L&L Design Guide: 6 Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Ceiling Lighting Ideas

Lighting in a bedroom needs to be diffused, soft and relaxing. Most of the light source will come from the ceiling, though wall lights and lamps also play a part in creating a peaceful bedroom. There are 6 bedroom ceiling lighting ideas ranging from the popular recessed lights to cove lighting.

  • Recessed lights are the most common choice for modern bedroom lighting ideas in newly built homes, with standard height ceilings. These are simple light fixtures that are fitted within the ceiling, hiding the mechanical parts from view. As they are hidden, they have a sleek and modern appearance. There are also directional recessed lights, also known as downlights. These are brighter lights, and can be angled. They can be pointed to walls to highlight paintings, or down towards dressers.
Bedroom Lighting

Recessed ceiling lighting

  • Flush mount lights are another option for bedroom ceiling lighting fixtures. These can come in a range of different styles as seen below. There are modern, polished metal flush mounts, to more traditional rustic finishes.
  • Track lights are great because they only use one light outlet in the ceiling, yet you can have a number of lights come from it. Each light on the track is also adjustable, so you can angle them to point where the light is needed most.
  • Pendant lighting is ideal for high ceilings, as they will bring light closer down. These also provide a more sophisticated lighting design style. Instant pendant lights are the easiest way to install pendant lighting, as they simply screw into normal light sockets, whereas normal pendant lights will need some rewiring of the ceiling to be done.

Bedroom Mini Chandelier

  • Alongside pendant lights there are mini chandeliers for bedroom ceiling lighting. Again these are ideal for tall bedrooms. There are more modern and minimalistic chandelier styles than the stereotypical crystal chandeliers most people are accustom to. These multi-lamp hanging lights come in a wide range of styles to suite different design tastes.
  • Lastly there is cove lighting – lights that are hidden behind a cutaway in a false ceiling. This does require some construction work to be carried out, in adding the false ceiling. The result will be soft, diffused, and an elegant bedroom ceiling lighting design. Read here for all the different cove lighting ideas to choose from.

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