Outdoor Home Lighting: Best Outdoor Night Spaces [Pictures]


Here is a collection of backyard, garden, and outdoor lighting pictures:


Post path lights

A beautifully lit outdoor space using post lights around the path and uplights on the trees

outdoor path lighting

Post lights and string lights wrapped around the tree branches light up this pathway

Moroccan lanterns

Moroccan lanterns make for elegant outdoor lights

deck railing lights

Globe string lights wrapped around a railing provides lighting for a deck

Coffee Can Votive Lantern

A DIY project by Maggie Makes: Coffee can lanterns light up an outdoor seating area

umbrella lights

Umbrella string lights lighting up a patio

low voltage lighting

A house lit up with low voltage outdoor lighting: uplights have been placed beneath the trees, by the entrance of the house and along the exterior of the house

pond lighting

A beautifully lit pond using post and down lights

pool lighting

The glow of the pool softly lighting the patio

patio lighting

A beautiful outdoor space using uplights and pool lights

Short path lights create an intimate environment around this Balinese villa

outdoor lights

An outdoor space lit by decorative wall lanterns and string lights wrapped around the tree and railingÂ

patio lighting

A Moroccan styled patio using a chandelier and uplights around the plants

patio lights

String lights are strung from wall to wall to light a patio along with uplights around the plants

image credits: Landscape Design Advisor 2 3 4 5 6, Amy, Gemma, Maggie Makes, Wonderlane, Jamie, Desy


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