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L&L Design Guide: Apartment Lighting Ideas

There are a number of design principles to keep in mind when looking for great apartment lighting ideas. Look to layer the lighting in a room and create different lighting effects, focus the lights to areas specific to the room, and go for a cozy or grand lighting design scheme.

The best lighting designs, which makes any room look great, uses different lighting fixtures. This avoids a monotone look – which would happen if you were to just use ceiling lights for example. Instead mix it up with ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights, pendant lights, indirect lighting, mood lighting, etc. – as this will create different lighting effects, and layer the lighting in the room.

apartment bedroom lighting

Lighting is used to bring focus to specific areas in a room. For example, in the bedroom bed side table lamps brings the focus of the room to the bed. In the living room, you can have back lighting behind the TV or couch. In the kitchen, under cabinet lighting adds a nice feel to the area.

If you want to create a cozy environment in your apartment then avoid using the ceiling lights. Use floor lamps and table lamps – keeping the lighting as low down as possible. On the other hand, if you want to create a grand setting in the apartment, then light up all walls and the ceiling, which will make the space feel larger. Cove lighting is a great way to make a space feel larger and grand – L&L Design Guide: Cove Lighting Ideas.

apartment cove lighting

Here are a few specific light fixture ideas for any apartment:

Quick Changes

Most modern apartments will have recessed lighting. They use a false ceiling to hide all the parts of the lights, creating a clean look in the room. If you want to change this up, say to create a more intimate and cozy feeling in the room, then check out pendant light adapters. These adapters screw into standard ceiling light sockets, and let you have pendant lights without having to do any electrical work.

Instant Pendant Lights

In Total Control

Another option is to install dimmer switches so you have full control of the lighting. Or there are now LED light bulbs that come with remote controls so you can dim them, or even change the color of the light. This is a great way of adding splashes of color to a room. If you want to brighten up a room, use green or yellow light. While dark purple or blues can make the room feel romantic for the night.

Setting The Mood

Other mood lighting ideas (L&L Design Guide: Home Mood Lighting Ideas) include stand alone units like the Yantouch Jellyfish (Modern Lighting: The iPad Meets A Jellyfish) or the Philips Mood Lighting Collection (Color Your Rooms With The Philips Mood Light Collection).

mood lighting

Mixing Music and Light

Want to get high tech? Then check out the AudioBulb (L&L Lights and Music: The AudioBulb Sound System). This light bulb will screw into any standard ceiling light socket. You will then get LED lights as well as easy to set up wireless speakers – all of which can be controlled via a remote control.

bedroom lighting apartment kitchen lighting kitchen lighting

image credits: Favaro JR. 2, Urbane Apartments, Tobias


Using Wood As a Base For Lighting: DIY Snapshots

Here are a few photos for some DIY lighting inspiration using organic materials (and one fishing pole). The first set of photos comes from Idha Lindhag via Desire to Inspire. Here a long wooden branch has been set into a block of cement to create a nature inspired arc lamp. Three pendant lights have then been wrapped around the branch to create this Zen like living room setting – plugging into a normal wall socket.

branch arc lamp

Another floor lamp has been crafted, but this time using a fishing pole. Set into a stone base, the fishing pole aches over the living space with a bird ornament hanging off of the light bulb.

fishing pole arc

The last photo from Idha Linhag is this dining table light. Holes have been drilled into a thin and long log to make space for the number of candles which then hangs beautifully above the dining table.

candle dining table light

Anna-Malin via décor8, has created her own dining room lights using a wooden branch, and decided to uses electrical fixtures rather than candles as seen in the example above. Only using a long branch, 4 fabric covered cables, and electrical help from her husband, Anna-Malin was able to replicate a pendant light she saw in a design magazine, to hang over her own dining table. The step by step process can be seen here.

branch pendant light

branch pendant light

Anne-Claire’s home is a beautiful space that makes use of a lot of natural materials. There are raw wooden book shelves, dining chairs, sleek wooden side tables, a number of indoor plants, and even wooden branches are used as decorative pieces. In her bedroom we see one of the larger driftwood branches being creatively used as a base for lamp that hangs over her bed – via Design*Sponge.

