L&L Design Guide: Laundry Room Lighting Ideas

Adding the right kind of lighting to a laundry room will help make the space more usable. Here are the best laundry room lighting ideas, from installing solar tubes to quick installing battery powered motion sensor lights.

A florescent light strip might not sound like the most decorative type of light fixture to use, but there are a number of benefits with this type of lighting. The reason why this is the best lighting for a laundry room is because of the white light it gives off. Under white light, you can see true colors (those nice halogen lights give off a slight orange tint, distorting colors around it). You’ll be able to see clearly if there are any stains or marks left on the clothing. Alternatives to those long florescent light strips include using florescent flush mount lights or just compact florescent light bulbs.

laundry room lighting

A laundry room using a flush mount light

Recessed lighting is a popular choice in modern homes. This is when the light fixtures are installed within the ceiling, hiding all the parts. One or two of these in a laundry room should be enough. You can even use the compact florescent light bulbs here. Other common lighting options for a laundry room are: flush mount lights, pendant lights if you have a tall room (they help bring the light down), and track lights if you have a wide room (they can be angled to different parts of the room).

solar tube

A solar tube installed in a closet - by solatube.com

If your laundry room is on the top floor of the house (which is a good idea as the bedrooms will also be on the same level, making it easier carrying all the laundry around), one unique lighting option would to use solar tubes. These are tubes that are fitted into the ceiling – they go all the way to the top of the roof outside, and bring light inside during the day. There are options to have a light fitted within the solar tube so it can be used at night – a unique and green laundry lighting option.

If you have a small laundry room that just stores the washing machine, then there are simple and inexpensive lighting options that can be installed within minutes. Quick and simple laundry room lighting fixtures would include using battery powered LED lights. These come in the form of little pucks or light strips. You can even choose from motion sensing ones, or push on/off ones.

LED lights

Tap and motion sensor puck lights

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