L&L Design Guide: Different Ways to Add Natural Lighting in Homes – From Windows to Solar Tubes

Adding natural lighting to a home is a great way to save on bills, and also to create a more warm and friendly environment. Here we are going to go over all the different ways you can add natural lighting to any room. From the basic – windows (and how you can manage heat and privacy), to innovative solutions like solar tubes.

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The most common way of adding natural lighting in homes is to use windows. Heat and privacy can be managed by using a multi-layer curtain rod, so you can choose between a thick curtain that blocks everything out, or a thin curtain that will still bring in daylight but adds privacy. Blinds are another option. If you live in a hot area, one way to manage the heat is to have mini roof shades built over the windows outside. This will shield out direct sunlight, but allows daylight to come in.

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In the bathroom, options include installing windows or a skylight. You’ll have to be careful not to install too many windows as you will have that feeling as if you are on display. One way to minimize this is to fit in frosted windows – Guide To Bathroom Lighting Design – Ideas, Areas and Fixtures.

If you have any doors leading outside, then you can have doors that have windows in them. These are usually frosted, or stained for privacy. Arches can be built above the door with windows, which will bring in more lighting.

Solar tubes are a way of bringing natural lighting into buildings. A tube is fitted into the roof, which goes down to the ceilings of hallways, closets, or anywhere on the top floor. The light bounces into these tubes then out into the house. There are versions that will have a light around the tube so you can use them as lights at night. For more – visit solatube.com

Another idea, one that isn’t so much about natural lighting, is to put solar lights (like these SunJars) next to windows inside your home. During the day they will charge up from the sunlight, and will shine at night.

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