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Outdoor Home Lighting: Best Outdoor Night Spaces [Pictures]


Here is a collection of backyard, garden, and outdoor lighting pictures:


Post path lights

A beautifully lit outdoor space using post lights around the path and uplights on the trees

outdoor path lighting

Post lights and string lights wrapped around the tree branches light up this pathway

Moroccan lanterns

Moroccan lanterns make for elegant outdoor lights

deck railing lights

Globe string lights wrapped around a railing provides lighting for a deck

Coffee Can Votive Lantern

A DIY project by Maggie Makes: Coffee can lanterns light up an outdoor seating area

umbrella lights

Umbrella string lights lighting up a patio

low voltage lighting

A house lit up with low voltage outdoor lighting: uplights have been placed beneath the trees, by the entrance of the house and along the exterior of the house

pond lighting

A beautifully lit pond using post and down lights

pool lighting

The glow of the pool softly lighting the patio

patio lighting

A beautiful outdoor space using uplights and pool lights

Short path lights create an intimate environment around this Balinese villa

outdoor lights

An outdoor space lit by decorative wall lanterns and string lights wrapped around the tree and railing

patio lighting

A Moroccan styled patio using a chandelier and uplights around the plants

patio lights

String lights are strung from wall to wall to light a patio along with uplights around the plants

image credits: Landscape Design Advisor 2 3 4 5 6, Amy, Gemma, Maggie MakesWonderlane, Jamie, Desy


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Home Outdoor Lighting Ideas: From Driveway, Deck, Patio to Pool and Pond Lighting

This is the reference page for outdoor lighting ideas articles here on L&L. You can find links to everything from pond and pool lighting to pathway, patio, and garden lighting ideas.

Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas for Decks

home outdoor lighting

The Garage and Driveway

Pool and Pond Lighting




Outdoor Garden Light Fixtures

String Lights

Tiki Torches


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How To Install Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting In No Time

Outdoor lighting gives you the opportunity to totally transform the look of your house after daylight as well as increase its safety. Much more aesthetically pleasing than those harsh and obtrusive floodlights, this guide will show you how to install low voltage outdoor lighting quickly and easily.

low voltage lighting

The Transformer: Step 1

low voltage transformer First, select your transformer. Low voltage lighting is easier and safer to work with than interior lighting because the transformer lowers the standard 120-volt wattage to a harmless 12 volts. Choose a transformer that allows you to connect several cables. Mount it either on a stake or on the outside of your home, making sure that it is no less than one foot above the ground and no more than one foot away from your ground-fault circuit-interrupter outlet. Some contain photocells that require exposure to direct sunlight. Make sure it is turned off while you install it. You may also want to add a waterproof covering to the outlet for additional weather-proofing.

Lighting Ideas: How To Install Low Voltage Lighting Step 2

low voltage light fixtures Next, plan the design of your lighting. Do you want to optimally light landscaping and foliage? Do you just want to light a walkway for safety purposes? Do you have ponds or a pool that could benefit from some nighttime lighting? Create a comprehensive lighting plan that includes all lights for paths and their surrounding greenery, offset lighting for footpaths, tree-mounted spotlights for mimicking moonlight, and/or waterproof fixtures for aquatic purposes that you may need. Look into low voltage outdoor lighting kits for hassle-free pre-selected packages and supplies.

For some ideas on what low voltage outdoor lights to use have a look at our related posts:

Wiring Up Your Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Parts

The fixtures you buy will have instructions included that will tell you the proper gauge of cable to use. Layout your light fixtures beginning with the farthest away from the transformer and work your way towards it. Once you have placed all your fixtures, leaving about eight to ten inches between each source, and laid out the wiring you can connect the wires to the transformer. Remove about three quarters of an inch of insulation from the cables and insert the exposed wires underneath the terminal screws located at the bottom of your transformer.

