Navigating The Sea Of Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

The master bedroom of your home should be a sanctuary of sorts, and a certain mood should be conveyed by the design and lighting of the space. There are probably as many master bedroom lighting ideas as there are bedroom designs, and it can be difficult, sometimes, to choose a lighting scheme that perfectly encapsulates the vibe you want through your design choices.

When it comes to the ceiling lights, you will want to hook them up to a dimmer switch so you can have full control of them. Keep them bright, or turn them down for more mood lighting.

Some specific light fixtures include: track lights, flush mount lights and if you are lighting for high ceilings opt for pendant lights. Because it is the master bedroom, cove lighting will add a sense of grandeur to the space. Have a look at our guide on bedroom ceiling lighting ideas for specific information on the different types of ceiling lights just mentioned. These ceiling lights ideally should not be installed directly over the bed (too intense for a bedroom lighting).

Another way to create mood lighting is to use table and floor lamps.

Master Bedroom Lighting

Most people tend to catch up on their reading while in bed. This means that your bedroom should be set up with easily adjustable reading lamps. If you have a partner, matching reading lights should be set up on either side of the bed, and they should provide enough light to read without eye strain. They should also be slender and unobtrusive so that you can read with proper illumination without disturbing your sleeping partner.

Because the master bedroom is most likely one of the largest rooms in your home, there is probably a wealth of wall space. You might want to take advantage of the space by installing some stylish sconces. These sconces can add an additional dimension of light to the room. When it comes to lighting design, you want to have a range of different light fixtures. This is because each type will produce different lighting effects creating layers of light, rather than using only one type of light fixture that gives off a monotone look in a room.

Lastly, you will want to make sure that the lights enhance the look of room, and not detract from it. Though there are many master bedroom lighting ideas, you will be best served by keeping things simple, as this will provide you with an elegant and tasteful bedroom ambiance.

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