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L&L Cool Lighting Fixtures Round Up: From Magnetic to Brazilian Hand Hammered Lamps

Here is a collection of the top cool lighting fixtures that we have featured here on Lights and Lights:

The Solar Eclipse Light

The Nissyoku lamp takes its inspiration from solar eclipses. The magic behind the lamp comes from the side panels which are held to the middle part by magnets. These side panels can be adjusted to angle the light, and also adjust the brightness –  The Magical Nissyoku Mood Lamp.

Nissyoku Mood Lamp 03 Nissyoku Mood Lamp 04

The Magnetic Crystal Light

In the world of magnetic lamps, there are a lot of cool lighting fixtures. Here is just one example from our L&L Look Book: The World Of Floating Magnetic Lamp Designs post. The Crystal Light is an 8 piece lamp that you can take apart and rearrange. The magnets inside the blocks conduct the electricity around the blocks from the base unit – so there are no wires connecting all the lights together.

The Magnetic Crystal Light

Wooden Art: The Lumitourni Lamp

The Lumitourni Lamp is a piece of art. The amount of effort that went into creating the shape is incredible. You can find out more about the light and the work it took to turn scrap pieces of wood into this sculptural light here: The Lumitourni Pendant Light: An Egg Shaped Wooden Lamp Shade.

The Lumitourni wooden shade

The Zhu Guang Bamboo Floor Lamp

The Zhu Guang acts as décor during the day, and at night it lights up. Made from a single shoot of bamboo, it houses a thin CCFL light tube. For more bamboo light fixtures have a look at our post here: L&L LOOK BOOK: Creative Bamboo Lamps and Lighting Designs.

bamboo floor lamp bamboo floor lamp

The Beluga Lighting Collection

Designed by Marc Sadler, the Beluga lights are bold yet sleek lighting fixtures – Italian Designer Lighting Profile: The Beluga Collection.

the Beluga White designer lighting collection

Beluga Steel Designer Lighting

The Batucada Collection

From Italy we now go to Brazil to see the Batucada lighting collection. “Batucada stands for a percussion rhythm of Brazilian carnival parties, where many instruments are made of cans or tin pots.” – Brunno Jahara. Each piece is a one of a kind as they are hand hammered – Sleek Brazilian Design: A Modern Designer Desk Lamp.

designer desk lamp

Kozo Desk Lamps

Made from reused industrial piping, the Kozo desk lamps have a lifelike feel to them. Each lamp is turned on and off via the tap knob – Profile on Kozo Lamp: The Desk Collection.

Kozo desk lamp monk Kozo Lamp: Kozo Man

DIY Ribbon Light

Using scrap felt and 50 LED lights, Sara Bergano and Giusy Arciresi created this amazing lighting fixture. It is flexible so it can be turned into a desk lamp, or wall feature – DIY Flexible Light Ribbon Using Reused Materials and LEDs.

DIY light


L&L Design Guide: Home Mood Lighting Ideas

Light has a powerful effect on people – bright areas can energize the mind while dim lights can be cozy and romantic. Cool colored lights (blue and purple) are calm and relaxing, while warm lights (orange and yellow) invigorate. Instead of spending a lot of money on paint and furniture to transform a space, try the following home mood lighting ideas.

mood lighting ideas

Create a relaxing space by avoiding overhead lighting. Instead, use table or floor lamps to illuminate a room. You can use light to focus attention on relaxing spaces. For example, a backlit headboard emphasizes rest by highlighting the bed. In a similar fashion, placing two table lamps or sconces on either side of a bed frame accent the room’s purpose. For a dramatic and tranquil effect, back-light nightstands using recessed colored lighting. Blue or cool colored lights can create accent walls without painting or wallpaper. Lighting can promote a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom. However, mood lighting ideas can be used in other areas of the home as well.

For pictures and romantic ideas head on over to this post: L&L Guide on Romantic Lighting Ideas: From the Bedroom to the Outdoors

    • Highlighting sculptural elements or indoor plants creates an intriguing play of light and shadows in a romantic space. Low light in combination with graphic shadows, evoke elements of mystery and intimacy.
    • Paper lanterns serve a dual purpose, functioning as both a light source and sculptural focal point.

For a similar effect in a living room, use lights to draw attention to bookshelves or paintings. Light fixtures designed to hang over a picture can be used to light a room and highlight artistic focal points. Combining low lights with dramatic focal points creates a tranquil and relaxing living area. The calm mood is perfect for reading, enjoying drinks, or soft conversation.