wooden bedroom lamp


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L&L Guide on Romantic Lighting Ideas: From the Bedroom to the Outdoors

Nothing creates romance faster than being together in candle light. Or maybe you are looking for romantic lighting ideas to create yourself a relaxing and comfortable home. Either way, every space within the house can be turned into a romantic area, from the bedroom, bathroom, to the dining area and living room. Here are a few romantic lighting ideas (including using candles) that you can do around the home, indoors and outdoors.

romantic lighting ideas

    • The key to romantic and intimate lighting is to have dim lights, avoid lighting the ceiling, and have light as close to the floor as possible. So instead of using ceiling lights, use floor lamps for example.
    • Low lighting makes a space more comfortable. Your vision is impaired (so your pupils dilate making everything around more attractive), and your other senses are heightened too…ooo lala.
    • Privacy: Don’t forget the importance of privacy. Blinds and curtains can block out outside light and noise filtering into the house and helps create a secluded and intimate setting.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

The key with the living room, the space that will be used most often in the house, is to use a number of different light fixtures to create different lighting effects. If you use just table lamps all around the room this will look weird, and create a monotone/dull look. Instead mix it up: media cabinet lights along with behind the couch lighting, and lamps on both sides of the TV will create a well balanced space.

Some ideas include:

    • Floor lamps besides the coach for easy access
    • Behind the couch lighting
    • Behind the TV lighting
    • Small lamps on both sides of the TV
    • Floor lighting
    • A coffee table centerpiece: this can be in the form of candle light, flameless candles, or LED lights – which we go over in the centerpiece section below.
living room lighting

Lights behind the seats add a nice touch to the room

TV back lighting

TV back lighting created by using an IKEA DIODER 4 piece light strip set

Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas

As always you want to have dim lights that stay away from lighting the ceiling. You always want localized lighting, focused on specific areas in the bedroom, like around the bed. Ideal romantic bedroom lighting ideas include:

    • Installing lights behind the headboard of the bed
    • Side table lamps
    • More ideas can be found in the decorative floor lamps, cove lighting, and mood lights sections below
romantic bedroom lighting

Lights fitted to the back of the headboard

bedroom lights

LED lights embedded in the headboard

The Bathroom

Candles are always a popular option for romantic bathroom lighting. An alternative would be ‘spa lights’. These are small battery powered lights that can be sprawled out around the bathroom, or attached to the side of the bathtub. Or they can even float around in the bath – however you choose to use them, they will create a warm and soft glow in the bathroom.

romantic bathroom lighting

Spa lights

To find out where you can buy these spa lights, have a look at our post here: LED Spa Lights: Creating The Spa Experience In Your Bathroom.

Kitchen / Dining Room Lighting Ideas

If you want to create intimate and romantic dinners then have a look into the lighting within and around the dining area. A good way of lighting this area is to have a focused light above the dining table. This way, you can dim or turn off the lights in the kitchen, living room, and have an intimate dinner setting.

You can do this by using pendant lighting, like a drum light hanging low down from the ceiling right above the dining table. How about a low hanging mini chandelier? There are also centerpiece ideas that you could place on the dinner table that uses some sort of light.

kitchen lighting

Low level lighting in a kitchen


Light based centerpieces can be used on a dining table, a coffee table in the living room, or the side tables in the bedroom.

For a range of romantic centerpiece ideas, everything from using floating candles, wrought iron lanterns to floating LED lights, have a look at these posts from our wedding section:

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Decorative Floor Lamps

lighted twigs

Lighted twigs

Floor lamps can also be used to create intimate lighting in any room. These can be the standard floor lamps you see everywhere, or there are more decorative and romantic lamps to consider. One of these decorative lamps is the lighted twig. There are modern versions that can be store bought, or you can make your own at home. Grab a few tree branches, plant them into a pot of soil or sand, and then wrap string lights around them. You can even paint the branches a color to suit your décor style, like the white ones in the picture below.

You can make use of shadows in creating a romantic setting by using floor lamps and house plants. Place an uplight besides a house plant (these can be hidden behind couches, etc.) and the plant will cast shadows adding some depth to the room.

