To Do: Must Make These Superhero Lamps!

So far no other project comes close to the excitement of trying out this DIY idea. Each of the Superhero Lamps are one of a kind, using recycled toys. The sleek look and the amazing details of the toys makes the lamps so appealing. These truly amazing lamps were created by Ryan McElhinney an award winning product designer who has worked at Disney and 20th Century Fox.

If you’d like to make one, there are a few examples of people using glue guns to make their own versions of this superhero lamp. Or you can commission Evil Robot Designs to make one for you – they have a collection of readymade lamps or you can send in your old toys for them to make into one these sleek looking lamps.

golden super hero lamp

golden super hero lamp

By Ryan McElhinney

white super hero lamp

Evil Robot Designs

Get your own custom superhero lamp made at Evil Robot Designs


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