Bathroom Mood Lighting

The bathroom is a great place to use romantic mood lighting. Candles are one way to create a romantic atmosphere.  Candles can be used to line the lip of a bath tub or a bathroom vanity. Alternatively, led candles or free-standing lights create an intimate atmosphere as well as actual flame.

Going Outdoors

Mood lighting is not only for indoor spaces. Porches, decks and patios can also benefit from a few well place mood lighting ideas. For example, lighting bright tiki torches at each corner of a patio can add drama and excitement to an outdoor space. String-lights can create a magical atmosphere over an outdoor deck or eating area.

Remember, lighting has a powerful effect on the human mind. Mood lighting ideas can transform a space for little or no extra coast.  Demonstrate originality and style by using spotlights to highlight art, plants or other focal points. Backlighting specific elements in a room can emphasize the room’s purpose while adding interest and drama to an otherwise blank wall. A few well place light fixtures can add drama or tranquility to a space.

image credits: Mayce Hodges

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Color Your Rooms With The Philips Mood Light Collection

Philips Mood Lighting With mood lights you can light the room with yellow sunshine when it grey outside, or paint the walls with a leafy green light to create a nature like setting. A popular choice is the Philips mood light collection.

Philips LivingColors LED Mood Light

The favorite out of the collection is their LivingColors LED Mood Light Lamp. It can produce up to 16 million different shades of colors, by scrolling the color wheel on the remote control. With the remote you can also control the brightness and saturation of the light. It is powered by 7 LED lights and has 2 light settings: 1) your color choice or 2) automatic mode where the lamp fades through the colors. The lamp has a modern design – a translucent sphere, and the cone shape interior design draws heat away from the LEDs allowing it to last longer.

You can also find this same Philips LED mood light design as a wall light, ceiling light and floor lamp. Here is an example of it as a ceiling light. The same features apply to the LED Lamp above – changing colors, remote control, etc.

Philips LivingColors Ceiling Light

Philips LivingColors Ceiling Light

There is a cone shaped version of the light too, named Conic

Philips Conic Mood Lamp

Philips Conic Mood Lamp

You can find both the ceiling light and the Conic mood lamp at the Philips UK Amazon Store.

LED Flowers

Here is something different: a color changing vase. The Philips LUMIWARE Vase has 8 light colors to choose from, or can be set onto a continuous loop to cycle through all of the colors. You have the option to plug it in or make use of the battery power which lasts up to 12 hours. It is waterproof so you can fill it up with water and it works outdoors too.

Philips Lumiware LED Vase

Philips Lumiware LED Vase

Philips LED Table Lanterns

Lastly we have the Philips Imageo which are LED color changing table lanterns. It is cheapest out of all of the Philips mood lights, at $44. It comes as a set of two, and they can be plugged into the base station or taken around as lanterns as they are also battery powered. They make for great kids night light, which they can also take to the bathroom in the middle of the night as most kids won’t be able to reach the light switch.

Philips Imageo LED Lamps

Philips Imageo LED Lamps

You can buy the Philips LED Vase and Imageo Lanterns here

A great alternative to a complete mood lamp is to use these remote control light bulbs that you can plug into a normal light socket.

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Light Architect: Using Darkness as a Canvas For Light [TED Talk]

Lighting architect Rogier van der Heide talks about the importance of darkness in this fascinating talk at TEDx Amsterdam. He talks about lighting design in terms of natural light in architecture, the beautiful dynamics of the sun and how we can bring it into buildings to enhance our lives, and touches upon the future of integrating lighting into our lives with color light therapy.



LUNE By Cielux: An Artistically Crafted LED Mood Light

The Lune by Cielux is one of the most eye catching pieces of mood lighting. With its sleek circular body, bright and vivid colors wash around the curve in the most elegant way. A minimalistic light fixture that does it job in providing intimate home mood lighting. The yellow hue is idea for bedroom mood lighting, for a romantic night try switching the LUNE to red, or go with green or blue for a gathering with friends.

The Lune lamp is designed around complete simplicity. One of the features that stems from this is the single point touch pad. This is an invisible spot within the circle where you can adjust the light settings. There are seven color choices (red, green, blue, purple, white, teal, and yellow), two color speed fading modes and the brightness can be controlled.

The standard position of the LED lights (which consumer only 9 watts) points inwards on the curve, diffusing the light in a range of directions. This can be adjusted as the LED lights are attached to a twisting portion of the light fixture. So you can rotate the lights to change from home mood lighting to accent lighting focused onto a wall or painting.

The LUNE while providing mood lighting to set any backdrop, is a decorative piece in itself. This is why it is ranked above the common Philips mood lights. The LUNE LED mood light also comes at a more reasonable price: $150 on Amazon.

Also available at Krroma Stores

The LUNE LED mood light