Cove Lighting
The main rule in creating romantic lighting is to avoid lighting the ceiling. This rule can be broken with cove lighting. This is a form of indirect lighting where a false ceiling is installed. Lights are hidden away in the false ceiling and bounce light off of the ceiling and into the room. Have a look here for more cove lighting ideas and pictures.

cove lighting

Cove lighting

The Magic of Dimmer Switches

Dimmers are great fixtures to install because they allow you to have absolute control of the lighting in a room. A room can be used for reading, or other tasks, and then with the dimmer you can instantly create a romantic setting by dimming the lights. This can be used in all rooms. There are even remote controls that will dim the lights for you so you don’t have to get up.

Candle Light

Nothing beats candles in creating a romantic setting. If you are worried about it being a fire hazard then look into candle lanterns which shields the candle’s flame, or use floating candles  that are surrounded by water.

candle lanterns

Candle lanterns being used on the dining table and in the bedroom

An alternative would be to use LED flameless candles. There is no fire hazard, no messy wax to clean up after, and you can control a number of them with a remote control. Some will even flicker to mimic the real thing, have wax bases, and some are even scented. [affil link]

Mood Lights

The JellyFish is a modern home mood light. It looks like a mixture of a jelly fish and an iPad! It uses LED lights which means it can change into thousands and thousands of different colors. There are different light settings from setting it to your favorite color, or it can fade to different colors. With the touch pad which uses gestures to control it (just like the iPad) you can also control the level of brightness, the saturation and the speed that the colors change. It’s an all in one, stylish mood lamp.

Other modern and romantic mood lamp options include the Philips LivingColors or Cielux Lune.

mood lights

    • An alternative to using mood lamps is to change the color of your lamp shades. Changing them to a deep color like purple or red, will create a soft glow of that color in the room.

DIY Ideas

Romantic lighting does not have to be expensive or complicated. Here are two simple and romantic DIY lighting ideas.

Paper Lanterns: these are inexpensive and are lightweight which is why you’ll see so many people using them in their DIY projects.

paper lanterns

Have a look at our posts here to see what other people have gotten up to with paper lanterns:

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Paper Punch + Paper Lantern = Flower Light

String lights can look a little bit tacky on their own inside a home. So why not use LED string lights (as they give off less heat) and wrap them in drapes. The drapes diffuse the light, creating a softer glow. The drapes also break up a room creating more intimate spaces. The same can be done with canopies in the bedroom.

Romantic Lighting Ideas for Outdoor Areas

An outdoor space can be one of the most romantic areas at home.

String lights always create a whimsical and enchanting outdoor setting. They can be wrapped around railings, beams, or trees. They can be hung overhead from the wall of the house to a pole or arch creating a starry night effect.

string lights

String lights hanging from a tree lighting a path

L&L LOOK BOOK: Beautiful Uses Of Outdoor String Lights [Lighting Ideas Photo Gallery]

The soft glow of a fire creates a romantic backdrop. Candles are a go to choice. There are also tiki torches, fire pits, tabletop fire bowls, oil lanterns or how about the modern fire glass pits. Also, have a look at our post here on creating your own DIY oil lamps.

There are more modern romantic outdoor lighting ideas, like using Sun Jars for example. These are mason jars that have been reconfigured into solar lights. When they light up at night, they look like they have a little sun floating inside of them.

sun jar

For more romantic outdoor lighting ideas have a look at these related posts:

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image credits



Guide to Closet Lighting Ideas: Fixtures, Ikea and Wireless Options

For some, closet lighting is a necessity because the closet is deep and the ceiling lights don’t fill the closet with light (or there are no lights in the closet in the first place). For others, closet lighting is an added luxurious touch, making an everyday task a little more comfortable.

There are a number of closet lighting ideas that help fill different needs. The closet lighting fixtures you choose to use will be based on how much closet space you have and how much remodeling you want to do. There are simple and quick installs using battery powered lights and there are elaborate closet lighting solutions, which are more permanent and luxurious and will require slightly more installation work. Below we go over both.

closet lighting design

2 Quick Closet Lighting Tips

  1. Use florescent or led light fixtures as these produce less heat than incandescent bulbs
  2. Avoid using just one ceiling light in a closet, as the shelves will block the light from reaching the lower parts of the closet.

dark closet


Luxurious and Permanent Closet Lighting

Having permanent, hard wired and fitted closet lighting is a luxurious element in a bedroom. These types of light fixtures can be wired to come on and off when you open the closet door. With battery powered closet lighting, you’ll have to replace the whole light fixture – here you’ll only have to change the light bulb.

