LUNE By Cielux: An Artistically Crafted LED Mood Light

The Lune by Cielux is one of the most eye catching pieces of mood lighting. With its sleek circular body, bright and vivid colors wash around the curve in the most elegant way. A minimalistic light fixture that does it job in providing intimate home mood lighting. The yellow hue is idea for bedroom mood lighting, for a romantic night try switching the LUNE to red, or go with green or blue for a gathering with friends.

The Lune lamp is designed around complete simplicity. One of the features that stems from this is the single point touch pad. This is an invisible spot within the circle where you can adjust the light settings. There are seven color choices (red, green, blue, purple, white, teal, and yellow), two color speed fading modes and the brightness can be controlled.

The standard position of the LED lights (which consumer only 9 watts) points inwards on the curve, diffusing the light in a range of directions. This can be adjusted as the LED lights are attached to a twisting portion of the light fixture. So you can rotate the lights to change from home mood lighting to accent lighting focused onto a wall or painting.

The LUNE while providing mood lighting to set any backdrop, is a decorative piece in itself. This is why it is ranked above the common Philips mood lights. The LUNE LED mood light also comes at a more reasonable price: $150 on Amazon.

Also available at Krroma Stores

The LUNE LED mood light

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