Conserving Energy with Wireless Motion Sensor Lights and Adapters

Adding or changing lighting in a home, for better design or to be more energy efficient, can be a challenging undertaking – in redoing electrical work and adding wiring. That is why adding wireless motion sensor lights or adapters are such a great idea. They only come on when needed, saving energy. Here are two quick and easy ways of adding motion sensor lighting to any room or space around a home.


Adapters: Motion Sensors for Lights

Motion activated light adapters

First up are adapters. Here we have a motion activated light adapter that screws straight into a normal light socket. You then screw a normal sized light bulb into the adapter. Instantly you have a motion sensing light fixture: all for the cost of 20-25$ and with only minutes needed to install them. Indoor and outdoor versions are available.

Wireless Motion Detector Lights

Wireless motion detector lighting

Another version of quick install – motion sensing lights are these wireless LED light packs. As they are battery powered, they can be placed or attached to any surface. They can be used inside closets, for stair lighting, or even for pathways. They either come with a peel and stick adhesive or with screws and anchors. Some are weather resistant and can be used in wet locations such as motion sensor outdoor lighting or for bathroom lighting.

The electrical and wiring work to install permanent, electrical motion sensor lighting will pay off in the long run with: added property value and less maintenance i.e. changing batteries. But the two examples above are simple and quick solutions that work well, and can be installed within minutes – at little cost. Lights featured here are available at 

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