Burying The Wires and Connecting To The Light Fixtures

Now you can bury the cables in a shallow trench (it only needs to be about three to six inches deep). Be sure to leave some slack and a small amount of cable sticking up out of the dirt at each juncture so that you can easily link the fixtures. Attach all lights and cables according to manufacturer specifications. Turn on the transformer to ensure everything is in working order. It is best to check the functioning at night to determine if everything is to your liking. Then, push all those visible cable connectors about two inches into the soil.

So there you have it, a basic guide on installing low voltage landscape lighting.

image credits: Landscape Design Advisor,  Tyler


Outdoor Pathway Lighting Ideas: From Post Lights To String and Tiki Torches

Pathway lighting is ideal in a garden as it adds to the safety and the visual appeal. The following outdoor pathway lighting ideas can help you create a well designed outdoor space – we go over everything from standard post lights to pergola lighting and string lights.

Post Light Fixtures

Post lights are the most popular form of outdoor pathway lighting because they are simple fixtures that come in a number of styles. They are usually short which reduces glare and can be easily installed as solar powered or low voltage pathway lighting.

pathway lighting

Post lights are the popular choice for pathway lighting

Post path lights

The post lights are capped so they only shine light downwards

modern outdoor pathway lighting

Modern outdoor pathway lighting

japanese lantern

Another style: Japanese lanterns

solar path lighting

Solar path lights

street lights

Street lights: taller post lights

Recessed Pathway Lighting

Recessed floor lights are another way of lighting up a path. Though they look modern and elegant, they can produce a lot of glare as they shine upwards. One way of reducing the glare is to have a diffused cover like in the first picture below:

recessed floor lights

Recessed floor lights

floor lights

Another example of recessed floor lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

If you have any walls lining your pathway, these can be used to fix lights onto. You can either use recessed wall lights, flush mount or lanterns and wall sconces.

pathway lighting

Those black circles on the walls are flush mount lights that will light up the path at night

flush mount path lighting

Flush mount path lighting

A wall lantern

Another way to light a path is to use wall lanterns

wall sconces

Wall sconces make for more modern outdoor wall lights

 The wall sconces above can be found here on Amazon.

Pillar Lighting

Pillar lighting is when you have a light fixture on a solid base. These bases, or pillars, can be short so that the lights shine on a path or the pillars can be tall to light the entrance of a driveway.

pillar lights

Pillar lights lighting up a pathway

pillar lights

Another example of pillar lights

railing lights

Pillar lights on a railing

Outdoor Step Lighting

recessed step lights

Recessed step lights

If you have any steps along your path there are a few lighting ideas that can be used to light these areas – like lip lighting, recessed or downlights. Have a look at our post here for 5 outdoor stair lighting ideas.

String Lights

String lights are inexpensive fixtures that can come as electric powered or solar pathway lighting fixtures. You can use them to light up pathways by hanging them from trees, fences, the house walls, and polls.

string lights

String lights hanging from a tree lighting a path

string lights

String lights hanging from the walls


If you have a pergola over a section of your path they can have lights attached to them. If you don’t have one, they can be nice additions to a garden. During the day they provide shade, and at night they look great lit up.

There are a number of pergola lighting ideas for a pathway:

  • You can attach lanterns to the posts
  • Recessed lights can be installed into the posts
  • String lights can be wrapped around the overhead beams and the posts
  • Lights can be fixed to the overhead beams
hanging pergola lights

Hanging pergola lanterns

Tiki Torches

Tiki torches can line a pathway and provide soft glowing light. It can be a hassle to light a number of torches individually – an alternative is to install gas burning tiki torches that can be switched on all at once from a central valve.

tiki torch

Tiki torches can be used to light outdoor pathways

Led Pathway Lighting Using Rope Lights

Rope lights are led lights incased within a plastic tube. Because the tube is flexible, rope lights can bend and be shaped how you like. They can be fitted along railings or lined along the perimeter of a garden bed.