The most common permanent closet lighting design is to have an overhead light and then have display lights. The display lights light up the individual closet areas. Under shelf lights are common display lights for a closet. These under shelf lights can be either recessed lights, fitted into the shelf, or flush mount/puck lights that are mounted onto the shelf.

under shelf lights

Recessed and flush mount/puck lights

door jamb

A door jamb automatically switches the closet lights on when the door is opened


These lights will then be wired to a door jamb so that they will automatically switch on and off when the door opens and closes.

This closet lighting layout will require wiring work and slight remodeling of the closet to have the lights fitted. In the end you’ll be left with permanent light fixtures, wired to the closet door.

Go Ikea

Ikea have a number of shelve and closet systems that can be easily fitted with their own lighting products.

      • The BESTÅ Shelves come with a number of lighting options:
Ikea Besta Shelves

The Ikea BESTA Shelves are made to be fitted with Ikea cabinet lights

      • The PAX wardroom system can be easily fitted with lights that automatically come on when the door is opened:
Ikea Pax Closet

The Ikea PAX Closets can be fitted with Ikea closet lighting

Ikea Pax Lighting

The lights will automatically come on when you open the doors on the Ikea PAX closet

      • Other Ikea lighting options:

ikea lighting


Quick and Simple Closet Lighting Ideas: Battery Powered LED Mounts

LED closet lighting that are battery powered will only take a minute or two to install and are relatively inexpensive ($10-$30). As they are wireless, they can be fitted anywhere in the closet (on the ceiling, under shelves, on the side walls, on the floor). These LED lights are energy efficient, produce low heat and will last a long time. They can be attached using an adhesive strip (provided) or screwed on. There are quite a few options to choose from:

  • Tap Pucks: Wireless Closet Lighting

Tap pucks are small puck shaped lights that you can fit straight onto the shelves. You turn them on and off by tapping on them.

  • Motion Sensor Lights

These puck lights also come as motion sensor lights, so they will automatically come on once you reach inside the closet.

LED closet lights

Battery powered tap and motion sensor closet puck lights

Available from Amazon here: Tap Pucks & Motion Sensor Lights

led strip

Battery powered LED light strips

  • Light Strips

These black and white LED light strips by GE can be attached to the ceiling of the closet, the underside of a shelf or on the side walls of a closet. Amazon Link

light flute

An LED light flute

  • Light Flute

A different take on the light strips above. Once again battery powered – Amazon link.

  • Track lighting

closet lights With track lighting each individual light can be angled, directing the light to certain areas of your closet. Battery powered, the light to the right can be switched between 3 settings: on/off/dim. Amazon Link

Note: The LED lights mentioned above last quite a while, but when the lights do wear out the whole light will need to be replaced.

DIY Closet Lighting

You could use rope lights or string lights to create your own simple DIY closet lighting. Rope lights are LED lights encased within a plastic tube (available from Amazon). Because they are flexible they can be bent around different angles within a closet. They can be placed in the back of the shelves to provide back lighting. For a more whimsical look, try fitting LED string lights in the closet.

rope lights

Railing Lights

LED lights fitted within a closet railing is such an elegant and sleek idea. They will automatically come on when the door opens. There are a number of issues: they are not so popular, they are hard to get hold of, and are quite pricey. This could be a good DIY project: fixing an LED light strip to a closet railing.

closet railing lighting

LED closet railing lighting by Winona Lighting

Some companies to look into for closet railing lighting:

Door Light

door light

Some closets are a mix of a standalone and a walk in. They consist of a normal door and maybe 1 to 2 feet of walk in space. An ideal lighting solution for these closets is to fix a florescent light strip right above the door shining in towards the closet.

florescent door light

Walk In Closet Lighting Ideas

walk in closet lighting

Recessed lights and a hanging light are used to light this walk in closet

solar tube

A solar tube installed in a closet - by solatube.com

Lighting a walk in closet is much like lighting any other room in the house. Recessed lighting is a popular choice for modern designs. Pendant lights will work for tall ceilings and will create a grand look. You’ll also want display lighting, much like in the first section where recessed/puck lights are installed in the shelves. Or you can have lights fitted in the back of the shelf spaces.

