L&L Look Book: The World Of Floating Magnetic Lamp Designs

Welcome to the wacky world of magnet lighting. Floating lamps, shape shifting lights, levitating on/off switches – they are all here. You’ll be able to see a range of magnet lamp designs, some are conceptual so they are not for sale, some are real and can be bought (most at high prices), and there is even a DIY piece.

Let’s start off with something a little straightforward before we get into the more magical lights. The great thing about magnetic lighting is that the light bulb does not have to be connected to the base of the lamp. This is because the electricity can be conducted through the magnets! This allows for creative lamp designs like this first piece, the Geo Magnetic by Hyungwoo Uhm.

Geo Magnetic Lamp

Geo Magnetic

Geo Magnetic

It may not look like it at first glance, but there are two separate pieces to the lamp here. The head, and base are two pieces that can be taken apart. Electricity is supplied to the head through the railing, and the head of the lap can go up and down it using the force of the magnets.

The on/off and lighting level switch at the base is attached to a fine thread and the magnetic force lets it float, waiting to be moved side to side. It can be used as a fancy desk lamp when the head is affixed to the railing, or when the head is resting on the base it makes for an elegant mood lamp.

Floating Lamps by Crealev


Next up are the floating lamps by Crealev. They are like little UFOs, floating over the base of the lamp. The light is in the top of the lamp, the floating section, and once again uses the magic of magnets to have electricity conducted through to it. There are two styles available: The Silhouette (the triangular shaped lamp), and the Eclipse floating lamp (the drum shaped one). It seems that any lamp with magnets will have a high price tag – one of these lamps will cost around $1,300 and can be bought here.

The Fiat Lux Magnetic Lamp

The Fiat Lux Lamp

The Fiat Lux lamp by Constance Guisset is a pendant light which means it is already hanging in the air, so how are magnets involved? A magnet sphere hangs below the light, floating in the air. This can be removed and will switch off the light. If you get close to the base of the light with the sphere it will come back on again. It can be attached to the top of the light to be stored and will leave the light turned off.

Everyday Work Lamps

Alright, time to take a break and come back to reality for a little bit. Let’s take a look at some everyday magnetic work lamp designs, ones that only cost $6 to $26. First up are some simple, battery powered magnetic LED Lights. Each one has a magnetic base and a hook so they can be hung anywhere. A more elaborate design is the Light Mine Professional which contains 11 magnets, allowing you to angle the light in every direction. Since both of these lights are so portable, they are ideal for garages or workshops, or to have around the house in case of a blackout. Then there is the gooseneck lamp magnetic base design. This is a more sturdy, and functional work light that has jointed arm allowing you to angle it to different work areas.

magnetic work lamps

The DIY Magnetic Lamp

magnet lamp

Now back to the magical world of magnetic lamp designs. In one of our recent posts, Cool Lamp Using Magnets: How Does it Work?, we highlighted the DIY Magnetic Lamp by HHarry of Instructables. Back then we were amazed that a lamp could be taken apart, have its parts shifted and each light will come back on. We thought HHarry had designed some elaborate wiring system. Instead he introduced us to the magical world of magnet lamps!

Magnets, nails and conducting silver, allows the electricity to be passed through the blocks from the base of the lamp. HHarry goes in detail step by step in how he made this lamp – it’s quite an amazing DIY project.

The 8 Piece ‘Crystal Light’

The Crystal Light is a more refined version of HHarry’s magnet lamp. It should be too, costing $870. Consisting of 8 pieces, the Crystal Light can be taken apart and have its overall shape changed. It also changes color and is remote controlled – available here.

The Magnetic Crystal Light

Blow by Studio Italia Design

Here is an amazing and never seen before desk lamp. ‘Blow’ by Studio Italia Design is a table lamp inside of a light bulb. It sounds quite tacky, but there is nothing ever tacky when it comes to Italian design. We’ll just have to let the pictures speak for themselves with this one.

Blow Lamp by Studio Italia Design

There are two questions that go with this lamp. How is the lamp controlled? Through two magnets – it can be adjusted by the two magnets on the outside which connects to magnets on the inside. How do you change the light bulb? We have no idea (the light bulb is not included, so there must be a way). Available here for $1.132.


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