Emirates: The Pioneers of Using Cabin Airplane Lights to Avoid Jet Lag

Airplane Lights Jet Lag

With the launch of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner more planes will have light therapy on board. This is the best way on how to avoid jet lag.  It is surprising that it has taken this long for more planes to adopt this method as Emirates Airlines has been using light therapy on their planes since 2004.

Emirates was the first airline to use airplane lights that naturally simulate the changing of time onboard from daylight to night. The cabin lights reflect the time of the destination passengers are arriving in, making the transition to their body clocks more relaxing. The lights come complete with constellations fitted into the ceiling panels as seen in the pictures.

Jet Lag Lighting

Maurice Flanagan, Emirates’ Group President and Vice-Chairman, on avoiding jet lag:

“All through our lives, our bodies are conditioned to react to light, and so reset the internal clock. It’s impossible to overstate the impact this has on our comfort and well-being. Spending time under artificial light is reckoned to starve the brain of the stimulus needed to regulate the clock.” 

image credits: Doug, Julien

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