2012: Audi A8 Headlights and Interior Lighting

Audi is the fastest growing luxury car brand in America. The new 2012 A8, a large luxury sedan, showcases Audi’s luxury credentials and design capabilities. With a low profile and an athletic design, the A8 has a powerful presence. Some of the luxury features include a key-less entry system and fully optimized seats for heating, cooling, or even massaging. The A8 is looking to change the experience of luxury, and the one area that we will take a look at is their focus on lighting. There are two parts to this: the iconic LED headlights and the role they play in the 2012 model, as well as the introduction of ambient lighting in the Audi A8 2012 interior.

The 2012 Audi A8

The Iconic Audi A8 LED Headlights

Audi A8 LED Headlights: Daytime Running


“Turn night into day” – the A8 is the only car in its class to feature full LED headlights. The use of 22 programmable LED lights allows for a number of benefits. They only use 40 Watts – adding to the overall efficiency of the A8. There are 4 light settings: daytime running, indicators, low beam, high beam – and as the LEDs mimic daylight, they reduce eye strain. The most visible difference in the use of LED lights is that they give more freedom in the design of an integral part of the car – the Audi A8 headlights. They are sculpted into a form that accentuates the “muscular lines” of the A8. This wouldn’t be possible with standard halogen or xenon car lights.

The LEDs within the A8 are designed to last the life time of the vehicle – ensuring that they are maintenance free. The whole headlight structure is controlled by a heat management system that de-ices the headlight covers when it gets cold.

Low Beam

High Beam

The A8 Ambient Car Lighting

The Audi A8 ‘Ivory’ Ambeint Car Lighting

From the time you open the car door, a number of areas within the car are illuminated with soft mood lighting. LED lights are used to highlight “key design elements of the interior”. From the MMI dial you can adjust the lighting to your liking – from the color (Ivory, Polar, to Ruby), the brightness, to the areas in the car that are lit. There are 4 areas that have this mood lighting: in the drivers and front passengers door, and around the feet area. The lights are low down, creating an intimate feeling. While lighting on the dashboard, front panels and ceiling consol provide functional task lighting – that adds to the grand A8 interior.


‘Polar’ – 3 settings are available from the MMI dial.


The Interior Styling

The inside of the A8 also includes a wrap around centerpiece design that accents the spacious interior. The finest leathers and exotic crafted wood inlays were used, along with metallic accents. All of this was overseen by Wolfgang Egger, leader of the A8 design team.

Source: Audi A8 iPad App 

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