights built into the deck. Photon Light Boards has a range of decks with a choice of 6 different colored LED lights. There is even a socket on the deck where you plug in the power adapter to charge the battery. Have a look at how it works in the video below.

Light Tape

In our post here Light Tape: Freedom in Lighting Design we highlighted the innovative lighting solution ‘Light Tape’. It is as thin as a credit card, can be cut, and is highly durable. It was the stuff that was used to make the suits in the latest TRON movie. So if you want to take on the project of adding your own skateboard lights head on over to their site. Have a look at what these biker guys did with Light Tape:


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DIY: Simple Ways of Using Outdoor String Lights To Light a Deck

Deck Lighting String Lights String lights are such a versatile lighting option. They are easy to put up and are inexpensive to buy. There are even solar powered versions – allowing you to hang them anywhere around the deck and making it even simpler to install. Here are a few deck lighting ideas using string lights.

Create a Ceiling of Light

One lighting idea using string lights is to hang them over the deck. They can be attached from the wall of the house to a tree/pole/or an arch. If you use the small light bulb string lights, you will create a starry night effect over your deck.

string lights pole

String lights overhead attached to a pole

Create a Curtain of Light

Hanging a number of string lights side by side will create a curtain of lighting. This can be used on the walls of the house or on any overhanging beams there might be on your deck.

Wrap Around

String lights can be used to light up decks by wrapping them around:

  • The deck railings
  • Nearby trees
  • Umbrellas
  • Potted plants on the deck

3 DIY Lighting Ideas For The Deck Using String Lights

1. Plant Stands

Fill up a pot/bucket with sand or soil

Find long twigs and branches

You can paint these twigs white, green, blue or leave them their natural color

Plant the twigs into the pot

Then wrap the outdoor string lights around the twigs

White decorative tree branches used with white colored string lights

2. Coffee Can Lanterns

Maggie Makes has a tutorial here on how you can make elegant coffee can lanterns. In their tutorial they use candles to light the cans, but you can replace them with solar powered string lights. Place the cans outdoors where the sun will reach the string lights inside.

Deck Lights Lanterns 3 Outdoor Pendant Lights

The Blue Shed has a tutorial here on how to make an outdoor pendant light using hanging plant baskets and string lights.

Hanging Deck Lights Different Styles

There is such a wide range of choices when it comes to string light styles. You have the traditional red and green Christmas lights and there are the orange and white ones that are ideal for year round use. More decorative ones are available such as French Café Globe string lights, or Japanese paper lanterns. There is always the option to make string light origami shades as seen in the post here.

Origami Lights

Decorating ordinary outdoor string lights with origami shades

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Top Image Credit: Jeffrey Melton


Simple Ways of Using Tiki Torches on Decks

Deck Lighting Tiki Torches
A quick and simple way of adding lighting to a deck is to use tiki torches. These also add a tropical feel to an outdoor space. There are a bunch of ways to add tiki torches to a deck – from using buckets to attaching the torches to the railings.

Buckets of Sand

There are two types of tiki torches – you have the inexpensive bamboo torches and the underground gas piped ones. Both types of torches can be planted around the perimeter of your deck to provide lighting.

If you don’t have soil nearby to plant the tiki torches in, or you want the torches on your deck, you can use a bucket full of sand or soil to hold the torches up right.

deck tiki torches

deck tiki torch

A tiki torch clamped to a deck railing

On the Railings

There are tiki torches that come with a clamp base (available from Amazon). These clamps allow you to attach the torches to the railings of the deck.

Table Top Torches

Lastly there is the option of mini tiki torches. These mini torches are ideal for tabletop lighting on the deck.

Tip: Using Citronella Oil

Citronella is an alternative fuel for tiki torches. It is harvested from a cousin of the lemon grass making it an organic substance. It burns slower and with less smoke, and will also act as a natural insect repellent. Place the torches 12-15 feet apart from each other for best protection.

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Image Credits: Katherine


Tabletop Lighting Ideas For Your Deck

If you want to add lighting to your deck there are a few options to consider. First there are wireless deck lighting ideas such as using solar powered cap or floor lights. There are also a few simple tabletop lights that can be used on a deck: from fire bowls to traditional lanterns.

Flameless Candles

Led candles mimic the real thing but are easy and safe to light

Flameless candles, also known as eternity candles, are LED battery powered lights that mimic a real candle. Unlike real candles, they are reusable, there is no wax to clean up afterwards, and there is no fire hazard. You can even find some that will flicker and have wax bases, some come scented, and some will come with a remote control so you can switch on a group of them at the same time.

Fire Bowls

There are a number of different types of fire bowls to choose from: there are tabletop propane gas tank fire bowls, ones that are fueled with gel or oils, and there are wood and charcoal fire pits. For a modern lighting option, have a look at the fire bowls that use fire glass.

fire bowl

A tabletop fire bowl

Umbrella Lights

If you have an umbrella on your deck this can be used as a base for deck lighting. Solar powered lights can be attached to the pole or to the edges of the umbrella, while the solar panels sit on top of the umbrella. There is also the option of battery powered lights that attach to the pole of the umbrella. You can also find umbrellas that come with lights already built into them.


There are a number of options when it comes to lanterns:

  • There are the traditional candle lanterns, where you simply place a candle inside, and the lantern shields the candle from the wind
  • There are oil burning lanterns
  • There are battery powered lanterns that you can also use inside the house. They are also ideal as kid’s night lights, because if they needed to go to the bathroom they can simply carry it with them as most kids won’t be able to reach light switches
  • There are also solar powered lanterns

Mini Tiki Toches

You can add a tropical feel to your deck table area by using mini tiki torches. These torches can be fueled with citronella oil which will burn with less smoke and also act as a natural mosquito repellent.  