rope lights

Rope lights can be used in a number of ways to light pathways

Indirect Outdoor Pathway Lighting

Lighting other areas of a garden can help light a pathway. For example in the photos below, trees and plants have been lit up with spot lights, swimming pool and pond lights also provide indirect path lighting.

pathway lighting

Lighting trees and bushes provides indirect lighting for pathways

indirect lighting

Another example of indirect lighting

tree lighting

Tree lighting

Other Photos For More Outdoor Pathway Lighting Ideas

outdoor path lighting

Outdoor path lighting

pathway lighting

Decorative star lights

outdoor path lighting

Post lights and string lights wrapped around the tree branches light up this pathway

image credits


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The 3 Different Types of Garden Pond Lighting Ideas

Adding lighting to a pond creates another dimension to a garden’s ambiance at night. Even though lighting doesn’t provide any real benefits to the fishes, they allow you to see what they are up to when the sun goes down. There are a number of areas where lights can be placed to decorate and light up a pond. Here we will go over the three general areas, specific garden pond lighting ideas and also the different types of lights.

pond lighting ideas

Lighting Types – Halogen and LED

The pond lighting ideas outlined below can come in two different bulb types, Halogen and LED. The most common pond lights are low voltage 12 volt halogen lamps. These are inexpensive lights that only come as white bulbs (colored lenses are included with some pond lighting kits). Halogen light bulbs do give off a lot of heat, and consume a lot of energy, making them have a short life span. LED pond lighting is an alternative, which is becoming more and more popular. These are eco friendly lights that have a much longer life span than halogen bulbs. Because they use much less energy, they give off less heat which is ideal for lighting small ponds. Unlike halogens, the LED light bulbs themselves can come in a range of colors. There are also LED pond lights that are preprogrammed to fade to different colors.

The 3 Types of Pond Lighting Ideas

When it comes to deciding which lighting ideas are best for your pond, you will want to decide if you want to create soft and subtle lighting or turn your pond into a garden feature by adding more light fixtures. Do you want to see the whole pond at night or just light certain areas and see glimpses of fish as they swim by – creating a more mysterious and enchanting pond at night.

There are three types of pond lighting ideas:

  1. Underwater lighting
  2. Above water lighting
  3. Perimeter lighting

Underwater Pond Lighting

Underwater recessed pond lights

Underwater lights are the most common lights in creating a well lit pond at night. These are low voltage electrical lights. Usually 35 to 75 watts, the deeper the pond the higher the wattage needed.

The most popular types are kits that contain 1 or 3 lamps that you stake to the bottom of the pond. Another option is to have recessed lights fitted into the bedrock underwater (much like swimming pool lighting).

There are also lights that are fitted into a rock shaped encasing, that blends in with the rest of the pond. These are low voltage lights that are submerged underwater.

Most underwater lights are used for general lighting – they wash a general area of the pond with light. However, there are spotlights that can be used underwater. These are used to provide more focused and localized lighting, highlighting a certain spot underwater, whether that is a rock bed, an underwater statue, etc.

Left: General underwater pond light Right: Underwater spotlight

Lighting Tip: More natural hues of colors (off white, orange, green, yellow) are used for submersible pond lighting, while purples and blues are generally used for decorative above water lighting.

Above Pond Lighting

Another way of adding lighting to a pond is to add lights that sit above the water. Floating pond lights are an elegant lighting fixture to add. These can come as low voltage or solar powered versions. Floating solar lights are a lot easier and cheaper to install, and will automatically come on as it gets dark. These lights generally have the bulb above the water and will wash the surface of the pond with light. There are floating lights that have the bulb on the bottom so the light points down into the pond. This acts as moon lighting, lighting the pond and the fishes from above. Using floating lights along with underwater lights will create soft and subtle lighting for a pond.