  • Go Green

A solar tube can provide light in a walk in closet during the day. A tube is installed in the ceiling that draws the sun’s light in.



image credits: closet factory, pkieper, ffunyman, Rubbermaid Products, Jeremy.Brown, summitdesignremodeling

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How To Go About Lighting For High Ceilings

High ceilings in a house are a great feature to have. They make a room feel grand, airy and spacious. There are a number of things to take note when it comes to lighting for high ceilings. Because the ceiling is further away from the general living area than normal height ceilings, you’ll want light fixtures that hang and bring the light down close to the living area. If you do you use light fixtures that are fitted close to the ceiling, they will need to use high wattage bulbs.

lighting high ceilings

Pendant and Track Lighting

Depending on the room the best light option would be pendant lighting for high ceilings. Because they hang down they help bring the light closer to the living areas. These are ideal above countertops or work spaces. They can be single lights or come as multiple lights on a track. Track lighting uses one light outlet and will provide localized lighting to a specific area.


Other forms of pendant lighting include chandeliers, or mini chandeliers for smaller spaces. These can come in the well known crystal ornamental style, or there are minimalistic and simple chandelier styles for those who want a more modern look.

Fan and Light Together

If you are planning on having a fan installed within the room, the fan unit you choose can have a light integrated into it. Since the fan is hanging down from the ceiling, the light is brought down too.

Recessed Lighting for High Ceilings

Lighting ideas for high ceilings also include recessed lights. Higher wattage bulbs will be required for a space to be filled up with light, resulting in a high cost of running them. These can work alongside lights that are fitted on the walls or even floor lamps. Floor lamps and table lamps will be ideal in providing task lighting (for reading, etc.) for rooms with high ceilings.

Pendant lights hanging over a kitchen island

Lighting For High Ceilings in Different Rooms

Single pendant lights and chandeliers would be the recommended choice for living room ceiling lighting ideas and foyer lighting ideas. You can even find screw in pendant lights that fit straight into a normal ceiling light outlet. For bedroom ceiling lighting ideas, recessed lights would work best. This is because you don’t really need bright lighting in a bedroom, and any task lighting that is required can easily be added with side lamps. When it comes to kitchen lighting for high ceilings, and you are looking for kitchen island lighting ideas, track lights will be the best option. While a single pendant light would be all that is needed over a dinner table. So depending on the room, the light fixtures used for lighting high ceilings will vary.



image credits: favaro JR. Christopher Barson


LUNE By Cielux: An Artistically Crafted LED Mood Light

The Lune by Cielux is one of the most eye catching pieces of mood lighting. With its sleek circular body, bright and vivid colors wash around the curve in the most elegant way. A minimalistic light fixture that does it job in providing intimate home mood lighting. The yellow hue is idea for bedroom mood lighting, for a romantic night try switching the LUNE to red, or go with green or blue for a gathering with friends.

The Lune lamp is designed around complete simplicity. One of the features that stems from this is the single point touch pad. This is an invisible spot within the circle where you can adjust the light settings. There are seven color choices (red, green, blue, purple, white, teal, and yellow), two color speed fading modes and the brightness can be controlled.

The standard position of the LED lights (which consumer only 9 watts) points inwards on the curve, diffusing the light in a range of directions. This can be adjusted as the LED lights are attached to a twisting portion of the light fixture. So you can rotate the lights to change from home mood lighting to accent lighting focused onto a wall or painting.

The LUNE while providing mood lighting to set any backdrop, is a decorative piece in itself. This is why it is ranked above the common Philips mood lights. The LUNE LED mood light also comes at a more reasonable price: $150 on Amazon.

Also available at Krroma Stores

The LUNE LED mood light