The Blazing Beauty Of Fire Glass

There is nothing quite as intriguing and cozy as a blazing fire, both indoors and out. Everyone loves them and the glowing ambiance they create, but they can be expensive, messy and even dangerous. Fireplaces and wood stoves have to be cleaned constantly and the soot they generate can leave a layer of dirt over everything in the room. It is little wonder that a clean, beautiful and superior alternative is taking the country by storm. One of the hottest luxury trends for fireplaces and fire pits – beautiful reflective fire glass has everyone buzzing.

What Is A Fire Glass Fireplace?

Replacing old wooden logs, beautiful tempered glass has changed the look and feel of home fires. The wide variety of size options and colors lets anyone create a unique and customized look for their home, indoors or out. Cleaner, safer, and more practical than old-fashioned style logs, fire glass rocks are available in both beads and small pieces of tempered glass for use in fireplaces and fire glass pits. They are vibrant, reflective and colorful, adding a whole new dimension to any ordinary fire space.

Tempered glass is specially treated, tumbled and polished for safe use as fire glass. It will tolerate high temperatures easily, without discoloration or producing the smoke, ash, toxic fumes or dirty soot that traditional wood fires generate. Clean burning and environmentally friendly, fire glass is an elegant and luxurious focal point for a living room. Available in a multitude of sparkling colors such as crystal blue, evergreen, champagne, copper, bronze, jet black, teal and gold, reflective fire glass creates a mesmerizing focal point in any room, on a deck or patio.

The use of fire glass conserves fuel energy such as wood and charcoal all of which produce toxic smoke that pollutes the air. Prized for its durability, safety and beauty, fire glass keeps the environment pollution free while providing the most dazzling and decorative fires available. Used in a direct vent fireplace, many people use a contrasting colorful backdrop for the back of the fireplace, creating vibrant effects that give new life to any fire. Fire glass can be used with both natural gas and propane for unparalleled convenience and versatility. With no added expense to replace an orifice, you can adapt your existing fire space to a fire glass fire pit instantly.

Fire glass comes in a range of colors from blue to rose or black

Fire glass will radiate several times more heat than wood or artificial logs when used with a burner pan. Because there is nothing to block the heat radiated by the flame and hot glass, you will have more warmth than typical gas logs are able to produce. Perhaps just as important, fire glass is far more attractive to the eye than gas pipes and artificial logs could ever be.

Adding Luxurious Elegance To Any Home

Designed to be used in fire glass fireplaces, you will be able to conceal the unattractive plumbing for gas jets and to create the illusion of an open, free floating fire. It is also the safer and much more beautiful alternative to old fashioned rocks and fake logs traditionally used in gas fireplaces. An outdoor fire glass pit creates patio or deck lighting that is a centerpiece and radiates enough heat to keep guests cozy and warm even in cooler outdoor temperatures. A brilliant conversation piece, the reflective colors also soften the look of anyone sitting close to them adding a sensual spark to any gathering.

Dazzling flames dancing on the colored glass is all that you or your guests can see. Perfectly safe for use in any fire space, it is also used in aquariums, Terrazzo flooring, mosaic cement counter tops, and landscaping. Typically, fire glass is sold in bags and can be purchased through online specialty vendors who offer an enormous array of styles and color combinations, but home improvement stores and fireplace shops also carry this innovative new product.

Easy to keep clean, your glass can be washed periodically with mild detergent and warm water to retain clarity and sparkle for years. Fire glass fireplaces transform any room into a magical place of color and warmth, ready for relaxation and rest. There is no need to go to the expense of a remodel, when your new fire can be color coordinated to your home decor in a flash, changing the dynamics of the entire room.

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