Floating solar pond lights

Lights attached to the base of a fountain

Another above pond lighting idea is fountain lighting. If you have, or are planning on installing a fountain that aerates the water, spurting water up into the air, lights can be installed at the base. The lights are pointed up onto the shooting water, illuminating and even changing the color of the water (with the use of lenses or colored LED lights). This creates a colorful water display.

Perimeter Lighting

Lighting the perimeter of the pond adds to the visual display of the pond and also to the safety. Outlining the perimeter of the pond helps in navigating around it at night. There are a number of perimeter lighting ideas.

Simple perimeter lighting ideas would include solar lights. These can come in rock shapes to blend in with the landscape, or solar stake lights that are planted into the soil around the pond. Recessed lights can be installed into the ground and rock bed above the water (either as solar powered or low voltage).

Spotlights shining from above are ideal for larger ponds. These can be attached to a wall or the rock bed, and can shine down onto a particular area or feature in or around the pond. A small waterfall, where the water simply cascades down over a small rock bed and ventilates the pond, can be lit up with simple above ground or even underwater spotlights – turning the waterfall into a feature of the pond.

Stake lights outlining a pond

Pond mister

One Step Further

How about adding a simple pond mister? These are simple devices that create a mystical mist above the water. They are completely safe to life in the pond. These are used only for decorative purposes, and with the use of lighting they create a beautiful water display. Here you can use LED lights that can change the color of the mist.

Where to Buy

Total Pond has a small selection of pond lights, which are available online from Home Depot

Good quality pond lights range in price from $20 for simple floating lights and single submersible lighting kits to over $200 for complete lighting systems for garden ponds.

When it comes to pond lighting ideas, simple and subtle lighting goes a long way in creating a beautiful water feature. Invest in high quality fixtures as these will be able to stand the conditions of pond life.


Design Guide: Ideas for Outdoor Pendant Lighting Fixtures

There are a range of outdoor lighting ideas. Normal recessed or flush mount lights installed into a tall outdoor ceiling won’t be able to provide enough light. Outdoor pendant lighting fixtures will need to be used, as these will help in bringing the light down closer to the ground. Below are a number of ideas on the different types of outdoor pendant lights.

outdoor pendant light

Caution: When it comes to outdoor lighting, light fixtures such as recessed and flush mount are held close to the ceiling. Therefore they are generally protected from weather conditions. Pendant lighting will need extra consideration when it comes to where they will be placed – will there be gusty winds blowing them about, and can rain reach the low hanging lights.

Hanging lanterns are the main choice for outdoor pendant light fixtures. Most people will opt to go the electrical route, but there are lanterns which have a little door for a candle to be placed inside. The great thing here is that the bulb or candle is encased within the lantern, protecting it from the weather. They come in a range of styles to suite anyone’s design taste: from modern outdoor pendant lighting in chrome or polished steel, to Japanese, Moroccan or traditional Victorian lanterns.

YLighting has a number of high end outdoor pendant lights, ranging from $170 to $1,625

 site: YLighting

Lamps Plus has a wide range of outdoor pendant lights starting at $35

site: Lamps Plus

There are also outdoor paper lanterns, which add a decorative element to an outdoor space. They come as electric powered, battery or even solar powered. A number of them can be hung side by side or one can be hung as a pendant light. They can be used for lighting patios and decks, paths or more decorative purposes such as hanging in trees. There are supersized lanterns for large outdoor pendant lighting that is used for wedding tent lighting or large gardens.

paper outdoor lanterns

Going All DIY: Outdoor pendant lighting can also be created DIY style. Hooks can be fixed to any cross beams in the garden, and from these hooks can hang jars containing candles. The jars can be taken down to light and extinguish the candles.

An outdoor chandelier

Lastly there are simple outdoor chandeliers, in electrical or candle form, which also act as an outdoor décor piece. There is also the alternative of having an all in one hanging ceiling fan and light.


Have a look at our pergola lighting ideas post. Because of the exposed cross beams of a pergola, hanging pendant lights is relatively easy.