L&L Design Guide: Modern Lighting Ideas and Styles – From New Age Mood Lamps to Fiber Optics

Fusing lights with technology, reintroducing fiber optics, using motion sensors and color changing LEDs, are a few of the modern lighting ideas we can see around today. Here we have highlighted some of the best ideas and styles we have found.

Sensing Your Motion

motion sensor lights Motion sensor lights help save on wasted energy. Before they were popular for outdoor security lights, but now they are making their way into homes. We talk more about them in our Conserving Energy with Wireless Motion Sensor Lights and Adapters post. These are ideal for stairwells, closet lighting, or under cabinet kitchen lighting. In our ‘Stairwell Lighting Ideas’ post we highlighted a DIY project that involves motion sensors that will turn on the stair lights, slowly one by one.

Magical Fiber Optics

Fiber optics are making their way back into different lighting fixtures. Here is a post on the Laluna – Fiber Optic Pendant Light – we have also highlighted a home theater ceiling that uses fiber optics to create a sky of constellations – L&L Design Guide: DIY Lighting Ideas and Projects. People are experimenting with fiber optics and putting them into concrete slabs for kitchen countertops, bar counters, or even walls.

Laluna Fiber Optic Light

The Natural Way

Bringing as much natural lighting into a home is a good choice for lighting design – all the while managing privacy and heat. Our post here explains a number of ideas around this: L&L Design Guide: Different Ways to Add Natural Lighting in Homes – From Windows to Solar Tubes. One of the ideas we talked about was the invention of solar tubes. These tubes are fitted into the roof and bring light down into the top floor of the house. They are ideal for hallways and walk in closets. They can also have lights fitted around the tube, so at night they can still be used.

solar tube

The Foundation of Modern Lighting in a Home or Building

When it comes to modern style lighting for ceilings in homes, recessed lights are the way to go. These lights are fitted into a false ceiling, so all the parts are hidden, creating a sleek and clean look in a room - Home Lighting Ideas: From The Living Room To The Bedroom, The Kitchen To The Outdoors.

living room recessed lights

A living room using recessed ceiling lights

Painting the Walls Anytime

Modern mood lights have been redesigned to include remote controls and LED lights. These days they have touch sensitive controls, and hundreds of thousands of colors to choose from. They can be set to one color, or set to cycle through the colors. So if it is gray and cold outside, splash the walls with green or yellow light. Or use deep blue or purple light to set a romantic setting. Choices in lights include ones like the Yantouch Jellyfish and the Philips Mood Lighting Collection which are stand alone units. Or there are special LED light bulbs that will screw into any normal light socket (in the ceiling or in a lamp) and can be controlled via remote.

modern mood lights


Links to other posts on ideas for modern lighting here on Lights and Lights:

Cove Lighting – Requires construction work, but results in an elegant looking space.

Light Shape – Bathroom tiles that have floral designs that light up.

Nissoku Lamp – Design inspired by solar eclipses.

Tunto Lamp – A wooden lamp with touch sensitive controls and a base that lets you charge your electronic devices wirelessly.

Wallpaper Lights – A concept design that integrates lighting into wallpaper.


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