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The Pool Lighting Ideas Guide: Areas, Fixtures, and Color

When installing a swimming pool in your backyard, it is important to set the stage for something spectacular, rather than just creating an area that would only be used for swimming.  Therefore, the landscaping must be considered, as would the right lighting.  Below, discover swimming pool lighting ideas that would not only look incredible, provide safety and security measures, but also create an invitation for night time swimming.

pool lighting

The key to successful lighting is to get the right balance to provide safety for those who are swimming, those walking around the pool and the grounds, but also to answer to the senses. This can be achieved inexpensively and effectively as well as with very high-end solutions.

The Areas To Light

In The Pool

This one is pretty straight forward. Task lighting is used to light the pool so that people can swim at night. Standard underwater lights are what will normally be used for this.

Around The Pool 1

Security lighting will be the most important form of lighting around the pool, followed by ambient and decorative lighting. Lights should line pathways, and outline the pool. This can be done with solar stake lights or spot lights.

Around the Pool 2

There are a number of swimming pool lighting design ideas that can be used around the pool to create a beautiful scene. You can turn secluded corners of the pool into attractive and romantic areas. For pool deck lighting ideas have a look at our post here: 10 Simple Wireless Deck Lighting Ideas. For more above the water, outdoor pool lighting ideas have a look our post here: 6 Simple, Artistic and Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas for ideas like glowing pots and sun jars. You can always add a fiery glow around your pool in the form of tiki torches or DIY oil lamps.

The Different Light Fixtures

Swimming Pool Underwater Lights

swimming pool underwater lighting

There are a number of different light fixtures that can be installed underwater in a pool. Standard Lights: There are the standard lights which are common in swimming pools, like the ones here. LED Lighting: There are also LED lights which are much more energy efficient and product less heat. LED swimming pool lights can be found here.

Fiber Optics: Then there is swimming pool fiber optic lighting. How this works is that light is carried around the pool by fiber optic strands. These strands are connected to a light source. This light source and all the lighting equipment is housed in a consol that is installed away from the pool. The benefit of this is that it is easy to access this consol to change a light bulb.

Spot Lights

Another way of lighting a swimming pool would be to use spot lights. These are usually attached to the walls of the house and are pointed down and into the swimming pool.

Solar Lights

There is a wide range of solar lights that can be used for swimming pool lighting. They come in all shapes and sizes. These can be installed by anyone, eliminating the need for electricians, keeping costs low.  They can also be installed practically anywhere, such as directly into the soil with stakes, or fitted into decking, concrete, and paved tiles. There are even floating solar lights.

Fire Power

Tiki torches, oil lamps, and table top fire bowls some ways of adding lighting around a swimming pool. Citronella tiki torches will act as a natural insect repellent.

Colored Lighting

floating pool lights

An important thing is to create a certain ambiance with the lighting. To do this, there are numerous choices, such as colored lights. Today, consumers have numerous options in this regard, as there have been many innovations in the industry, such as with LED colored lights. This can be done by installing permanent colored light fixtures: underwater or above water. There are also floating solar lights that will automatically come on at night and wash the water with a glow of light. These floating lights can come in different models, from changing colors to putting on an underwater light show. You can find these lights here

So when it comes to pool lighting ideas there are 3 main areas to focus on task lighting (in the pool), security lighting (around the pool) and ambient lighting (in or around the pool).

image credits: John Mason sbisson

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Design Guide: Ideas for Outdoor Pendant Lighting Fixtures

There are a range of outdoor lighting ideas. Normal recessed or flush mount lights installed into a tall outdoor ceiling won’t be able to provide enough light. Outdoor pendant lighting fixtures will need to be used, as these will help in bringing the light down closer to the ground. Below are a number of ideas on the different types of outdoor pendant lights.

outdoor pendant light

Caution: When it comes to outdoor lighting, light fixtures such as recessed and flush mount are held close to the ceiling. Therefore they are generally protected from weather conditions. Pendant lighting will need extra consideration when it comes to where they will be placed – will there be gusty winds blowing them about, and can rain reach the low hanging lights.

Hanging lanterns are the main choice for outdoor pendant light fixtures. Most people will opt to go the electrical route, but there are lanterns which have a little door for a candle to be placed inside. The great thing here is that the bulb or candle is encased within the lantern, protecting it from the weather. They come in a range of styles to suite anyone’s design taste: from modern outdoor pendant lighting in chrome or polished steel, to Japanese, Moroccan or traditional Victorian lanterns.

YLighting has a number of high end outdoor pendant lights, ranging from $170 to $1,625

 site: YLighting

Lamps Plus has a wide range of outdoor pendant lights starting at $35

site: Lamps Plus

There are also outdoor paper lanterns, which add a decorative element to an outdoor space. They come as electric powered, battery or even solar powered. A number of them can be hung side by side or one can be hung as a pendant light. They can be used for lighting patios and decks, paths or more decorative purposes such as hanging in trees. There are supersized lanterns for large outdoor pendant lighting that is used for wedding tent lighting or large gardens.

paper outdoor lanterns

Going All DIY: Outdoor pendant lighting can also be created DIY style. Hooks can be fixed to any cross beams in the garden, and from these hooks can hang jars containing candles. The jars can be taken down to light and extinguish the candles.

An outdoor chandelier

Lastly there are simple outdoor chandeliers, in electrical or candle form, which also act as an outdoor décor piece. There is also the alternative of having an all in one hanging ceiling fan and light.


Have a look at our pergola lighting ideas post. Because of the exposed cross beams of a pergola, hanging pendant lights is relatively easy.