L&L’s Photo Guide To Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Patio lighting creates a relaxing setting and can add value to your home.  Depending on the type of patio you have (some have solid roofing structures, pergolas, or just an open space), there are a number of outdoor patio lighting ideas that can be used to create a well designed space to be enjoyed in at night. We’ve included a lot of photos to help you get an idea of how the different lighting ideas fit into an outdoor patio space.

Patio Ceiling Lighting Ideas

If you have a patio with a solid structure covering it, then there is a range of ceiling lighting ideas you can use. Here you can have recessed or outdoor pendant lights fitted, including mini chandeliers.

patio lighting

A patio using outdoor pendant lights with wicker basket shades

recessed patio lights

A patio lit with recessed lights

patio chandelier

A chandelier hangs over a patio dining table

Outdoor fan light

There is also the option of having an all in one fan and light

There are other lighting ideas if you have a pergola structure over your patio, or you can create your own ceiling with string lights – both of which we later go over below.

Post Lights

Post lights that are usually used to line paths can be fitted around the perimeter of your patio like in the photo below. You can find post lights that are solar powered or electric low voltage patio lighting fixtures.

post lights

Post lights outlining the perimeter of a patio

Another option is to use tall street lights, like the solar powered one below:

street lights

Solar powered street lights can also be used to light a patio

Wall Lights

There are a number of ways to use wall lights to light up a patio:

wall lanterns

Wall lanterns hung around a patio

swimming pool and wall lights

Wall and swimming pool lights lighting up a patio

wall lights

Another example of wall lights lighting a patio

pillar lights

Patio pillar lights

Pergola Lighting

A patio pergola helps provide shade in the daytime, and is an elegant structure to have lights fitted onto to light up at night.

Some pergola lighting ideas include:

  • Attaching lanterns to the posts
  • Installing recessed lights into the posts
  • Having recessed floor lights pointing up onto the posts
  • Hanging lights from the overhead beams
  • Having string lights wrapped around the posts and the overhead beams
pergola lighting

Lights attached to a pergola lighting up a patio

pergola lights

Another example of pergola lighting

pergola lighting

String lights wrapped around the beams of a pergola

Patio Umbrella Lighting

A patio umbrella makes for a quick and simple lighting structure. There are a number of ways to fit umbrella lights:

  • One option is to hang string lights on the edges of the umbrella and wrap them around the pole
  • Another option is a solar light that uses a solar panel at the top of the umbrella while the lights are attached the pole [search ‘solar umbrella light’ at Amazon].
umbrella lights

Umbrella lighting lighting up a patio

umbrella lights

Another example of umbrella lighting

solar umbrella lights

Solar powered umbrella lights

Ideas Using String Lighting

String lights can be used to create an enchanting setting, are inexpensive and are versatile light fixtures. They also come in a range of different style (i.e. globe lights, mini lanterns) and can be electric or solar powered. As they are easy to install and are lightweight, there are a number of patio string lighting ideas and options. They can be:

    • Wrapped around railings
    • Wrapped around trees
    • Hung from the ceiling
string lights

Patio string lights

tree lights

String lights can also be used to wrap around trees and railings

patio lights

String lights strung from wall to wall to light a patio

string lights

String lights come in a range of styles

Or how about hanging a number of string lights side by side to create a curtain of lighting:

curtain of lighting

String lights creating a curtain of lighting

You can even create a ceiling of lights by hanging a number of string lights side by side overhead. You can attach them from the wall of the house to a tree, a fence or you can erect an arch or just a pole to attach them to, like in the 2 photos below:

string light ceiling

Create a ceiling of lights by hanging string lights side by side overhead

string lights pole

String lights overhead attached to a pole

If you use the small string lights, they will create a starry night sky effect:

starry night

String lights used to create a starry night sky

Fire Power Patio Lighting Ideas

Fire based options provide soft glowing tropical light, some can help keep you warm, and even act as a natural insect repellent.

One fire based lighting idea is to place tiki torches around the patio area. If you fuel the torches with citronella oil, it will act as a natural insect repellent. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of having to light each tiki torch then there is the option to have permanent gas powered torches that you can turn on from a central valve.

tiki torch

Tiki torches can be used to light up a patio

There are elegant fire pits that can light and heat a patio. These can come as propane gas fueled, wood or coal burning. Modern versions include fire glass pits and sculptural pits like the ModFire.

patio fire place

An outdoor fire place on a patio


ModFire: A modern outdoor fire pit

fire glass

A fire glass pit out on a patio

Table Lighting

One way to easily add outdoor patio lighting is to use table lights. Candles are a popular choice (while battery operated LED candles are a good alternative). Oil lamps are another option, as well as tabletop tiki torches – these can be fueled by citronella oil that acts as a natural insect repellent (DIY oil lamps).

table lights

Table top fire bowls are another option that are fueled by a small propane tank or non toxic fuel gels:

fire bowl

A tabletop fire bowl

Recessed Floor Lights

Recessed lights that are fitted into the floor are another outside patio lighting option. These can be placed to line paths, or can be installed up close to a wall for more decorative lighting. They can be solar patio lighting fixtures or electric powered.


floor lights

Recessed floor lights

Indirect Patio Lighting

Lighting other areas in and around the garden will provide indirect lighting for the patio deck. If you have a swimming pool, the soft glowing lights will spill over into the patio. Or wrapping string lights around nearby trees will provide indirect patio lighting.

pool lighting

The glow of the pool, softly lights up the patio

Other Patio Lighting Pictures

patio lighting

patio lighting

gazebo lighting

String lights lighting up a gazebo on a patio

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