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Outdoor Home Lighting: Best Outdoor Night Spaces [Pictures]


Here is a collection of backyard, garden, and outdoor lighting pictures:


Post path lights

A beautifully lit outdoor space using post lights around the path and uplights on the trees

outdoor path lighting

Post lights and string lights wrapped around the tree branches light up this pathway

Moroccan lanterns

Moroccan lanterns make for elegant outdoor lights

deck railing lights

Globe string lights wrapped around a railing provides lighting for a deck

Coffee Can Votive Lantern

A DIY project by Maggie Makes: Coffee can lanterns light up an outdoor seating area

umbrella lights

Umbrella string lights lighting up a patio

low voltage lighting

A house lit up with low voltage outdoor lighting: uplights have been placed beneath the trees, by the entrance of the house and along the exterior of the house

pond lighting

A beautifully lit pond using post and down lights

pool lighting

The glow of the pool softly lighting the patio

patio lighting

A beautiful outdoor space using uplights and pool lights

Short path lights create an intimate environment around this Balinese villa

outdoor lights

An outdoor space lit by decorative wall lanterns and string lights wrapped around the tree and railing

patio lighting

A Moroccan styled patio using a chandelier and uplights around the plants

patio lights

String lights are strung from wall to wall to light a patio along with uplights around the plants

image credits: Landscape Design Advisor 2 3 4 5 6, Amy, Gemma, Maggie MakesWonderlane, Jamie, Desy


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Outdoor Party Lighting Ideas To Decorate an Event

When deciding to hold a festive event or party outside, there are a number of different outdoor party lighting ideas available to help set the type of mood the occasion calls for.

Outdoor String Lights Create Enchanting Backdrops

String lights are the best way to go. They can come as the standard electrical kind, or as solar powered making them easy to set up. There are a wide variety of decorative outdoor string lights that can be used to decorate an outdoor party. They come in miniature pumpkins, hearts, flowers and snowflakes to suit different themes. You can even create your own themed DIY party lights by using string lights and origami paper shades (check out the tutorial on how to create your own cheap outdoor party lighting: DIY Lighting: Paper Origami and Outdoor String Lights).

origami lights

Using strings with bulbs that are all the same color will add a magical touch to the outside area. The two most popular colors to use to create a magical outdoor environment are blue and white. White bulbs are often used when celebrating an anniversary or holding an outdoor wedding reception.

String lights can be wrapped around railings, posts or tree branches, to create a special effect. A number of them can be hung side by side to create a curtain of lighting, or they can be hung overhead from wall to wall creating a starry night effect.

Have a look at our photo gallery on string lights for inspiration on different ways to use them to decorate a party: L&L Look Book: Beautiful Uses of String Lights [Photo Gallery] 

The Glow of a Flame: Fire Based Outdoor Lighting Ideas For A Party

If the party is going to have a garden or tropical theme, there are a number of torches and candles that you can use to create a festive atmosphere. Citronella tiki torches are a simple way of adding outdoor party lights. These are inexpensive and readily available at large department stores or even hardware centers. These tiki torches are just like any other tiki torches, but they are fueled with citronella oil. This oil is bought separately, and will burn with less smoke and act as an organic insect repellent.

The softer glow of candlelight often creates a subdued, relaxed atmosphere, rather than a boisterous festive one. The great thing about candles is that they can be used alongside accessories such as feathers, polished pebbles, and candle holders to create decorative pieces. Our article on wedding candle centerpieces goes over a whole host of ideas on using candles to light up a space: from lanterns to floating candle centerpiece. Enchanting Wedding Candle Centerpieces – Ideas Collection 

Mixing Lights and Balloons

balloon lighting

A unique way of adding backyard lighting for a party would be to use LED balloons. These can be bought online at Amazon, or can be simply made at home. All you need are LED lights that come with a battery and balloons. You can even fill the balloons up with helium. Have a look here for more on using balloon lighting: Balloon LED Lights

photo credits: Wit & Whistle iko