L&L Ideas Guide: Cool Lighting for Bedrooms

Cool Bedroom Lighting

When looking for cool lighting for bedrooms, ideas range from paper lantern chandeliers and modern mood lamps, to a whole host of simple and easy to do DIY projects.

Creative Paper Lantern Ideas – Because they are so lightweight and inexpensive, paper lanterns can be used for such a wide range of creative, unique and simple bedroom lighting DIY projects. For example, you can take a piece of driftwood or scrap wood and attach it to the wall. Then wrap a small paper lantern around it, creating a light that hangs over the bed. Or how about creating a paper lantern chandelier – this can be done by hanging a number of paper lanterns down from the ceiling and have one pendant light hang down into the middle of the lanterns – creating this whimsical glow in all of the lanterns.

Other paper lantern DIY ideas include creating a fluffy coffee filter pendant light or stylizing a paper lantern with vintage maps, magazine photos, or anything cutouts.

Modern Mood Lamps – By using a mood lamp you can paint the room green, blue or any color to suit your mood. A mood lamp can create all sorts of cool lighting effects for your room – how about washing the walls in yellow when it is grey outside, or a deep red when you want to create a romantic environment? The simplest and most inexpensive way of adding mood lighting to a room is to a buy a remote controlled LED light bulb that changes colors. This can be screwed into any normal lamp shade or even into the ceiling. You can find one through the link on the right.

The mood light in the picture below is the Lune, available at Amazon.

Lune LED Mood Light

Yantouch makes the Jellyfish. It looks like a mix between an iPad and a jellyfish. It even has a gesture based touch pad control. Since it uses LED lights, the color combinations are endless (hundreds of thousands). And like many modern mood lamps you can leave it on your favorite color, or have it automatically cycle through different colors – available here.

Mood Light

Philips has a range of mood lamps, from table and wall lamps to color changing flower vases. You can find the collection in our post here: Philips Mood Light Collection.

Pendant Light Adapters – Recessed lights are great for modern homes. Since the light fixtures are hidden away in the ceiling, this creates a clean look in a room. However, there isn’t much you can do with it in terms of changing the design. But now pendant light adapters changes this. These are pendant lights that simply screw into a normal light socket. This allows you to hang sophisticated pendant lights and choose light shades that suits the décor in the room.

String Lights: Hang up some string lights to create a whimsical and romantic setting in the bedroom. LED string lights produce less heat so you can wrap them in drapes and fabric to create a soft glow, just like in the bedroom below.

Cool Bedroom Lights

Headboard Lighting – One of the ideas from our Romantic Lighting Ideas post was to use lights behind the headboard. This provides soft indirect lighting, ideal for creating a romantic setting. There are a number of ways to make this cool lighting design idea. LED light strips, like the DIODER from IKEA (found here), can be attached to the back of the headboard. There are headboards that have lights installed to the top of them. Or you can even fit lights into the headboard itself, as seen in the picture below. If you plan on using lights behind the headboard, it would be best to use LED lights as they produce less heat than other types of lights.

Panel Lights – In our indirect lighting ideas post, we highlighted the idea of using panels or art pieces and fitting lights behind them. The lights create a gentle glow all around the panel or art piece.

Cove Lighting – Another form of indirect lighting is cove lighting. This is when you install a false ceiling, and the lights sit hidden away bouncing light off of the ceiling and into the room. A simpler way of doing this is to use crown molding. Fit it to the wall a few inches down from the ceiling, creating a gap where lights can sit.

Magnetic Lamps – Want to add a little magical touch to your bedroom? Then have a look at some floating magnet lights here: L&L Look Book: The World Of Floating Magnetic Lamp Designs

DIY Lighting Ideas – DIY projects provide for some unique, creative and cool lighting ideas for bedrooms that are completely affordable and one of a kind.

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